20 Easy DIY Wood Crates Projects (That Anyone Could Do)

Wood crates can be a quick DIY project. And there a lot more you can do with crates then bookcases.

Are you still looking for that perfect side table? Why don’t you make one instead.

DIYing is easy espically when you are using wood crates. They help the project come together fast.

So what are you waiting for get some crates because it time to start building.

One things most pet owners have in common is they would do anything for their pet.

Which should include giving them a nice bed. This DIY bed is easy to make.

Plus you can personalize it. We don’t want to be hiding your furry friend.

This would be the perfect nightable. And it a simple DIY project as well.

All you need to do is get a wood crate some legs and paint or stain.

Making this a simple wood crate project that looks fantastic.

I love benches by the front door. You can use them in so many different ways.

For example you can use it as a place to put on shoes. You can use a starting point for decorating.

And since this is a red bench it also adds a nice pop of color to the entry.

How perfect is this bench. It gives you a nice place to sit while putting on shoes. It stores your shoes.

And it on wheels letting you move it where ever you want. What more could you want your bench to do?

Another cool thing about this bench is that it a wood crate project which means it be a fast DIY.

This console table is rustic and unique. Who know wood crates could look this good.

It would also be a simple project only needing some crates and a shutter.

Of course if you don’t have a shutter you could use something else like a nice piece of wood.

Aw. These adorable shelves would be prefect for a babys room.

They would add some storage and depending on how you finish it a nice pop of color.

Be honest isn’t this the most adorable thing you’ve seen today.

If your child is a bit more grown up this would be a great bookcase for them.

You can use it for storage as your child should be able to reach it. You can also put their more precious items up hight and out of their reach.

And I just have to mention how they painted this bookshelves it looks amazing. The only thing I might change is to go full rainbow next time.

This is a more grownup bookshelf. It has more space. Enough to store all your books.

And it finished with a nice wood stain. Making it a a neutral peice that would work in any room.

So what are you waiting for it time to start DIYing. While you might need to buy the crates first.

Looking for a multifunctional peice of furniture that also a simple DIY. Look no further than this crate ottoman.

You can use it for extra seating. Or even just for putting your feet up. It also provides storage.

And the best part is it has wheels. Letting you move it around the room to where ever it needed most.

I love the looks built in but real built in shelves is a lot of work. Which is why I love the ideas of using crates so much.

It gives you the look of built in shelves with out all the hassle. Buy some crates it time to start building.

These crate lockers would be prefect for a mudroom. They look amazing and they are super practical.

You can assign everyone a locker giving them a nice space to store all their stuff whatever that may be.

Plus since these locker are made out of wood crates they also allow for some airflow. Helping to prevent issues like moldy sport equipment.

There been a couple different example of crates shelves already. But I been saving the best for last with these hanging shelves.

Hanging these shelves make them look expensive. Another things that makes them look expensive is the way they were finished.

You can also get these expensive looking shelves by DIYing them. It’s easier then it looks.

I loe this idea of using the wood crates as closet organizers. It such a clever project.

Because let be honest. Does your closet look as good as that picture. Probably not, mine don’t.

A closet organizor can help clean up your closet. By providing hanging storage space. So you can finally clean out the floor of your closet.

This is another crate locker idea. But you could use this for more then a mudroom.

In fact a place where a peice like this would really shine is a playroom. It provides plenty of storage for all the toys.

And it would look great while doing that. So what are you waiting for make your own today.

This crate pantry is another thing you could make from crates. Of course the cabinet would have to be made separately.

A great thing about this cabinet is it provides tons of storage while making it easy to see where things are.

And who wouldn’t want a bit more storage in thier kitchen.

How cute is this key cabinet. You will never have to worry about losing your keys again.

Simple make this cabinet and hang it by your door. Your morning routine got a whole lot calmer.

There will be no more frantically looking for your keys when you’re already running late. The keys will be where they belong in the key cabinet.

This set of crate drawers is like a blank canvas. You could customize to any space.

It lets you add storage which is also welcomed. And it looks good while doing so.

It time to build. DIY a set of these wood crate drawers today.

This is another example of ways you could use wood crates for food storage. But you could use this for more than just storage.

With it wheels and countertop you could also use it as a portable island. Adding some extra counter space to your kitchen as well.

It really a win win situation here. More storage and more counterspace.

I’ll end this list with this cute crate table. Perfect for little kids.

It would also add a bit of storage to your kids room. And you could finished it however you like.

Why are you waiting? It time to start DIYing.

Crate projects can be a good way to DIY. These projects often come together quickly. Which makes them great for beginners.