35 of the Best Storage Hacks for Your Apartment

You can never have enought storage even in a normal house. But in an apartment storage is all the more precious. Which is why today I m showing you 36 ways you can add some more storage to your apartment.

How cute is this closet that hidden behind a curtain. Perfect for those looking to add storage.

This little office is great for small spaces. They also added a lot of storage around it with the angled cabinet and the boxes.

This rolling cart from IKEA is amazing. You can use it almost room to add storage.

I love this closet wall. It perfect for those with small spaces as it turns your closet into a nice feature wall.

Under your bed is always a good place to add a bit of storage. This platform bed takes that a step further.

Another way to add storage to your bed is with the headboard. You could also use these shelves as a night table.

Benches are a good way to seat people while saving space. Plus they added storage with these benches.

It nice to have a decidated spot for your keys so they don’t get lost. This magnetic strip is a good way to do that without taking up any extra space.

This desks if filled with storage oppurinties. You could store things on top of it, underneath it or even on the side.

Instead of adding just a console table while don’t you add some storage. They did both by hanging these white cabinets.

A comand central for your small space helping you stay organized. And this is something you could easily personalize to your own space.

One of the worst thing is running out of toilet paper and not having anymore in the bathroom This a great solution to that problem.

Another way to add storage by your desk is with a pegboard. I love how they painted this one black so it fades into the background.

What a clever way to add storage underneath your kitchen cabinets. Without taking up all the counterspace.

Another great storage bench. Because you can never have too much storage.

I love this system for storing books. It looks super cool and gives you a place to sit.

This little ladder rack is perect for an entry way. And it doesn’t even take up that much space.

A place that often not consider when adding storage is above the door. This shelf helps squeeze the most storage out of this bathroom.

A great way to add bookshelves to a space without taking up too much space. They even incorporate a gallery wall underneath it.

I love this floating night stand. It perfect for small spaces as it barely takes up any space.

This storage hack would be a easy way to add a large amount of storage to your apartment.

Corners can be an unused awkward space. These corner shelves help use that space.

Pegboard are great way to add storage that can be easily personalize to your space and your storage needs.

For those with tiny bedroms this wall of shelves are for you. They were even able to add a little desk with this set up.

Hampers are great for keeping your clothes off the floor but they can also take up a bunch of space. That why this hanging hamper is so handy.

A great way to save some space in your kitchen is with these maganetic spice racks. It also looks pretty cool which is a bonus.

Another great storage peice from IKEAis this basket table. Perfect for storing blankets.

A great way to use the storage space more efficiently is these shelves dividers. Helping you store things better.

Another way to do a night table that adds a lot of storage. Plus it looks super cute.

A great way to store everything you use in the shower. While keeping it all easily accessible.

These hanging baskets are a nice way to add storage. Plus they would work in any room.

Hanging these white cabinets up high are great way to add storage. And it fades it the background making it basically invisible.

This is a nice pantry for small spaces. Because it uses space that would otherwise be wasted.

This shelving unit adds a lot of storage. And it you could also use it as a desk.

Baskets are a great way to add hidden storage. Plus it makes organizing things easier.

These glass shelves add storage while not adding visual clutter. Win-win.

Hopefully this list helps you find ways to add storage to your own place. Storage hacks for apartments aren’t that hard it can be easy.