11 Awesome Storage Beds that Look Great

Storage. Everyone wants it espically in small spaces.

A sneaky way to add storage to your bedroom is to get a bed that has storage built in it.

Here are 11 beds with storage built in that would be perfect for a small bedroom.

Now this is one of the coolest ways to have hidden storage in your bedroom.

Lift up your mattress to reveal the hidden storage underneath it.

Plus it great for tight spaces where you might not be able to open drawers or cabinets.

If you want storage often the first thing people sacrifice is the looks.

This bed looks great while adding lots of storage.

And who knew you could get upholstered storage beds.

If you prefer more of a minimal look this is the bed for you.

It’s clean and simple.

And with 3 drawers you could put a lot of stuff in it.

The nice thing about this bed is that it still low to the ground.

Lots of storage beds get higher as they add more storage. So you would actually have to jump into bed.

This one stays low to the ground while still adding storage.

If you have ideas for a unique headboard you can still get a storage bed.

This one doesn’t come with a headboard but it does come with lots of storage.

It’s a great starting point if you want more of a custom look for your bed.

Now this bed looks luxurious.

When I was growing up I wanted an upholstered bed just like this one. They seem like the height of luxury.

Be fancy get a bed like this one. You’ll never want to leave it.

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If upholstered beds aren’t your thing here a nice wood one.

It a simple design and has lots of storage with the drawers on the side.

It also probably easier to clean than an upholstered bed.

This bed makes the storage the other bed adds looks like small peanuts.

If you’re looking to add tons of storage a platform bed is a good way to go.

This bed was DIY using kitchen cabinets for the base.

Heres another DIY platform bed with a lot of storage.

They used dressers for the base of the bed. Adding tons of storage while helping the platform come together quickly.

Perfect for a dorm room.

A different approch to the platform storage bed is this one.

Instead of just raising the bed. They raised the whole bedroom.

Plus you’ll have more room for your books.

This is more subdue version of off the platform beds. Just a small platform for the bed.

It still adds lots of storage as you can see.

And it made out of nice wood tones. Instead of being all white.

Are you conviced that a storage bed is the way to go?

They really are a great way to add storage in a small bedroom.

Plus as you’ve seen they also look great.

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