21 of the Best Space Saving Ideas for Small Bedrooms

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A constant struggle with anyone who lives in small space is space. They need more space, more storage space, more display space and more floor space.

Luckily there are lots of options nowadays. Multipurpose furniture that adds storage. Space saving decor ideas.

Beds with storage

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to add storage is with your bed. It’s a great spot to add some hidden storage.

If you want an easy way to add lots of storage under your bed you found it. This platform bed uses dressers giving you lots of storage.

You can buy the IKEA dressers here and here how to turn them into a bed.

A more grownup way of adding some storage is a bed that has built in drawers. It looks good while adding extra storage.

Buy the bed here.

The coolest way to add storage with a bed is with this bed that mattress lifts up to reveal storage underneath. It also gives you lots of storage.

Buy the bed here.

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Something you really want to have in your bedroom is a nightstand. You need somewhere to charge your phone and put your glass of water.

Nightstands can also take up a lot of space but they don’t have too.

Hang a shelf for your nightstand. It gives you the space you need and it looks cool doing so.

Buy a similar one here or you can DIY it.

Another great idea for a nightstand is this rolling bar cart. It compact and has a lot of storage. Also its from IKEA so you know it going to be good.

Buy it from IKEA here.

This is like a traditional night table in the sense that it has a drawer. It perfect for small spaces as it attaches to the wall.

DIY it here.


Sometimes you need to add a desk to your room. You might need it for studying or working on your business. Whatever you need the desk for it helps to have a dedicated workspace.

Sometimes the simple solutions are the best ones. This small room fit a desk by putting it against the bed. It also helps that the desk is white and the chair is clear.

Buy the desk here.

Another way to add a desk is by putting it in a wall of shelves. The shelves will add storage to your room and it a good way to sneak a desk in without taking up lots of space.

Buy the desk here.

You can also add a desk with this small standing desk. It adds storage and you don’t even need a chair.

Buy the desk here.

Closet organizing system

What are you going to do with your clothes in a small space? Because unless your a firm believer in capsule wardrobes a tiny closet is never big enought for all your clothes. That is if you even have a closet in the first place.

This is a very tidy closet that will also add a lot of storage space to your bedroom. You can hang up the clothes that need hanging than the rest can go on the shelves.

You can buy this setup. You’ll need one garment rack, a bookcase and some baskets for storage.

Another open closet set up is this one here. Letting you add tons of storage while looking good.

Buy the elements and put them together. Start with buying drawers, shelf with a closet rod and some baskets for longer term storage.

If you’re just looking to add a touch more storage to your closet it’s simple get a clothing rack. Most of them lets you hang your clothes and has a shelf on the bottom for shoes.

Buy a clothing rack here.

Storage Heardboard

A sneaky way to add some more storage to your bedroom is by adding storage to your headboard. Nobody will guess that your headboard is doing double duty.

This headboard have cupboards on either side of it. Letting you store things inside your heardboard. Also the flat top of the heardboard could be used instead of a nightable making this headboard a win-win situation.

DIY the headboard here.

A more open concept way of adding storage is with this headboard that add shelves. Letting you store things and taking away the need for a night table. It’s another win-win situation.

DIY the headboard here.

The last way to add storage with your headboard is to built in storage around it. Now you can do this in mutiple ways with bookcases or with wardobes or actually building in storage around your headboard. It’s a great way to add lots of storage.


Shelves are great for small bedrooms. They add storage. You can use them for display space. And shelves can help tie your room together. Plus they look great.

They had a good idea for adding storage with shelves in this bedroom. White shelves up high against white walls. They virtually disappear.

Buy shelves here.

If you’re able too a cool way to add shelves to your bedroom is a built in shelf that set back further into the wall.

It adds a little extra space to display things without taking up any of space. And it still looks sleek and modern.

Another way to do a shelf in a small room is right above the bed almost like the headboard. You do want it high enough you don’t bang your head on it. This shelf also helps ties the bedroom together.

Buy the shelf here.


Lights usually aren’t multifunctional. They’re just lights. But lights can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of a bedroom. They can also be space hogs.

Lighting a great chance to make a statement. Get a funky light. And if get something light and airy and it won’t take up any visual weight either.

Buy the light here.

Instead of having a light on a your night table that probably already small and crowded. Why don’t you hang a light from the ceiling?

It’s looks beautiful. Giving lots of light without taking up valuable space.

Buy the light here.

Another clever way of dealing with small night table that don’t have space is to mount the lights on the wall.

Walls scones espically moveable wall scones make for great reading lights.

Buy the light here.

In addition to the ideas mention above there is one more thing you should do to save space. And that is minimize clutter.

Clutter will make your space look messy. It will add visual weight to your bedroom. And it stops your bedroom from feeling calming or relaxing.

Don’t let a small bedroom scare you. You can still decorate in your style while adding storage.

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