55 Small Bedrooms That Use Creative Ideas to Maximize the Space

Small bedrooms can be hard. You don’t have much space to decorate.

You might need to add storage. And it can seem like there aren’t any options.

There are options for small bedrooms. You can use color and not just white. There lots of creative ideas for small bedroom.

A picture is worth a thousand words. So instead of trying to describe to you creative ideas for your small bedroom. I’m going to show you.

Most people tell you to use light colors in a small space but the opposite can also work.

Dark colors can help ground a small space and make it dramatic.

The classic white bedroom always look great.

Everything is white or very light in this bedroom and it looks amazing.

It’s a light and bright relaxing space.

How to postion the bed is a common problem to have with small bedrooms.

Here they broke a couple of the “rules” by placing the bed sideways and in front of the window. Which helps free up more space for other things.

Storage is always an issue in small spaces. Here a nice solution to that old age problem.

It also a great idea if you don’t have a closet.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do while decorating is to stop. Stop adding things and learn to say enough.

This room is perfectly finished.

This room is actually using a couple ideas for small spaces to its advantage here.

It using a consistent light color scheme. It has corner shelves. And it has a wall mounted lights.

Now this bedroom probably doesn’t look anything close to your bedroom but that doesn’t mean you can steal it’s good ideas.

The mirrors bounce light around and make this space seem larger.

They also have their reading lights hanging from the ceiling which frees up space.

If you ever think oh I would love to postion my bed against that wall but then I’ll block window.

Do it, put your bed in front of the window. It looks amazing just look at this room for inspiration.

Sometimes your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep it also needs to be your office. And that can be hard in a small space.

Here an idea, swap out your night table for a desk.

I love this bedroom. It’s a calm relaxing bedroom even with it being very open.

That largely due to painting the one wall in this bedroom a deep relaxing color. Then they hung up some curtains.

Which adds some texture along with some privacy.

If you don’t have a seperate bedroom put your bed into an alcove. You can keep things simple and still make it feel like a seperate space.

Hang up some lights, add a piece of art and get nice bedding. To make your space look good.

Then hang up curtains to give you privacy when needed.

Sometimes ideas for small small bedroom get boring. Keep things low to the ground, use light colors and make sure to keep things proportional.

Just because others are boring doesn’t mean you should be boring as well.

Inject your own style like they did with gallery wall. It looks great and proves that you don’t have to shy away from bigger pieces.

Make a statement with your small space. This dramatic wallpaper is oversized and looks amazing.

I love how they coordinate their bedding to their wallpaper.

Sometimes you want a little more space. Not even for storage necessarily sometimes you want display space.

Well these shelves will help you with that. They also look amazing.

Who needs a headboard when a fake one looks so amazing.

The dark green and white provides some contrast. While the shelf ties it all together.

Sometimes the undone look is the best look. Or maybe that my lazy side talking.

Whatever it is this bedroom does look good. And it has a very causal undone look to it.

The good idea in this room is the black wall.

By painting it black it recedes into the background. And when dark storage units are placed in front of it they also recede into the background.

Which is a great way to hide storage.

This isn’t exactly a small room but it does have some good ideas you could steal for a small bedroom.

Look at how they did the headboard. It divides the wall and it has lights attached to it.

The night table shelves appear to be mounted to that and there is some sort of edge at that top that let them display art.

Small doesn’t have to be mean boring. This bedroom may be tiny but it’s making a big statement.

A great thing about this bedroom is that it picks a strong color the green and repeats it while adding lots of lighter tones to balance it out.

And the lighter tones are pattern or different shades to prevent things from becoming to predictable.

This bedroom isn’t just full of drama it also full of good ideas. The black wall letting the shelf disappear. And the wall mounted light saves space.

The TV on a little shelf is perfect for watching TV in bed. And the statement light is also light and airy.

This room looks cool and it’s not just the glass wall divider that making it cool.

They also manage to fit a lot into a small space without things looking awkward.

A good example is their night tables that are actually dressers.

I love plants. They can help add life to your bedroom.

That is if you can keep them alive. I have more of a black thumb than a green thumb.

The best thing about this room other than the artwork is the way they add storage.

Instead of a normal bookshelve for their books they attached shelves at the top of the wall and it looks amazing.

Putting together a small bedroom is not just about fitting as much stuff as you can it’s about making your room feel like home.

This bedroom is a little cramped furniture wise but it still looks good.

Thats becuase they put in the effort to finish their room.They hung up artwork, some lights and even a plant for the night table.

You don’t need to have a lot of space to put together a small bedroom.

This room is just a bed against the window. With the shelf by the window functioning as a night table. And it works.

Sometimes you don’t have room for a nightable. And they are needed.

Which is why I love the way they handled things here. There wasn’t enough room for a night table so they added a shelf behind the bed which functions as such.

I love, love, love, how this bedroom is decorated.

Statement wall art grounds the bed without a need for a headboard. Then the way they postion the desk and the mirror above the desk bounces light around.

And it also looks like they have a lot of storage.

If there one thing to learn from this room its don’t be scared of dark colors. They can help you ground the space.

I also like how they added a bench with the basket at the end of the bed. It’s the perfect finishing touch.

I know you can’t see it that well here but look at the storage around the bed.

It’s a good way to add storage to your room and if you keep the space above your bed open it’s simple to add a shelf for a night table.

This room is simple and calm.

I love how they hung lights above the night tables instead of using reading lights. It’s saves space and it looks amazing.

This small bedroom is awesome. From their shelves to the artwork it all looks good.

And you should always hang artwork.

There a few good ideas you can steal from this bedroom.

The way they put the whole bedroom up two steps helps seperate the space without any walls.

And the way they put up a ledge to display artwork is great as well.

Sometmes you need to make your bed the centerpiece of the room and that what they did here.

It’s a dramatic room with the black walls but your attention get pulled back to the orange bedding and the bed.

You know how I’m always saying get your reading lights off the night table to free up space.

Well here an easy way to do it without making holes in the wall. Simply clip reading lights on to your headboard.

A clever way to add storage to your bedroom is with built ins around the bed.

And if you paint the cupboards the same color as the walls it all fades into the background.

If you’re afraid of putting your bed in a front of window do what they did here get an upholstered headboard.

And it looks here like it might be a screen but curtains behind the headboard also works great. Plus it would stop any drafts from the window.

I love how they used a big bed in the small bedroom. The bed is so big that they can barely fit in sideways yet it looks amazing.

And the room doesn’t seem awkward at all because they hung artwork above the bed. And a shelf on the opposing wall which helps to tie the whole room together.

I love wall paper it can have a big impact on your room.

Here they use the wall paper as the starting point for the color palette which helps pulls the room together.

Embrace windows like they did in this small bedroom. The bed here is literally surround by windows and it looks great.

I like how they use the rug to define the space as well as adding a cozy element to the bedroom.

I love how they added shelves here and than kinda blocked them.

OK that sounds a bit strange but if you’re living in small space you need to be OK with blocking some things. And they still have access to those shelves they’re just a bit harder to reach.

Here an easy way to add storage without doing anything permanent put wardrobes on either side of the bed.

They also added a small shelf for a night table and wall mounted their reading lights which is always a great idea.

Once again small room big statement. Here how to do it.

Put a nice deep dark color on the one wall. And keep the rest of the room light and airy. This bedroom looks amazing.

A bedroom in a little alcove. I like how they used a small shelf to add lights and storage.

And if you’re worried about hitting your head the shelf is basically the same height as a bed so you won’t sit up and bang your head.

If you don’t have an actually bedroom with walls. It up to a bed to define the space which they did well here.

By using an a canopy bed and hanging string lights up. They make it clear that this is a seperate space.

This room is well finished. They have a nice shelf for display space. And they hung up mirrors small cute mirrors.

Plus it’s a calming and relaxing bedroom.

Don’t shy away from dark colors espically when you have lots of natural light.

Doesn’t this bedroom look amazing. And I would also like to point out those lights on the ceiling their so awesome I don’t even have words to describe them.

This is a very simple room. Everything works well together.

The colors on the bed are repeat in the colors on the wall hanging.

I love how they added a the cute built ins around the bed. With cut outs that make the perfect night table.

And yes their lights are hanging from the ceiling which is also a win.

This room is decorate with plants. Something you can’t say about too many bedrooms.

The plants and the round mirror looks amazing.

If you want a calm bedroom white not your only option you can also use natural wood tones.

I love how they added wood crates at the end of the bed. Good for storage and for a bench.

Here some are 20 More DIY Wood Crate Projects.

Here a very clean minimalist built in around the bed. The built ins just fade in the background.

A very clean simple look while still adding lots of storage.

The genius of the this bedroom is how simple they kepts things.

It’s mostly white with a few touches of black. The bed against the wall also saves space which is smart.

The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is the candles on the floor.

If you don’t have closet space this is the solution for you.

A corner of the room is set up like a little dresing area. A clothes rack, a full length mirror and the dresser.

You can even hang accessories as part of the decor.

If you don’t want to do builts in around your bed do it on the opposite wall instead.

They even manage to sneak in a desk.

This is a fanastic bedroom. It tiny but feels magical.

Now neon lights and clouds might not be for everyone. But if you’re in a small bedroom you can definitely hang up your clothes along one wall.

If you have a small bedroom you do have options on how to decorate. So have fun get creative. And enjoy the experience.

Small bedrooms can take a little more work. But be creative, make your room cozy. And you can still add some storage.

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