9 Simple Holiday Decor Ideas (That Are Still Festive)

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Christmas is a special time of year. The whole holiday season is special. But sometimes it seems a bit of overdone.

This season isn’t suppose to be about stuff. And yet it all too easy to make about stuff.

Focus less on the stuff this holiday season and more on what we’re celebrating. To help you out I complied this list of 9 simple holiday decorations.

Now there are a few things you might need to make some of these simple holiday decor items.

Don’t make this season all about stuff. Keep you holiday decor simple

I like having my front door decorated. It helps welcome people to your home.

And I love how they kept things simple with this porch decor.

So hang up that greenery around your door. Make it welcoming without being tacky or overdone.

I love how they did this mantle. The greenery looks amazing against the white fireplaces. And the decor on the mantle also goes well together.

The only thing I would have changed was to swap out the mirror for something a little more holiday theme like this merry christmas print.

Sometimes simple is best and the certainly proven true with these wreaths.

Really all it is is some wreaths in various sizes tied with white ribbon to a branch that hanging on the wall. And it looks fanastic.

It aways nice to have candle buring on winter evenings. They really add a lot to the atmosphere of a room.

This candle centerpieces is perfect and they would come together qickly. Get some white candles and glass container that larger then the candle arrange some sprigs of greenery around it and voila you’re done.

Simple doesn’t mean you have to go with the first idea that comes ot mind. This bell garland is perfect for the holidays.

It also a little different then the usually garlands. And adds a little touch of glamour to your holiday decor

I know present aren’t usually considered holiday decor but if you’re going to be displaying them all season long maybe they kinda are part of your decor.

These presents are beautifully wrapped in white and brown paper with tags and greenery attach to the gifts with string. Making these gifts look stunning.

Candles are always a good thing to decorate with in the holiday season. And they make for great centerpieces.

This centerpieces is simplet. All you need is a nice tray, white candles and some natural holiday mix.

Another gorgeous looking centerpiece. And something that would come together quickly.

Put a wreath around a glass jar. Inside the glass jar place a white candle and fill it half full with berries. Making a simple festive centerpeice.

Sometimes it tempting to take a wreath and use it as your starting point for decorating.

But as shown here a wreath looks great all by itself. Simple hang it up with a holiday ribbon and you’re done.

You don’t have to go over the top with your holiday decor. Keep things simple this holiday season.

You’ll get gorgeous holiday decor while saving time and money.