13 of the Best Shelves for Small Bedrooms

Shelves are the overlook superstars of small bedrooms.

They are often under utilized which is crazy becuase they can be so versatile.

I’m going to be showing today just how great shelves for small bedrooms bedroom.

This bedroom is great. I love the black wall with the gold pattern on it.

The thing I love most about this bedroom is the shelf. It’s a clever way to add a shelf without taking up space. Just insert it into the wall.

Plus it’s a great way to add a little bit of storage and display space.

I almost feel like I should start this off with a disclaimer. This bedroom is goregous but it’s unrealistic for most people.

That doesn’t mean you can be inspired from this bedroom.

Like those shelves behind the bed. They add storage. And they look good while doing it.

Even a small bedroom that barely big enough for a bed can benefit with the addition of shelves.

This bedroom is definitely tiny. Yet it is finished very well.

And the little shelves running along the side the bed is perfect. You can use them instead of the nightable.

Shelves can be used for more than display space or adding stoarge. They can also be used for things like a desk.

This bedroom set up a little workspace area using shelves.

I love this ideas and it easy to modify it to fit your bedroom. No matter what size.

A nice headboard can make or break your bedroom.

But if you have a small bedroom it can be hard to find a headboard that isn’t too big. And if you want one that multipurpose that even harder to find.

This small bedroom doesn’t have a traditional headboard, they made one using paint and a shelf. And it would be simple to replicate.

Let’s be honest sometimes you just need some more stoarge. Which this bedroom delivers while looking good.

I’ve always loved the ideas of built in storage around the bed. It a good way to add a lot of storage in a small space.

The shelf in this bedroom is a little one above the bed. Which could also double as a nighstand.

This is space is barely a separate room but it feels like a bedroom. And they did this using the bedding, plants and shelves.

There is no space in this bedroom for any nighstand much less adding storage.

The two shelves are all the space they get. But it works really well.

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I wish I had this bedroom. It dramatic and beautiful looking room.

Yet it’s still a very fuctional room. Due to the shelves.

There is a shelf for the TV at the foot of the bed. A shelf high on the wall for storage. It’s these shelves that make this room work so well.

Maybe you are blessed with a large bedroom. You have all the space you need for storage or anything else.

That doesn’t mean you don’t need shelves.

In this room the shelf isn’t for storage. It’s for creating a display space for plants, artwork, whatever you chose to display.

Sometimes storage can make your room feel cluttered and filled with stuff.

Here a good work around. Put shelves the same color as your walls high up against the ceiling.

It’ll add storage and look great without taking up lots of space.

Here another idea for those super tiny bedrooms.

Add shelves at the head of your bed. But add the shelves that insert into the wall and don’t take up any space.

It a way to get some space even a ledge for displaying things that will help finish off the room.

I don’t even if I can call this a bedroom it more of a nook. A bednook perhaps?

There isn’t a headboard here. There not even enough space for a headboard here.

Instead they used a shelf. Just make sure not to bang your head on it.

I love books and I love libraries. One of my dreams with having my own house would be to have a library.

Of course there often isn’t enough space to put a sperate library into a small house. Which makes this bedroom that much better.

They surround the bed in bookshelves making this bedroom fuction as a library. Such a great space.

Are you convinced yet that you should have shelves in your bedroom?

They can be used for everything from adding storage, display space or simply used as a nighstand.

Shelves are perfect for bedrooms especially small bedrooms.

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