11 Amazing Plant Dollar Store Ideas

I love having plants arounds. I kill most of the plants I own within a month.

And plants get pricey when you have to keep replacing them.

Luckily I found a solution. Save money by getting your plants from the dollar store.

How amazing is this gorgeous planter.

It’s the perfect galvanized planter. And it was DIY with dollar store supplies.

Yes that right, purchase one of those shiny planters from the dollar store and turn it into this beauty.

I like white. And a white potted plant makes for a nice classic look.

But white planters can get boring.

Pretty up your white plant pots with a bit of paint. Another easy dollar store DIY.

A different way to add life to your home is with wreaths.

It nice to be able to switch things up from potted plants.

Like this gorgeous flower wreath made with fake flowers from the dollar store.

If you’re looking for more of a centerpiece look no further.

How cool is this terrarium made out of picture frames.

It looks great and is an unique way to add plants to your home.

Sometimes simple is best.

These mason jars with succulents are a simple way to add some plants to your house.

Just think of how great these would look in a window sill.

Turn plants into wall art with this cute plant holder.

A house for your plants if you will.

These planters would be a great DIY and it makes a strong statement.

Plants on plants on plants.

Seriously how cute is this stacked planter.

It a great way to add a lot of plants to a small space.

This planter is very clever.

They bought some fake fruit from the dollar store. Cut a hole in it and turn it into a planter.

It doesn’t just look amazing. It would also be easy to replicate with any other sort of fruit.

Have you ever looked at a plant and though I want to frame that.

Well you can do that with this DIY.

And it also makes for some super cool wall art.

Turn fish bowls into plant pots.

And now you can watch your plant grow from every angle.

It’s a good use for old fishbowls and they are easy to buy new.

I don’t know why clay pots are everywhere.

They don’t look that great. Which is why I love this makeover of some clay pots.

They look it from drab and made it fabulous.

Are you ready to add life to your home? Plants are the perfect way to do that.

And if you get your supplies from the dollar store it also super affordable.

Have fun decorating your house with plants.

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