19 Cozy Small Bedrooms That Will Make You Want To Stay In Bed

Winter is cold miserable and a bit depressing expect for Christmas. The one upside of winter is being cozy.

And what place should be cozier than your bedroom. Its time to make your bedroom the coziest place on earth.

This bedroom is cozy I just want to dive into that bed and curl up with a good book. Or more realistically watch netflix.

I love how this small bedroom is cozy while still being light and airy. Making it a gorgeous spot to hibernate all winter long.

This is a small room. It also a cozy room. And not just because it’s small.

One of the best things about this room is how they placed the bed in front of the window. And the way they hung curtains make the light softer.

Some poeple think that a cozy room is a dark room. Those people are wrong.

Everything in this room is excluding one light gray blanket is white. And it looks great.

White also helps small bedrooms to appear larger by bouncing the light around. And helping things fade into the background.

I love how they hung art in this bedroom above the night table. I was trying to think of how to describe this bedroom and it’s a lighter version of minimalism.

Everything works well together and there no unnecessary elements in it.

This is barely a actual bedroom. And yet it’s full of life. From the plants to the colorful pillows. They all add some life to this bedroom.

It also a very cozy bedroom. When you have limited space embrace the challenge and use it to your advantge. This room is basically a bed with a shelf. And it looks great.

The black walls and white roof brings the drama to this bedroom.

While the plants and the touches of natural wood adds life to this room.Then they used the pillows and blankets to make things cozy.

Sometimes all you need to make your bedroom cozy is good bedding.

This bed is piled high with blankets and pillows making it look like the most delightful place to sleep.

And the rest of the room it also pretty awesome. I love how the shelf above the bed ties the room together while adding storage and display space.

This room is fulll of colors from the curtains to the wall to the bedding. Everything is adding more color or pattern to this bedroom.

And it looks amazing. In fact the colors helps make this room cozy. Espically those rich mustard curtains.

You don’t need much to make your room cozy. This small bedroom is pretty bare bones. All you can see here is the bed.

Everything works together to make this one cozy bed. The fairy lights gives off a nice glow. And the chunky knit blanket add some texture.

What makes this small bedroom is so cozy is the same as the one above it.

It about having different sources of light here it’s the string lights and star paper lattern. Then add some texture with the fur rug. And that basically a foolproof strategy to making a room feel cozy.

I love how this small bedroom is feminine and cozy. They really made the most out of this space.

That bed looks cozy with all the blankets and pillows. Plus they also have a desk.

This bedroom feels more like a library with the bookshelves and the art. And I’m not saying that as a bad thing I love how this room looks.

It also cozy with the way they did their lighting and all their pillows. You can stay here and read books in bed all day.

This is a dark room and that dramatic wall color definitely plays a part in making it cozy.

The rug and chunky blankets also ups the cozy factor making this room feel more like home

This small bedrom is cozy but it also full of smart decisions. Like the way they added storage with a wall of cabinets.

Some of those smart decisions also helps make the space cozier like those curtains. Of course having an upholstered bed with lots of pillows and blankets doesn’t hurt.

I loe the neon light but not even the best thing about this room. No the best thing about this room is how cozy it is.

Of course blankets and pillows will make your bedroom cozier but have you ever thought of using open clothes storage to make your room cozier.

A very simple bedroom that very cozy. Here everything that makes this room cozy.

  • The dark headboard
  • A throw blanket
  • Mutiple pillows
  • The bed skirt
  • And the sisal rug

Here a great example of what you can do to a small bedroom if you decorate it well. It is cozy and dramatic.

I love the wall scones and the piece of art hanging above the bed. It has everything you could want from a bedroom.

Honestly, blankets are the best. And this blanket is amazing. It colorful, it has a pattern and it has tassels. The blanket isn’t the only thing that makes this room cozy.

It’s also the rug, pillows and everything else. This room is well decorated and makes the most out of a small space.

It would be so nice to curl up in that bed and watch the snow fall as you’re cozy inside. It almost makes me wish it would snow so I could be that cozy now.

This small bedroom also makes the best use of space by adding shelves for storage. And fairy lights make everything a little more magical.

It’s not the size of your bedroom that makes it cozy it’s what you do with that counts.

Go crazy buy tons of pilows and blankets. And think of how you can make your room cozy.

Have fun decorating your small bedroom.

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20 of The Best Fall Decor Ideas

I always say I hate fall. That because where I live fall is about 3 days long. The tree are just starting to turn and then we get hit with a bunch of snow.

The snow never sticks around too long it kills everything and leaves. So when the snow melts there no more pretty colors, everything is brown and dead.

I can’t control the weather outside but I can control the decorations inside. So whether you have gorgeous fall or a fall that last for 3 days decorate for it.

1. Fabric Pumpkins

Of course if your decorate for fall pumpkins are a must. These fabric pumpkins are adorable and you can reuse then year after year.

Plus they will never rot or start getting weird smells.

Also did I mention you can DIY them. These fabric pumpkins does have it all.

2. Leaf Pillow

Fall is also the season when it stime to start making things cozy again. Which makes this fall pillow the perfect decoration.

This pillows also adds a nice pop of color, after all fall is a colorful time.

And did I mention you can easily DIY this leaf pillow cover. Plus it cheap to make.

3. Give Thanks Mantel

I love this neutral fall mantel. It the perfect mix of texture and lots of different things.

I espically love the give thanks message. This is always a great reminder to have espically before heading into the christmas season.

Decorate for fall, make your own give thanks mantel.

4. Candy Corn Candles

In fall the days start getting shorter. The darkness falls a little qicker. which makes fall candle the perfect seasonal decor item.

These fall candles are made to look like candy corn. Adding a playful touch to your decor

Plus these candles are super easy to DIY. And could be finished in an afternoon.

5. Pumpkin Makeover

Pumpkins captures the essence of fall. But real pumpkins can be expensive.

Of course if you go get dollar store pumpkins you’ll save money but those pumpkins usualy don’t look the most realistic.

Which is why I love this dollar store pumpkin makeover so much. You’ll save money and get a great looking pumpkin.

6. Fall Candle Centerpiece

Let me list the ways this fall candle centerpiece is the perfect fall decor.

First of all it has candles always a plus espically when you’re adjusting to shorter days again. Secondly it adds a nice pop of color which is something your fall decor should always do.

And finally it’s easy to put together. You only need three items, candles, a wooden tray and some fall foliage. What are you waiting for make this fall candle centerpiece today.

7. Dark Fall Wreath

This fall wreath is dark and dramatic. Kinda like fall weather.

Well this might just be where I live live but the days get shorter. And suddenly wham a foot of snow.

It usually melts within a week so I shouldn’t complain it just so unpredictable. So match the weather drama with this amazing wreath.

8. Painting Pumpkins

Don’t get me wrong I love fall colors but sometimes they’re a bit much.

Does orange, red and yellow need to be that bright, can’t we tone things down a little.

These painted pumpkins add a little bit of color without overwhelming your whole room. Making them the best pumpkins yet.

9. Fall Luminary 

This simple fall luminary would be perfect for a candle.

Just image a candle flickering in there adding to the ambiance of the room.

Did I mention this is a simple DIY. Making this fall luminary craft the perfect thing to make.

10. Fall Acorns

Acorns are one of the cutest things about fall. Or maybe it the squirrels that acorns remind me of though they can be a nuisance.

They would make for a wonderful centerpiece. They would look good where ever you choose to put them.

I was going to see just pop them into a pumpin you know to add more fall things to the mix then I remind you won’t be able to see them in a pumpkin.

Anywas these fall acorns are adorable. DIY them today.

11. Copper Pumpkins

If you’re a sopsichate person who loves glamor these pumpkins would be perfect.

No more of that garish orange instead a glamous copper that almost make these pumpkins look exspensive.

Even if you not a sospiticated person you’ll appricate how easy these copper pumpkins are to DIY.

12. Front Door Wreath

This fall wreath makes good use of one of the most plentiful thing in fall. Colorfull leaves.

And yes this made out of real leaves.

This wreath looks amazing and it would add a nice pop of color to your home decor. Here how to DIY a fall wreath.

13. Decorate with Sage

These candles are a simple fall decoration. They would look great on your thanksgiving table.

And their super easy all you need is some plain candles. A bit of twine and some sage.

making this one easy DIY. So make these sage candles today.

14. Fall Mantel

This fall mantels adds a hint of color and touch of glam to your room. It more subtle fall decorations but it looks amazing.

So add a touch of fall without overdoing it. This also lets you keep your decorations up for longer.

Becuase who likes taking down decorations. So put this fall mantel together and keep it up till christmas.

15. Pumpkin Vase

Instead of carving out your gaint pumpkin why don’t you turn it into a vase.

OK so this isn’t a real pumpkin but it a nice way to add a touch of fall without making things halloween.

This pumpkin vase is also a cheap DIY you could get the pumpkin from the dollar store and the only other thing you need is paint.

16. Embroidery Hoop Wreath

I love embroidery hoop wreaths they make such cute wreaths.

They also make for some more unique wreaths. Like this fall embroidery hoop wreath. How many have you seen like this.

Cute, seasonally appropriate and something you’ll want to hang up all year long.

17. Welcome Door Mat

I love cheeky doormats. Thier a great way to show people a bit of your personality before they even step into your house.

This fall welcome mat is great. A little cheeky without being offensive.

It also a low effort way to decorate outdoors. Simple switch out your door mat.

18. No Sew Pumpkin

Garlands are fun and this mini pumpkin garland is just adorable.

I love how it bright orange it nice to decorate with bright colors.

It also fun way to decorate for fall that easy to put up and take down. After all before you know it going to be christmas.

19. Leaves Garland

This is an another adorable garland. The leaves are appropriate all season long.

And if you get colorful leaves it also a nice way to add a pop of color.

Making this leaf garland the perfect thing to use to decorate for fall.

20. Book Pumpkin

I’ll end this list with this book pumpkin. A nice touch of fall.

Well also adding a nice rustic touch to things.

This also makes for a great DIY. You could invite some friends over and make one together.

Fall weather can be unpredictable but your fall decorations don’t have to be.

Make you house feel like fall has come even if it doesn’t agree with the weather outside.

Have fun fall decorating.

25 Ideas for Christmas Decorations (That Don’t Suck)

Christmas can be a stressful time. And it’s often a busy time.

Decorating for Christmas might just seem like another thing on your to do list. One more thing that needs to be done.

If you’re short on time or money or both as most of us are at Christmas keep things simple. Don’t go overboard with the decorating.

Pick a couple of decorations off this list and forget about the rest.

1. Evergreen Candle

I like these candle but I kinda wish I would have come up with this idea all by myself.

It’s grownup and classy without being over done.

Plus this is one of those Christmas decorations you could keep up all winter long. Get your own evergreen candles today.

2. Snowball Candle Holder

It’s another candle and another decoration you can keep up all winter long.

Let’s be honest, taking down decorations isn’t fun. So get decorations you can leave up all winter long.

That right I’m talking about this snowball candle holder .

3. Glitter Dipped Christmas Candles

Sometimes you want christmas decorations not just winter decorations but actual christmas decorations.

Of course if it only going to be displayed for a 6 weeks you don’t want to spend to much on them. You can make these glitter candles with things from the dollar store.

So DIY these glitter dipped candles and make basic candles festive.

4. Embroidered DIY Throw Blanket

One of the best things you can do in the winter is curl up with a blanket and a hot drink.

Now I love throw blankets and think every house should have a few. But they can be pricey.

Espically if you want a nice festive throw it can cost a pretty penny.

A good solution is this DIY embroidery throw blanket. It takes a boring basic throw blanket and transforms it into something special .

5. DIY Giant Tassel Throw Blanket

Aren’t blankets just the best. They help up the cozy factor of any room their in. And they totally count as decorating your house for this holiday season.

This is another DIY blanket. They made the blanket gaint tassels. I was going build up to that but I was just to excited.

I love seeing gaint version of ordinarys things and to DIY gaint blanket tassesl well that just perfection.

6. Oversize Knit Blanket

This is my favorite blanket yet, I love oversized knit. Also knit blankets usually have a nice weight to them.

And I’m one of those people who likes to feel the blanket weighting you down. After all you don’t curl up with a sheet.

Plus this wonderful blanket is also an easy DIY. So what are you waiting for make an oversized knit blanket today.

7. No Sew Christmas Pillow

I’ll be honest I usually don’t like deer home decor. But I make expactions for christmas and reindeer.

So take those reindeers and put them on your pillows. Or put a silloute of them on your pillows not the actual deer.

Oh deer I’m straying from the point I was trying to make is . Whch is you can make this adorable deer pillow at home no sewing required.

8. Paint a Christmas Pillow

If your don’t like deer and that doesn’t change during the holiday season. Keep things festive with this holiday pillow that gets straight to the point and simple says merry christmas.

You could buy a pillow like this or you can paint a pillow like this.

If your painting this pillow you could also turn it into a fun christmas craft party. Gather the supplies and invite a few of your friends over its that easy.

9. Vintage Truck Christmas Pillow

Trucks or cars with christmas tree strapped to them is a common image to see at christmas time. But other then parades I never seen people driving with christmas trees strapped to their vehicle.

It kinda makes me wonder how do people transport christmas trees. Or does everyone have artifical trees that come in 12 different boxes.

Remeber the days when people would have real christmas trees. And decorate with this pillow that has a vintage truck carrying christmas trees.

10. DIY Paper Tree Garland

I love garlands it and easy way to add a festive touch to any room.

In fact at my house we have tiny finishing nails in our window frames to make hanging up garlands easier. The nails are white and small enough you don’t see them when there nothing hanging up.

Here a christmas garland with paper trees. Best part is you can make this yourself.

11. Burlap Christmas Garland

Greenery is always a safe bet at christmas time but sometimes you need to switch things ups.

This burlap christmas garland looks amazing. And it would look great in your place espically if you are going for more of a rustic touch.

Don’t worry there still green in it so you’re not losing all your color.

12. DIY Christmas Garland

I just suggest a couple of non traditional garlands because I like switch things including traditional decorations.

And I know not everyone is going to agree with me on that. Some really value the tradions in the holiday season.

Anyways if you like the more traditional christmas garland here how you can make one.

13. Lighted Mason Jars

We’re getting to one of my favorite things about christmas, the lights.

So normal christmas lights are great but they don’t always work the best indoors outside of being on the tree.

Which is partly why I love this mason jar with lights. Another reason I love it is becuase it such an easy decoration. Simply find your favorite christmas lights and put them in a jar.

14. DIY Christmas Light Up Marquee

A very cool way to incorporate christmas lights in your decor is with this sign.

It would look amazing on a winter evening, twinkling in the darkness. Of course you’re going to want to hang it somewhere everyone could see it.

Because this sign is awesome. And you can even make it yourself which just adds to the cool factor.

15. Lighted Burlap Garland

Another way to incorpate lights into your decor is to wind them around your garlands.

The operate under the same premise as a christmas tree, take some lights and just wind them around it.

Christmas trees look good with their lights so of course light up garlands also look good.

16.Glass Snowglobe Ornament

Ornaments can be a lot of fun. And how cute are these snow globe ornaments. Adorable right?

Their also something you can DIY which means you can personalize it to your heart content.

If you had kids you could even get them involved. And they would make for great christmas gifts.

17. DIY Personalized Ornaments

If you’re interested in DIYing your ornaments this christmas season this are perfect.

You can personalize them and make your perfect ornament.

They’re also very glam ornaments. Making this perfect for a grown up christmas trees. Or any christmas tree really it doesn’t matter if your ornaments match or not.

18. Paper Straw Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you’re looking for a fun christmas craft these paper straw christmas ornaments would be the perfect fit.

Through it kinda weird to hang christmas trees on a christmas tree they are very cute.

I also image you could even get rid of the string and use these as tag or even use it for a christmas card.

19. DIY Ornament Wreath

I love ornaments so when I see a wreath like this it just makes me happy. Lots and lots of sparkly ornaments.

This wreath would make a great addition to your christmas decor.

And did i mention it something you can DIY. Letting your make this ornament wreath and personalizing it to your color scheme.

20. Giant Christmas Ornaments

Something else that makes me happy is these giant christmas ornaments. They would make for great outdoor christmas decorations.

I say outdoor christmas decorations because their size might overwhelm a room.

What are you waiting for make these giant christmas ornaments today.

21. Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

Ornaments are my jam. Christmas trees are cool but can be boring at times.

So switch things up and make your christmas tree fun and exciting again by making it out of ornaments.

Make this christmas tree out of ornaments and make your chirstmas fun again.

22. DIY Christmas Stocking

A big part of christmas is the presents. And stockings are one of the ways you can get presents.

This DIY christmas stocking has all the kay qualities you need from a stocking.

It big enough you can fit a lot of stuff in there and it cute so it would look good hanging from your mantel on christmas eve.

23. Monogrammed Christmas Stockings

If you have a big family it might be helpful to monogrammed your christmas stockings.

This would also let you keep things simple and only do one color for your stockings.

You don’t want your children fighting over what stocking beongs to them. Make it clear which ones theirs.

24. DIY Pom Pom Stockings

Another thing you can do with your christmas stockings is make sure they go with the rest of your decor.

You can make stockings in colors you want. And you DIY pom pom stockings or anything else you can think of. .

You know what on second though stop trying to match everything. Make your christmas stockings fun and colorful.

25. Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

Sometimes you need outdoor christmas decor that goes beyond blown up snowmen. Which is where these giant lollipops come in.

After all these gaint lollipops look amazing. And you can DIY them with paper plates.

Making this a win win decorating situation.

I know for some christmas is a stressful time. And decorating for christmas is just another that adds to the stress.

But christmas should be fun. And christmas decorating should be fun.

So keep things ismple if that easier for you. Or ditch the color schemes and go with what you like no matter the color.

Just remember to have fun decorating for christmas.

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20 DIY Christmas Decorations That Look Amazing

Christmas is awesome. It’s a chance to decorate everything. You can get dressed up fancy or wear christmas pajamas. Basically you party for a couple of weeks.

Christmas can also be a very stressful time. Whether it the distant family who has expectations of what your life should look like. Or all the events that are going on at christmas. It’s often a stressful time.

Don’t let DIYing your christmas decorations become another stressful thing.

Keep things low key. Choose only one christmas decoration to DIY. And do it with the people you love.

Are you ready? It’s time to start DIYing.

1. Popsicle Sticks Snowflakes

I’m dreaming of a white christmas. Because snow is welcomed at christmas.

Which makes these popsicle stick snowflakes the perfect decoration.

Plus if you’re like me and are slow at taking down decorations it doesn’t matter because these will look good alll winter long.

2. DIY Floral Tree

Christmas trees should be fun and interesting. I’m mean you’re decorating a tree. How can you make this boring?

Some people manage they make a boring tree that gets repeat year after year.

It time to switch things up and make christmas trees fun again with this floral christmas tree.

3. Chirstmas Decor With Dried Orange Slices

I love the smells of christmas pine, citrus and of course cinnamon. Which is what makes this DIY Christmas tree so awesome.

It a beautiful minimalist christmas decoration that also smells amazing.

So make this christmas decoration with dried oranges. Make it for it looks. And make it cover up your aunt perfume. Does she really need to wear that much?

4. Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

If you’re looking for a cute, easy christmas craft to do with your children look no further.

These mini snowman ornaments are so cute you’ll hang because you like them not just because your kid made them.

Buy some tea lights because it time to make snowman ornaments.

5. 3-D Paper Snowflakes

Remember how when you were a kid you would make snowflakes. Folding up the paper then cutting randoms bit out hoping it would look decent.

These paper snowflakes are kinda the grown up version of that. Expect they always look good.

It time to accomplish what every child dreams of making, the perfect snowflake. A perfect 3-D paper snowflake.

6. Wood Christmas Card Holder

You get a lot cards at christmas. Cards from family. Cards from friends. And cards from random business that somehow have your address.

Of course you need to do something with your christmas cards. You can’t throw them out right away.

Esipically if the card giver would be coming to your place during the holiday season.

This colorful christmas card holder is the perfect solution. Letting you display cards while being small enough to not put up every christmas card you get.

7. Modern Christmas Wreath + Garland

You see the same christmas tree, wreaths and a garland every year. And they’re a good starting point for decorating. But that doesn’t mean you can switch things up now and then.

These christmas wreaths and garland have modern feel to them. Thier also super cute.

It time to take your christmas decor to the next level and DIY these christmas wreaths and garland.

8. DIY Pine Scented Soy Candles

You want your house to smell like christmas and one of the smells of christmas is pine.

Of course you can buy a pine scented candle because hey everyone has tons of money during the holiday season.

Or you can DIY your own pine scented candle. It’s your choice.

9. DIY Wood Christmas Lights Garland

Decorating outdoor for christmas is hard. There not much you can do outside of hang christmas lights.

And I’m not trying to diss christmas lights here they’re great but sometimes you just want something with a little more oopmth.

Which is why I love these giant DIY christmas lights. They are festive, they look amazing and they add that wow factor to your home.

10. DIY Felt Garland

Sometimes you just need to add some color. In a easy way without plants.

Becuase lets be honest my plants are always dying. They’re not going to look good for long.

Which is why you should make this felt garland. It will add color and it won’t die like a plant would.

11. DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Forest

I don’t know why christmas trees are a thing. Or why we like tree so much in general.

I do know that thes tiny christmas trees are adorable. You could make whole forest of them.

So make a christmas tree forest even if your not sure why you like them.

12. Colorful Christmas Mantels Ideas

This mantel is the perfect mix of festive and colorful without being childish.

Mix things up this year and make your christmas the most colorful one yet. With decorations that is.

You can have this colorful christmas mantel in your house. All you have to do is make it.

13. DIY Cardboard Rudolph

I don’t like deer heads on walls in general but I’ll make an expaction for Rudolph.

It helps that it is made out of cardboard instead of being a real dead animal hanging on the wall.

Making this cardboard Rudolphl an adorable decoration instead of something that cause nightmares.

14. Ornament Wreath

Ornaments are fun. Their colorful, sparkly and breakable.

The breakable part doesn’t make it more fun just want to mention it in case your like me and try to bounce an ornament. I did that before it promptly shattered.

Anyways this ornament wreath is cute make one today. Try not to break the ornaments when you do so.

15. Framed Christmas Wreath

This wreath is a nice twist on the usual christmas wreath. It simply frames the best part of christmas decor, the ornaments.

I was going to say the best part of christmas but then I remembered food, presents and parties. But ornaments are the best part of christmas decorating.

Plus you can make this framed christmas wreath yourself.

16. DIY Wood Centerpiece Box

I like the all the glitz and glamor of christmas but sometimes you need the basics before you start adding the glitter.

And that what this wood box is all about. It a basic box which gives you a blank slate when it comes to decorating.

DIY this wood centerpeice box. And then add as much glitter as you like.

17. DIY Twinkle Light Canvas

Have I mention yet how much I love christmas lights. They are so nice and bright and just add to the cosiness of a room.

Also this would be a perfect christmas craft to do as a family. You’ll be making memories and making something that looks amazing.

OK I’m getting a bit sappy here but this DIY twinkle light canvas is super cute.

18. Christmas Bulb Advent Calendar

Advent calenders are great. A present every day. Yes, please. Christmas lights are also great.

And when you smash those two things together you get something amazing. A christmas light advent calendar.

Then the only question to be asked is who wants to make one for me. The presents need to be a surprise after all.

19. DIY Painted Ornaments

I mention how I loved ornaments before right. Well sometimes you can’t find ornaments that you love.

You don’t want boring basic ass ornaments you want something that fun colorful and sparkly.

That why you paint your own ornaments.

20. DIY Giant Ornaments

I haven’t included that many outdoor decorations because I like my outdoor decorations to have that wow element to it.

These giant ornaments defiently make the cut. They’re ornaments for one. They’re also giant which adds to the wow factor. And they’re colorful.

So yes make these giant ornaments today and up the wow factor of your home.

All these christmas decorations are fun. Which is important because christmas should be fun.

Have fun this year and DIY your christmas decorations.

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15 Christmas Trees That Are Easy to DIY For Small Spaces

Remember sitting around the christmas tree as a kid looking at your presents. And just bursting with exicitement.

Let’s try to get a bit of that feeling back.

OK I’m not going to give you presents. I’m talking about christmas trees that would also work in small spaces.

Because let’s be honest not everyone has the room for a traditional christmas tree. And the best part is you can DIY these untraditional christmas trees.

1. DIY Mermaid Sequin Christmas Tree

Who doesn’t love sequins? This red and green sequin christmas tree is fun spin on the traditional tree.

It would also be the perfect tree to put in your kid room. No mess. And they could spend hours just brushing the sequins back and forth.

Get started today and make this DIY mermaid sequin christmas tree.

2. Washi Tape Christmas Tree

Do you remember how for awhile people were using washi tape for everything. Hopefully you still have a roll of it hidden somewhere to make this tree.

It’s a minimalistic christmas tree. And the paper garland finishes things off perfectly.

Start putting some tape on your wall already. It time to make the washi tape christmas tree.

3. DIY Tree Shape Shelf

This christmas tree shaped shelf lets you put your presents inside of the tree. How cool is that?

I was going to say this tree would be perfect for the entry. But who am I kidding it would look perfect in any room.

All you need to do is make the DIY tree shaped shelf.

4. Pom Pom Holiday Tree

I love pom poms so it no surprise that I also love this pom pom christmas tree.

It also looks like a very soft tree. I could just reach out and touch it.

But if you want to feel the tree you first need to make this pom pom holiday tree.

5. DIY Makeshift Xmas Tree Wall Hanging

Another minimalistic christmas tree that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Perfect for those living in apartments because when christmas is over you need to take down one wall hanging. And store one wall hanging.

So DIY this makeshift xmas tree wall hanging and save space.

6. Chalkboard Christmas Tree With Pom Pom Garland

This is a super cute christmas tree idea if you have a chalkboard wall. Just draw your tree on the wall. Hang up a little pom pom garland and your done.

This tree certaintly takes less time then setting up a real christmas tree. There no wrestling the tree out of it bags. Getting scratched as you try to fluff the branches.

If you would rather draw a tree than get scratched by branches it time to DIY the chalkboard christmas tree with a pom pom garland.

7. Wall Mounted Christmas Tree

For those who are wanting a traditional tree but don’t have the space this flat christmas tree is perfect.

It has everything you need from a real christmas tree. Space to hang ornaments. Space to put presents under the tree. And it would small good.

Get a tree or more specifically make this wall mounted christmas tree.

8. Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

This is one of the best christmas trees ever. Now I been saying every christmas tree on this list is great and they are but this one is the best.

Because it’s hanging which means you have lots of space for presents underneath.

And it made out of ornaments which are wonderful and fun to buy. Plus it wouldn’t shed needles. If you want that pine smell you can buy a candle.

Gather your ornaments together because it time to them into this mobile christmas tree.

9. DIY Christmas Tree With Sticks

If you have lots of sticks in your backyard this christmas tree would be perfect for you.

It also great for those wanting a more rustic look as compared to some other christmas trees on this list.

SImply collect the sticks. Get some string lights and put it all together.

OK that probably simplify things a bit but it not that hard to DIY a christmas tree with sticks.

10. Giant DIY Christmas Tree

Another wonderfull texture christmas tree. This one is made out of paper. Plus you could totally decorate this tree with garlands and lights.

Well maybe check your lights to make sure they don’t get hot. You don’t want to be starting any fires.

But I’m getting a head of myself here first you would need to make this Giant DIY Christmas Tree.

11. DIY Makeshift Christmas Tree

For those wanting to keep things simple it doesn’t get any easier than this.

It a christmas tree wall hanging. Which means plenty of space for presents. And easy put up and take down.

Leaving you more time for what important. Eating all the christmas baking.

Get a wall hanging not a tree. Here how to DIY a makeshift christmas tree.

12. Mini Cactus Christmas Tree DIY

For those who don’t get snow at christmas and instead have nice warm weather at christmas this tree would be perfect.

It festive and unique. And it fits in better than fake snow.

Just be careful that you don’t get poked by the mini cactus christmas tree DIY.

13. DIY Christmas Tree Using Lights

String lights are amazing. You can use them in so many different ways. And they help make your room cozy.

Which is why I love this string light christmas tree.

This tree does take up a bit more space than some others but I think it worth it. It definitely lighter than the others.

Bad puns aside this DIY christmas tree using lights looks amazing.

14. DIY Wooden Board Christmas Tree

Another unique tree is this wood cut out of a christmas tree. It would also be super easy to set up.

It looks great obviously. And there still room to hang ornaments. Which I do love.

So grab a board it time DIY a wood christmas tree.

15. Modern Triangle Wall Christmas Tree

We’ll end with this christmas tree.

The perfect minimalistic tree while still getting that christmas feel with the greenery and the red berries.

A great alternative christmas tree for those in small spaces. Or maybe just those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a christmas tree that only display for a couple months at most.

Instead make this amazing modern triangle wall christmas tree.

Pick a tree any tree. DIY your christmas tree. It’s a good way to start getting into the holiday spirit.

Looking for more christmas ideas check out 20 DIY Christmas Decorations or 25 Christmas Decorating Ideas.

20 Easy DIY Wood Crates Projects (That Anyone Could Do)

Wood crates can be a quick DIY project. And there a lot more you can do with crates then bookcases.

Are you still looking for that perfect side table? Why don’t you make one instead.

DIYing is easy espically when you are using wood crates. They help the project come together fast.

So what are you waiting for get some crates because it time to start building.

One things most pet owners have in common is they would do anything for their pet.

Which should include giving them a nice bed. This DIY bed is easy to make.

Plus you can personalize it. We don’t want to be hiding your furry friend.

This would be the perfect nightable. And it a simple DIY project as well.

All you need to do is get a wood crate some legs and paint or stain.

Making this a simple wood crate project that looks fantastic.

I love benches by the front door. You can use them in so many different ways.

For example you can use it as a place to put on shoes. You can use a starting point for decorating.

And since this is a red bench it also adds a nice pop of color to the entry.

How perfect is this bench. It gives you a nice place to sit while putting on shoes. It stores your shoes.

And it on wheels letting you move it where ever you want. What more could you want your bench to do?

Another cool thing about this bench is that it a wood crate project which means it be a fast DIY.

This console table is rustic and unique. Who know wood crates could look this good.

It would also be a simple project only needing some crates and a shutter.

Of course if you don’t have a shutter you could use something else like a nice piece of wood.

Aw. These adorable shelves would be prefect for a babys room.

They would add some storage and depending on how you finish it a nice pop of color.

Be honest isn’t this the most adorable thing you’ve seen today.

If your child is a bit more grown up this would be a great bookcase for them.

You can use it for storage as your child should be able to reach it. You can also put their more precious items up hight and out of their reach.

And I just have to mention how they painted this bookshelves it looks amazing. The only thing I might change is to go full rainbow next time.

This is a more grownup bookshelf. It has more space. Enough to store all your books.

And it finished with a nice wood stain. Making it a a neutral peice that would work in any room.

So what are you waiting for it time to start DIYing. While you might need to buy the crates first.

Looking for a multifunctional peice of furniture that also a simple DIY. Look no further than this crate ottoman.

You can use it for extra seating. Or even just for putting your feet up. It also provides storage.

And the best part is it has wheels. Letting you move it around the room to where ever it needed most.

I love the looks built in but real built in shelves is a lot of work. Which is why I love the ideas of using crates so much.

It gives you the look of built in shelves with out all the hassle. Buy some crates it time to start building.

These crate lockers would be prefect for a mudroom. They look amazing and they are super practical.

You can assign everyone a locker giving them a nice space to store all their stuff whatever that may be.

Plus since these locker are made out of wood crates they also allow for some airflow. Helping to prevent issues like moldy sport equipment.

There been a couple different example of crates shelves already. But I been saving the best for last with these hanging shelves.

Hanging these shelves make them look expensive. Another things that makes them look expensive is the way they were finished.

You can also get these expensive looking shelves by DIYing them. It’s easier then it looks.

I loe this idea of using the wood crates as closet organizers. It such a clever project.

Because let be honest. Does your closet look as good as that picture. Probably not, mine don’t.

A closet organizor can help clean up your closet. By providing hanging storage space. So you can finally clean out the floor of your closet.

This is another crate locker idea. But you could use this for more then a mudroom.

In fact a place where a peice like this would really shine is a playroom. It provides plenty of storage for all the toys.

And it would look great while doing that. So what are you waiting for make your own today.

This crate pantry is another thing you could make from crates. Of course the cabinet would have to be made separately.

A great thing about this cabinet is it provides tons of storage while making it easy to see where things are.

And who wouldn’t want a bit more storage in thier kitchen.

How cute is this key cabinet. You will never have to worry about losing your keys again.

Simple make this cabinet and hang it by your door. Your morning routine got a whole lot calmer.

There will be no more frantically looking for your keys when you’re already running late. The keys will be where they belong in the key cabinet.

This set of crate drawers is like a blank canvas. You could customize to any space.

It lets you add storage which is also welcomed. And it looks good while doing so.

It time to build. DIY a set of these wood crate drawers today.

This is another example of ways you could use wood crates for food storage. But you could use this for more than just storage.

With it wheels and countertop you could also use it as a portable island. Adding some extra counter space to your kitchen as well.

It really a win win situation here. More storage and more counterspace.

I’ll end this list with this cute crate table. Perfect for little kids.

It would also add a bit of storage to your kids room. And you could finished it however you like.

Why are you waiting? It time to start DIYing.

Crate projects can be a good way to DIY. These projects often come together quickly. Which makes them great for beginners.

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How to Give Your Bathroom That Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern farmhouse bathrooms are a look that easier to achieve then think. In fact, a lot of it comes down to a few elements that are repeat over again and over again.

White subway tiles

White subways tiles are a very classic look. You see them everywhere so it should be no surpise that they also work great in a modern farmhouse bathroom.

There a couple ways you can use white subway tiles as a backsplash. Of course there the classic look white tiles with white grout. These are some good subway tiles for that look.

Another great look with subway tiles is to use white tiles with a dark grout. I love this look. A good example is these tiles.

Plank wall

Plank walls area nice way to add a nice farmhouse touch while still keeping things modern. Espically white or light color planks look great in a modern farmhouse bathroom.

Here how to put planks up in your bathroom. This is a good example of white plank wall in a bathroom. And this is a good example of wood planks in a bathroom.

Wood vanities

Your bathroom vanity is the focus point of the room. So it important to put a good vanity. A good one to pick for a modern farmhouse vanity is a wood one.

I love this freestanding wood vanity from home depot. Another vanity from home depot its a bit larger plus its a floating vanity.

This a nice wood vanity with black accents perfect for a modern farmhouse bathroom. Here another vanity thats just wood.

Farmhouse sinks

Another great way to add a farmhouse touch to your bathroom is with a farmhouse sink. There a couple different style of sinks.

This is quite a small sink that still has that farmhouse vibe to it. This sink has more that classic farmhouse look to it. A different farmhouse sink is this trough sink.

Black accents

Something that really helps to keep your bathroom modern is black accents. From taps to black shower frames there are lots of ways you can add black accents to your bathoroom. If your not sure how to add black accents apartment therapy has a great post on it.

A good way to add some black is with a black tap. Here a nice single handle tap. This tap has more of classic look to it. For more of an unique look pick this wall mounted tap.

Another way you can add some black touches to your bathroom is with a shower frame. This one would be perfect for a walk in shower. Here another black shower frame this one has a sliding door.

Of course there are other ways you can add black accents. Like with these black towel holders. Or a black light like this wall sconce.

Wood accents

Of course if you want to make you bathrom a bit more farmhouse it helps to add some wood accents. There are a few differnt ways you can do this.

For example with this wood stool. Or some wood shelves. You can get a wood wastebasket to add a farmhouse touch to your bathroom. Of course you could also get a wood soap dispenser and a wood toothbrush holder.

Circle Mirror

There something about a circle mirror that really fresh and modern.And it would be a great addition to your modern farmhouse bathroom.

I love this hanging wood frame mirror. This black circle mirror is also cute. And finally here a simple wood circle mirror.

Natural baskets

Outside of using wood another way to add some natural texture to your bathroom is to you baskets. They are also great for adding storage to your bathroom.

This basket would look great on a shelf. While this basket would make a great laundry hamper. And this basket would be great for storage.

If you’re not sure how yet how to give your bathroom that modern farmhouse look. Click here for some inspiration.

It not that hard to get that modern farmhouse look for your bathroom. Its as simple as incorporating a few of the items listed above.

35 of the Best Storage Hacks for Your Apartment

You can never have enought storage even in a normal house. But in an apartment storage is all the more precious. Which is why today I m showing you 36 ways you can add some more storage to your apartment.

How cute is this closet that hidden behind a curtain. Perfect for those looking to add storage.

This little office is great for small spaces. They also added a lot of storage around it with the angled cabinet and the boxes.

This rolling cart from IKEA is amazing. You can use it almost room to add storage.

I love this closet wall. It perfect for those with small spaces as it turns your closet into a nice feature wall.

Under your bed is always a good place to add a bit of storage. This platform bed takes that a step further.

Another way to add storage to your bed is with the headboard. You could also use these shelves as a night table.

Benches are a good way to seat people while saving space. Plus they added storage with these benches.

It nice to have a decidated spot for your keys so they don’t get lost. This magnetic strip is a good way to do that without taking up any extra space.

This desks if filled with storage oppurinties. You could store things on top of it, underneath it or even on the side.

Instead of adding just a console table while don’t you add some storage. They did both by hanging these white cabinets.

A comand central for your small space helping you stay organized. And this is something you could easily personalize to your own space.

One of the worst thing is running out of toilet paper and not having anymore in the bathroom This a great solution to that problem.

Another way to add storage by your desk is with a pegboard. I love how they painted this one black so it fades into the background.

What a clever way to add storage underneath your kitchen cabinets. Without taking up all the counterspace.

Another great storage bench. Because you can never have too much storage.

I love this system for storing books. It looks super cool and gives you a place to sit.

This little ladder rack is perect for an entry way. And it doesn’t even take up that much space.

A place that often not consider when adding storage is above the door. This shelf helps squeeze the most storage out of this bathroom.

A great way to add bookshelves to a space without taking up too much space. They even incorporate a gallery wall underneath it.

I love this floating night stand. It perfect for small spaces as it barely takes up any space.

This storage hack would be a easy way to add a large amount of storage to your apartment.

Corners can be an unused awkward space. These corner shelves help use that space.

Pegboard are great way to add storage that can be easily personalize to your space and your storage needs.

For those with tiny bedroms this wall of shelves are for you. They were even able to add a little desk with this set up.

Hampers are great for keeping your clothes off the floor but they can also take up a bunch of space. That why this hanging hamper is so handy.

A great way to save some space in your kitchen is with these maganetic spice racks. It also looks pretty cool which is a bonus.

Another great storage peice from IKEAis this basket table. Perfect for storing blankets.

A great way to use the storage space more efficiently is these shelves dividers. Helping you store things better.

Another way to do a night table that adds a lot of storage. Plus it looks super cute.

A great way to store everything you use in the shower. While keeping it all easily accessible.

These hanging baskets are a nice way to add storage. Plus they would work in any room.

Hanging these white cabinets up high are great way to add storage. And it fades it the background making it basically invisible.

This is a nice pantry for small spaces. Because it uses space that would otherwise be wasted.

This shelving unit adds a lot of storage. And it you could also use it as a desk.

Baskets are a great way to add hidden storage. Plus it makes organizing things easier.

These glass shelves add storage while not adding visual clutter. Win-win.

Hopefully this list helps you find ways to add storage to your own place. Storage hacks for apartments aren’t that hard it can be easy.

17 Cozy Small Living Rooms That Will Make You Want to Hibernate All Winter Long

Everyone wants a cozy living room in the winter. The question is how do you get that? Well today I’m not just giving you ideas I’m also going to be giving you some tips you can use to make your own living room a little cozier.

If you are living in a small space and find it hard to make sperate areas pay attention to how they put this sectional. They faced it towards the wall and the windows using the back of the sectional to seperate the living room from the rest of the space.

Copy their cozy

Cozy sectional. A big part of what makes this space cozy is sectional. It has lots of pillows which also makes things cozier. And the sectional itself is cover in a nice texture fabric which also ups the cozy factor.

Fur bean bag. The second things that make the room cozy is the fur bean bag thing in the corner. Fur is great at making spaces cozier. And it nice to see it use on something you can sit on.

Something I think this room is missing is more things on the walls. Right now thier walls are a little bare looking. An nice cozy way to fill that space would be a textured wall hanging.

One of the things that make this space great is that everything is sized perfectly to fit this space. Which is something you need to pay extra attention to in a small space.

Copy their cozy

Textured throw blanket .They have a great texture throw blanket on the couch. And throw blankets are on the fastest ways to make your space cozier.

Throw pillows.They have mutiple throw pillows on the couch which helps ups the cozy factor. They used several pillows in different textures which looks great.

Finally a shaggy rug. It helps pull everything together plus it adds texture to the room which always make things cozier.

This is a very grown up room while still being very cozy. They also took advantage of the space they had by filling it with the right size furniture. Plus the mirror above the couch bounces light around making this small space seem a little bigger.

Copy their cozy

Velvet sofa. A big part of what makes this space cozy is the velvet sofa. It adds some wonderful texture. Plus it is a nice rich color.

Blankets. They always help with the cozy factor in any room. They also used the throw blanket in this room to add some more color and pattern to the space.

The rug. Rugs can makes spaces cozier even if their not super fluffy. And who wants cold feet in the winter time not me that for sure.

Even through this living room is tiny it works quite well. The way they set it up to face the TV helps seperate the living room from the rest of the space.

Copy their cozy

Throw pillows are great at upping the cozy factor. They have several pillows which looks great. And they also matched their throw pillows too the ones in their dogs bed.

A rug. It helps pulls the room together. Plus it makes things cozier. Who wants to have cold feet in your house.

Something this room doesn’t have but would help make this space cozier is a blanket. Blankets always makes any space cozier. Plus their great for curling up on the couch.

This room is great for small spaces. They used the rug to help define the space as a living room. They used mirrors to bounce the light around and they used dressers instead of console tables to add some extra storage.

Copy their cozy

The shaggy rug. It does more then define the space it also helps makes this space cozy.

Mutiple throw blankets. I love it when people incorporate a blanket into a living room and it just gets better the more they add.

Lots of pillows. Pillows can have a big impact on the cozy factor espically if your couch has more sleek look to it pillows can really cozy things up.

This is a tiny living room yet it still very cozy and welcoming. They really made the best use out of the space they had to make this living room.

Copy their cozy

String lights.You might not think lights are related to the coziness of the room. But these lights add a lot to the room.They provide a nice soft glow which helps to set the mood.

Fur rug. If there anything that screams cozy it the fur rug. It nice and warm on your feet. Plus it adds some nice texture to the room.

Knitted pouf and knitted pillows. They are a nice way to add some texture to the room which up the coziness factor. And thier pillows which are super cozy.

A blanket. Blankets always add some coziness and they are the perfect thing if you want to curl up on the couch.

This picture shows only a little piece of the room. Yet just this small piece of the room already makes a big impact.

Copy their cozy

The dark wall. It can be hard to use dark colors in a small space you might be worried of overwhelming the room. I really like how they did it here it makes a statement and really adds to the coziness of the room.

A velvet sofa. This sofa is great it a very classic shape yet the very interesting and different with it being cover in velvet. I also like how it adds a bit of color to this room.

This is a great living room for small spaces it very compact but also has everything you want in a living room. This room also has a very relaxed and airy feel to it yet it still cozy.

Copy their cozy

Touches of sheepskin. They used sheepskin in a couple different places, to cover the stool and to add comfort to the woven chair. There is a sheepskin throw on the couch as well.

Slouchly pillows. Pillows always add to the coziness of a room but they add even more when their slouchly like these pillows. You can use them without worrying about wrecking them.

Big chunky knitted blanket. I love blankets but even more so chunky knitted blankets. It’s a very soft cozy look.

If you ever though cozy equals clutter this room proves your wrong. It a very grown up room yet it still cozy.

Copy their cozy

Different texture pilow. The couch is full of pillows in all sorts of different textures. Which adds to the coziness of thr room.

Warm wood coffee table. The room itself has lots of light colors and is really bright so when you add some touches of darker wood it really helps warms the space up. The darker couch also helps makes this room even cozier.

A blanket. If you want to up the coziness of any room just add a blanket. They did here and it looks great. Blankets are also low commitment so its a easy way to play with texture or color.

It is quite a light room yest still cozy. They played with textures to add the coziness while still keeping things bright and airy.

Copy their cozy

Texture wall hanging. The texture wall hanging adds a lot to this room. It fills up the wall nicely. And the different texture helps make the room cozier. Plus its light in color helping the room stays bright.

A shaggy rug. I don’t like having cold feet so I love rugs. These rug is great because it quite shaggy and textured. It also has a nice pattern which adds some interest to this room.

Texture poof. Think of poufs as giants pillows they will add to the coziness of your room but espically when they are textured.

Finally a throw blanket. I love blankets and I said this before but they are one of the easiest way you can up the coziness of a room.

This room has a lot going on but in a good way. They play with a lot of different textures which really adds to the coziness of a room.

Copy their cozy

The blanket over the couch. Now they might have done that as a slip cover. But it really helps with making this room more approachable and cozy.

A fur skin. Fur adds coziness to a room no matter how you use it. They kept things low key and just added a fur skin to the floor.

Throw pillow. They have mutiple throw pillow on the couch which is a great way to play with texture and color.

If you want to add coziness a good place to start is shaggy rug + pillows + blankets = instant coziness and this room pulled if off very nicely.

Copy their cozy

Shaggy rug. Shaggy rugs are the best adding coziness to a room plus they keep your feet warm so its a win win situation.

Throw pillows. Pillow are a great way to add some coziness to a room. If you have lots of pillows switch up their texture to make things even cozier.

Mutiple blankets and fur skins. I’m a big lover of blankets and believe that everyone should add at least one to their room in the winter. Of course addding some fur skins to the mix just makes things even cozier.

This room is very welcoming. The pillows and the blankets make it an inviting space to sit. and I love the natural light it getting from the window.

Copy their cozy

Throw blanket. They always add to the coziness of a room. If you remeber nothing else remeber throw blankets = coziness.

Pillows . Another easy way to add some coziness to a room. Espically when you have mutiple pillow with different textures.

This room is great. It flooded with natural light. Super welcoming and super cozy with all the blankets and pillows.

Copy their cozy

Blankets, blankets and balnkets. This room has several blankets in different textures. And it adding a lot to the coziness of the room.

Lots of pillows. Pillows also add to the coziness of the room. And adding lots of pillow in different textures just mutiples their coziness.

Rug. A good rug always add to the coziness of a room. And it doesn’t have to be a shaggy rug either low pile rugs can still add to the cozines of a room.

In a lot of ways this room is very simple. It all neutral tones and there not a lot in it yet it still a very cozy rooom.

Copy their cozy

Wall hanging. Adding a texture wall hanging can really up the coziness of your room. They also are more interesting then some generic artwork.

Fur stool. Fur anything adds to the cozness of a room.This fur stool is also cool because you can use it.

Texture blanket. Blankets are great at adding to the coziness of the room. Even more so when it a super texture blanket like this one.

A rug. It doesn’t have to be super shaggy or this huge rug. Adding a rug will make your room coziness no matter.

This room has a lot of natural light and they also have a lot plants. It very cool and lived in without being clutterly or bare. It really strikes that perfect balance

Copy their cozy

Texture rug. Now texture in this case isn’t shaggy this rug looks to be a woven jute rug. And it still adding to the coziness of the room.

Curtains. They are also great at making rooms cozy. Espically when a room gets a much natural light as this one. They help diffuse the light.

Pillows and blankets. One of the fastest way to make your room cozier. I do wish there would have been more in this room but even just adding a couple can make your room cozier.

This living room looks cozy and well-loved. And it would work nicely in small spaces. Because the bones of this living room are the sectional which is pushed against the wall, the rug which anchors the space and little table which helps finish things off.

Copy their cozy

Blankets, blankets and more blankets. They make your room cozier with very low commitment. Here they used several blankets to get that cozy factor.

Pillows are another easy way to make things cozier. They use lots of pillows with different textures.

Fur skins are another way to make your room look cozy. They used one on the floor more like a rug but you could also use fur on a stool or even as a pillow.

As we start to enter this winter season make your living room cozier taking inspiration from the pictures above.

34 of the Best Modern Farmhouse Bathrooms

Bathrooms can be a hard space to decorate. Because they need to be functional. Everyone wants to be able to use their bathroom. These modern farmhouse bathroom below show how you can mix style with function.

I love this bathroom. It looks amazing while still being usable. Like those his and her sinks. And it has lots of storage while still having a strong modern farmhouse vibe.

A short list of things that makes this bathroom great. The tile floor. The black cabinet. And mirrors wooden frame.

This bathroom is the perfect representation of modern farmhouse. Even the little things like the black grout on the white subway tile makes this bathroom modern while the wood frames on the mirrors keep things farmhouse.

How great is that mirror. I mean this whole bathroom looks amazing but that mirror is next level. Does anyone know where I can get an mirror like that?

A tiny bathroom that full of style. A few things I love about this bathroom. The woven basket. The little wooden shelf above the sink and the letter board on the wall.

Almost every modern farmhouse use black to help keep things modern. This bathroom doesn’t have black in it. Instead it keeps things modern by using white and natural wood.

A very classic bathroom that not boring. I like how they kept the vanities natural wood instead of making then black it breaks things up nicely.

These his and her sinks are the best. I can just see kids getting ready here in the morning. And clean up would be easy because the main thing to clean would be be the floor.

This bathroom looks great. And most of that is due to the wood frame around the mirror and frame sign hanging beside the sink. While the rest of the bathroom just fades into the background.

I don’t like pedestal sinks because they offer no storage. But this bathroom more then makes ups for any storage that migh have been lost With the woven basket and wire shelves.

This bathroom was kept super simple making the sink take center stage. And what a sink it is. This extra large sink is perfect for those with children in their house

Bathroom can often be sterile spaces with only new things and hard surfaces. And that why I love this vanity so much. It doesn’t just add some color and warmth to the room it also adds a sense of history.

There something about white planks in the bathroom that gets me every time. It such a modern yet rustic look. Does somebody want to add some white planks to my bathroom.

One thing I never though of putting in the bathroom was a ladder. I only seen them used for blankets but it works perfectly to put one behind the toilet. Adding both storage and style to this bathroom.

A very simple bathroom but very well done. I love how they use the planks on the wall with the black accent to make this bathroom modern farmhouse.

My favorite thing about this bathroom is how it gives the tub a seperate area. By putting wood planks on the walls around the tub. And the chandelier above it, makes the bathtub the focal point of the room.

One of the first thing I fell in love with in this bathroom is the gingham pattern on the walls. And then I notice those lovely circle mirrors with wood frames. And everything in this room looks great and works well together.

There so much you could say about this bathroom so instead of trying to say everything I’ll keep it simple. This is a great bathroom. And I wish my bathroom was half as nice.

The sink really says everything in this bathroom. It farmhouse while still being kinda modern. And the black accents finish everything off nicely.

I love it when bathrooms add some unexpect color like they did with this cabinet. It still very modern and farmhouse without being cliche.

Such a perfect example of a modern farmhouse bathroom. Their use of black and white contrasts nicely with the wood vanity. And the farmhouse accents finish everything off nicely.

This room has a very classis look yet it very playful. I love the animals print they hung up it lightens the mood of the whole room.

Showers can be a hard space to decorate or finish with personality. Unless you want to use funky tiles there aren’t that many options. Which is why I love this shower and the black trim on the shower door.

This bathroom is modern farmhouse without rely on black and white. The certainly is white in this bathroom but black isn’t used at all. Instead they added gold accents. They even added color with the shower tiles.

How clever is it to add a shelf under the sink. Turning wasted space into storage space. Also that floor is amazing. I want it in my house.

Who know planked walls would look so good in the bathroom. This bathroom has a very strong farmhouse vibe but the light walls and the black accents keep things modern.

Most everthing in this bathroom is black or white with the expectation of the wood shelves. Yet nothing is boring or overdone. And I love the tiles on the floor.

One of things that make this bathroom great is how they did their his and her sinks. I like how they put the sinks on top of the counter and those mirrors are swoon worthy.

A gorgeous bathroom that looks like it has tons of storage. I love how they incorporate those shelves into the wall. Because you can never have too much storage.

I think I just discover the formula for the perfect bathroom. White + black + wood = the best bathroom ever. But seriously isn’t this bathroom amazing.

OK this bathroom isn’t finished it obviously it is missing a mirror. But look at how much style it has before its finished. I love the vanity they picked it is very farmhouse

The perfect powder room. It has a lot of personality and style while still keeping everything you need nearby. Also I love that basket for a hamper.

A simple bathroom that packed full of style. I love how the black mirrors pop on those light colors wall. Also proof you don’t need lots of wood to make things farmhouse.

This bathroom is such a good represent of modern farmhouse. I really loved how they use black to keep things modern. And those wood touches fit perfectly without overdoing it.

If all this inspiration makes you want your own modern farmhouse bathroom check out this post which shows you how to decorate your bathroom to be modern farmhouse.

A modern farmhouse bathroom is easier then you think. Most of the bathrooms in this list have the same features repeat over and over again. Like the color scheme is usually black, white and wood tones.