10 Ways to Add Clothes Storage that Looks Amazing

Sometimes you have more clothes than you have closet space.

Which is what makes an open closet system so great. They give you more clothes storage.

Plus they look good. Let me show you.

This is a nice simple open closet to start with.

One clothing rack with a shelf at the bottom. One shelf to store your acessories.

Line up your shoes in front of this. And you’re done it as simple as that.

If you’re looking for more storage this is a good option for you.

A shelf with a hanging rack. For all your clothes that need hanging. Baskets for out a season clothes.

And some drawers below for dresser space. Lots of storage in a small space.

Dressers also has their place in open closet systems.

It helps to start with that a dresser. Then add a hanging rod and a shelf above it.

This gives you some hanging space for your favorite clothes. While the baskets offer hidden storage.

An easy way to double your clothes space is to double your clothing racks.

Two clothing racks do give you more storage. Espically if they come with a shelf at the bottom.

And I love the high shelf here it gives lots of storage.

This looks so good. I just want to talk about how they finished off this space.

Yeah they did shelve with hanging rod storage underneath it. That the base of this set up.

What makes this space look good is the artwork that hung up. The flowers on the shelf. And how neatly everything is lined up.

This space is great. Espically with that hanging rod.

It gives you lots of options. You can hang up your dresses without the hems dragging on the ground.

And there are also lots of storage options with the dresser and that shelf.

These clothing racks are like the whole open closet system in one peice of furniture.

You’ve got hanging space. Space for folded clothes.

And finally and most importantly space for your shoes.

I love how they color coordinated the clothing on this rack. Might not be realistic but it looks pretty.

Their set up here is actually super simple. A rack with a shelf underneath it.

All you need to do is make it look pretty.

When people put art in closets spaces it just makes me happy. Don’t forget to decorate your closets.

This hanging rod looks great. As you can see they can pack it with clothes.

Plus if you want to it would be easy to add some storage underneath it.

Turn your corner into the perfect closet.

This corner closet looks great and is packed with storage for your clothes.

So put up some shelves and make it happen.

Adding clothes storage isn’t that hard.

Plus you can do it in a way that looks good.

Because you’re clothes are important after all.

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