10 Modern Small Kitchen Ideas That Look Gorgeous

It can be hard to fit a kitchen into a small space. Especially when you want a normal kitchen you can cook in, not just a fridge for leftover take out.

It is possible to make small kitchens fuctional. At times it does take some creativity and you want to maximise every inch you have but it’s possible.

In fact, all these modern small kitchens that I’m about to show you didn’t have a lot of square footage. Yet each one found ways to incorporate storage and make the kitchen useable.

Modern And Light Gallery Kitchen

This is a cool kitchen. It’s modern without being all white. They have storage without felling cramped. And they even managed to incorporate some art into this kitchen.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Set up your breakfast bar at counter height. This gives you a great spot to eat and it could also double as extra counter space.

Add storage up high. They extended their cupboards to the ceiling. And even add some more high above the breakfast bar. They have lots of storage but it doesn’t get in the way

Hang art. This might not be something you thought of doing in your kitchen but if you have a bank wall hang up some art. It injects of bit of your personality and it helps finish the room.

White Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

This is a tiny kitchen yet they manage to incorporate all the comforts of home. While still making their kitchen feel bright and airy.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Keep the color palette simple. This kitchen has white walls, white cupboards, light countertop and light floors. This brighten the space. And it also prevents things from getting too busy.

Put your appliances besides each other. They put the stove and the fridge beside each other. This helps makes the most out of the space they have and eliminates any awkward pieces of counter.

Add a window if possible. This kitchen has a lot of storage both upper and lower cabinets. By adding the window they keep things light and bright.

Simple Open Kitchen

This kitchen has a casual vibe to it. Which I love. It’s such a simple and effortless look that you don’t often find in a kitchen.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Use shelves instead of cupboards. They both add storage but shelves do it while keeping things open.

White cabinets and white walls. Making them the same color helps the cabinets to fade into the background.

Shelve your microwave. Putting your microwave up on a shelf frees up counter space while still keeping the microwave nearby.

Small House Modern Kitchen

Another white kitchen but this one has a more rustic vibe. And that rustic vibe is coming from the wonderful caulted wood ceiling.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Put wood on your ceiling. Especially if you have a high ceiling, it helps warm things up while drawing your eye upwards.

Put storage on the other side of the island or peninsula. This can help eliminate those dreadful corner cupboards. And stops you from wasting space.

Move your stove around. Most people don’t put their stove on the peninsula but why not? It frees up counter space and if you’re entertaining you can look at your guests rather then away from them.

Small Modern Kitchen With Storage

A modern kitchen with lots of storage. They really used every inch of this small kitchen.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Keep your cabinets simple and bright. Their white glossy cabinets reflect the light. Which stops them from overwhelming the room.

Incorporate storage everywhere. They have a knife rack above the stove. Cutting boards leaning against the wall. There are jars on their counters. They took every storage opportunity they had.

Wood Countertops. They help break up the white and add life to the kitchen.

Stylish White Modern Kitchen

This is basically my dream kitchen. It has wonderful light. It’s simple with interesting elements. What else could you need?

Ideas for your small kitchen

No handles. This kitchen is very simple and big part of what makes it seem so simple and calm is the lack of handles and pulls on all the cabinets.

Add windows whenever possible. What makes this kitchen so great is the natural light it’s getting from the window. Even though the window is in an awkward spot they made it work.

Add shelves. Especially when you have a wall of cabinets shelves can be a way to add storage without taking up space or blocking the light.

Small Apartment Kitchen

This kitchen seems a lot more realistic to me then some of the other options. It a narrow galley kitchen that isn’t fancy.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Get the fridge of the way. Fridges can be big and hard to fit in your kitchen. By putting it on the other side of the room they maximise counter space.

Add upper cabinets above table. They add a big cabinet above their table. Which is a good way to add some extra storage space.

Simple White Kitchen

This is another nice bright kitchen that full of storage. They even managed to show a bit of their personality.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Hide your fridge. It looks like in this case they panel their fridge but even matching the colour of your fridge to your cabinets can help it to disappear into the background.

Break up your storage. Just cabinets can quickly become boring and industrial. In this kitchen, the cabinets are broken up by shelves and pretty storage containers. Providing the storage you need with the look you deserve.

Showcase your personality. You don’t have to hide your personalize in small spaces. Add it with small touches like a flowerpot. Or upgrade common items to make them your personality.

Clean Wood Kitchen

This is a very modern kitchen without being all white. So perfect for those who don’t have a spotlessly clean house.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Put the breakfast bar in front of the window. It can be hard to add storage to walls that have windows. Plus you’ll get to look outside when eating.

Say no to white. Instead of making everything white like usual why don’t you switch things up a little with a light colour wood like this kitchen. Still modern but not so white.

Stick to a color scheme. Everything in this kitchen that isn’t wood is white black or grey. And this reduces visual clutter by making everything belong together.

Basic White Modern Kitchen

One last modern kitchen. Like the other kitchens it looks amazing has tons of storage and is a fuctional kitchen you can use.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Don’t put handles on your cabinets. They add a lot of visual clutter and don’t always look the best. Keep them off for a sleeker look.

White glossy cabinets can seem like a cliche but they work. This kitchen is packed with storage and looks amazing due to those white glossy kitchen cabinets.

Hopefully, this helps inspire your kitchen and ways you can add storage while modernizing it. And remeber add your personality.

Upgrade your kitchen from blah to wow with these modern small ktichen ideas.