34 of the Best Modern Farmhouse Bathrooms

Bathrooms can be a hard space to decorate. Because they need to be functional. Everyone wants to be able to use their bathroom. These modern farmhouse bathroom below show how you can mix style with function.

I love this bathroom. It looks amazing while still being usable. Like those his and her sinks. And it has lots of storage while still having a strong modern farmhouse vibe.

A short list of things that makes this bathroom great. The tile floor. The black cabinet. And mirrors wooden frame.

This bathroom is the perfect representation of modern farmhouse. Even the little things like the black grout on the white subway tile makes this bathroom modern while the wood frames on the mirrors keep things farmhouse.

How great is that mirror. I mean this whole bathroom looks amazing but that mirror is next level. Does anyone know where I can get an mirror like that?

A tiny bathroom that full of style. A few things I love about this bathroom. The woven basket. The little wooden shelf above the sink and the letter board on the wall.

Almost every modern farmhouse use black to help keep things modern. This bathroom doesn’t have black in it. Instead it keeps things modern by using white and natural wood.

A very classic bathroom that not boring. I like how they kept the vanities natural wood instead of making then black it breaks things up nicely.

These his and her sinks are the best. I can just see kids getting ready here in the morning. And clean up would be easy because the main thing to clean would be be the floor.

This bathroom looks great. And most of that is due to the wood frame around the mirror and frame sign hanging beside the sink. While the rest of the bathroom just fades into the background.

I don’t like pedestal sinks because they offer no storage. But this bathroom more then makes ups for any storage that migh have been lost With the woven basket and wire shelves.

This bathroom was kept super simple making the sink take center stage. And what a sink it is. This extra large sink is perfect for those with children in their house

Bathroom can often be sterile spaces with only new things and hard surfaces. And that why I love this vanity so much. It doesn’t just add some color and warmth to the room it also adds a sense of history.

There something about white planks in the bathroom that gets me every time. It such a modern yet rustic look. Does somebody want to add some white planks to my bathroom.

One thing I never though of putting in the bathroom was a ladder. I only seen them used for blankets but it works perfectly to put one behind the toilet. Adding both storage and style to this bathroom.

A very simple bathroom but very well done. I love how they use the planks on the wall with the black accent to make this bathroom modern farmhouse.

My favorite thing about this bathroom is how it gives the tub a seperate area. By putting wood planks on the walls around the tub. And the chandelier above it, makes the bathtub the focal point of the room.

One of the first thing I fell in love with in this bathroom is the gingham pattern on the walls. And then I notice those lovely circle mirrors with wood frames. And everything in this room looks great and works well together.

There so much you could say about this bathroom so instead of trying to say everything I’ll keep it simple. This is a great bathroom. And I wish my bathroom was half as nice.

The sink really says everything in this bathroom. It farmhouse while still being kinda modern. And the black accents finish everything off nicely.

I love it when bathrooms add some unexpect color like they did with this cabinet. It still very modern and farmhouse without being cliche.

Such a perfect example of a modern farmhouse bathroom. Their use of black and white contrasts nicely with the wood vanity. And the farmhouse accents finish everything off nicely.

This room has a very classis look yet it very playful. I love the animals print they hung up it lightens the mood of the whole room.

Showers can be a hard space to decorate or finish with personality. Unless you want to use funky tiles there aren’t that many options. Which is why I love this shower and the black trim on the shower door.

This bathroom is modern farmhouse without rely on black and white. The certainly is white in this bathroom but black isn’t used at all. Instead they added gold accents. They even added color with the shower tiles.

How clever is it to add a shelf under the sink. Turning wasted space into storage space. Also that floor is amazing. I want it in my house.

Who know planked walls would look so good in the bathroom. This bathroom has a very strong farmhouse vibe but the light walls and the black accents keep things modern.

Most everthing in this bathroom is black or white with the expectation of the wood shelves. Yet nothing is boring or overdone. And I love the tiles on the floor.

One of things that make this bathroom great is how they did their his and her sinks. I like how they put the sinks on top of the counter and those mirrors are swoon worthy.

A gorgeous bathroom that looks like it has tons of storage. I love how they incorporate those shelves into the wall. Because you can never have too much storage.

I think I just discover the formula for the perfect bathroom. White + black + wood = the best bathroom ever. But seriously isn’t this bathroom amazing.

OK this bathroom isn’t finished it obviously it is missing a mirror. But look at how much style it has before its finished. I love the vanity they picked it is very farmhouse

The perfect powder room. It has a lot of personality and style while still keeping everything you need nearby. Also I love that basket for a hamper.

A simple bathroom that packed full of style. I love how the black mirrors pop on those light colors wall. Also proof you don’t need lots of wood to make things farmhouse.

This bathroom is such a good represent of modern farmhouse. I really loved how they use black to keep things modern. And those wood touches fit perfectly without overdoing it.

If all this inspiration makes you want your own modern farmhouse bathroom check out this post which shows you how to decorate your bathroom to be modern farmhouse.

A modern farmhouse bathroom is easier then you think. Most of the bathrooms in this list have the same features repeat over and over again. Like the color scheme is usually black, white and wood tones.