12 Layout Ideas for Small Bedrooms

When you’re staring at an empty room it can be hard to see this will become a cozy bedroom.

The best thing to do is those situations is to start sketching.

Sketching gets your creative juices flowing. And it suddenly it no longer an empty room with nothing. It a room full of potential ideas.

I did a bit of sketching of my own and did some room layouts up for you. They are organized by room size.

This is a 6×8 room. It’s tiny. Legally it not even a bedroom

Since it such a small room and I know I wanted to add a lot of storage I started with a twin bed. And turn the oppusite wall into a storage wall.

It has a desk and then two dressers beside it.

The desk is near the window so you would get natural light. And the stool can be easily hidden away when not in use.

The dresser add good storage. I would put shelves above them to add even more storage and display space.

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The bed got bigger so the storage got smaller. This is a full sized bed and it still a 6×8 bedroom.

The full sized bed is center under the window. If you’re worry about drafts, get a bed with big headboard. And also put some curtains behind you’re bed.

One wall has a narrow shelving unit that adds a bit of storage. This is a good example.

And finally a 6×8 bedroom with a queen bed.

Once again it’s in front of the window. There aren’t any other options.

There is no space on either side of the bed for even a nighstand. Instead there a little ledge behind the bed.

This ledge helps blocks drafts. Could act as the headboard. And is a safe place to put a glass of water.

It’s time to move up a room size. Whoop! Whoop! This is a 8×7 bedroom with a twin sized bed.

Once again I decided to start the design with the bed being placed under the window.

If you’re wondering why I always start with the bed its because it one of the biggest and most important elements of your bedroom. Learn that and other ideas by reading how to arrange your bedroom.

Besides the bed is a small nightable. I used a stool in this case. And on the opposite wall of the bed is a dresser.

It loooks like a basic dresser here but you cold also turn it into an open closet storage space. Find out more about open closet storage systems here.

This is a full sized bed in a 8×7 bedroom.

Instead of putting the head of the bed against the window I decide to switch things up and put the bed beside the window.

This would also be a great chance to use a storage bed. Here are 11 beds that add storage.

Behind the bed for storage I add a built in storage unit. You could make one out of shelves. Or add doors for a cleaner look.

Once again a stool beside the bed serves as the nightable.

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This is a 8×7 bedroom with a queen bed.

I kept the bed is the same postion as last time beside the window. There a little gap between the wall and the bed. I would add a little ledge there.

I put a dresser besides the bed. And you could turn this into an open closet storage space.

If you don’t need clothes storage you could also swap out the dresser for a desk.

Changing room sizes again. So this is an 8×8 bedroom with a twin sized bed.

Now the nice thing about keeping the bed small in this situation is it gives you lots of space to work well.

I kept things simple and just add a desk across from the bed. You could expand on that idea and add shelves and storage if you want too.

This is an 8×8 room with a full sized bed.

OK so for this room I put eveyrthing against the window. The bed the desk all the important stuff.

Now it kinda looks akward how it is right now.

In real life I would make sure to leave a couple inches gap between the window and the furniture. And then hang floor to ceiling curtains across that entire wall.

There no nightable but you could use the desk as one if needed.

If you’re looking for more storage. Get a bed with storage.

This is an 8×8 room with a queen sized bed.

There a lot of storage in this room. And it all do to the 3 storage units on the wall.

Doing closed door storage helps keeps the room feeling fresh and modern.

And lets you focus on making your bedroom cozy. Here is some inspiration.

Changing room sizes for the last time here. This is a 7×10 room with a twin sized bed.

Tons of space in this room. The twin sized bed is against the wall. The desk is at the foot of the bed in front of the window.

Putting the desk there also elimates the need for any nightstands. And the dresser is close to the door.

If you’re looking for more storage space I would recomend turning your simple dresser into an open closet storage space.

This is a 7×10 bedroom with a queen bed. That right we’re skipping the full sized on this one.

I decide to go for the classic look here. Bed center under the window.

It’s a narrow room so you would have to get creative with your nightables.

And at the foot of the bed is a dresser. You could also add more storage above the dresser if you would like too.

This is a king bed in a 7×10 bedroom.

Since the bed is so big I let it take center stage. I simple put some shelving up on the wall by the head of the bed to add some storage.

Theres only a nighstand on side of this bed. If you would like one on the otherside build a little ledge to use as one.

Lot’s of layout inspiration for your small bedroom.

If you’re interest in doing sketches for your room here the tool I used. Just make sure you’re using correct measurements for things

Have fun. And don’t let an empty room scare you.

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