10 Kitchen Updates With Dollar Store Supplies

Are you looking for cheap ways to decorate your kitchen?Or maybe you need some help with your kitchen organization?

Head to the dollar store.

Yes the dollar store. It’s a great place to buy supplies for DIY kitchen decor. Plus it super affordable.

How awesome is this farmhouse style mug rack.

It a simple and goregous way to add some more storage to your kitchem.

Put your mugs on display. They’re basically an art piece.

If you have a pantry you know how quickly it can become an disorganized disaster.

Which is why I love how neat and organized this pantry is.

There are lots of different storage options. And the best part is this is all done using dollar store supplies.

Spices are great when you’re cooking. But little spice packages can easily get lost.

Not anymore with this magnetic spice rack.

It looks cute and keeps everything at easy access. Plus it’s a simple kitchen DIY with dollar store supplies.

Mason jars have many uses. And they are easy to find at dollar stores.

All it takes is a bit of paint to transform boring mason jars into pretty utensil holders.

Plus you can make them whateer color you choose.

If you ever lived in a older building you might have notice how the drawers and the inside of cupboards always look dirty.

Contact paper is the perfect solution.

It’s looks great while covering up all the dirt. And it’s also a good way to add a nice pop of color to your kitchen.

Have you ever look at a pantry like this and laughed because it seems so unrealistic.

But don’t worry you can also have an organized pantry.

Using dollar store supplies make this affordable. Now to figure out how to keep it organized?

The 80’s were a fun and colorful time. And the house were too.

Living with a 80’s colored kitchen is no longer as fun.

Here is a cheap and easy way to update your cabinets cover them in contact paper.

Fridges can get crowded, food gets forgotton and then goes bad. Fridges can quickly become a mess.

Keep the mess at bay by organizing your fridge.

I love how they used these clear magazine holders. Letting you see everything in your fridge.

Oh the dreaded container drawer.

If it’s anything like mine it gets rummage though all the time and quickly become a mess.

Organized your container drawer with ironically enough containers from the dollar store.

Some food should be stored in open baskets. But do you have that storage?

These wire baskets from the dollar store look great hanging from the wall and it’s a cheap storage solution.

There you have it 10 ways to improve your kitchen using dollar store supplies.

Updating your kitchen is easier than you think. Plus you can do it on e a budget.

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