How to Give Your Bathroom That Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern farmhouse bathrooms are a look that easier to achieve then think. In fact, a lot of it comes down to a few elements that are repeat over again and over again.

White subway tiles

White subways tiles are a very classic look. You see them everywhere so it should be no surpise that they also work great in a modern farmhouse bathroom.

There a couple ways you can use white subway tiles as a backsplash. Of course there the classic look white tiles with white grout. These are some good subway tiles for that look.

Another great look with subway tiles is to use white tiles with a dark grout. I love this look. A good example is these tiles.

Plank wall

Plank walls area nice way to add a nice farmhouse touch while still keeping things modern. Espically white or light color planks look great in a modern farmhouse bathroom.

Here how to put planks up in your bathroom. This is a good example of white plank wall in a bathroom. And this is a good example of wood planks in a bathroom.

Wood vanities

Your bathroom vanity is the focus point of the room. So it important to put a good vanity. A good one to pick for a modern farmhouse vanity is a wood one.

I love this freestanding wood vanity from home depot. Another vanity from home depot its a bit larger plus its a floating vanity.

This a nice wood vanity with black accents perfect for a modern farmhouse bathroom. Here another vanity thats just wood.

Farmhouse sinks

Another great way to add a farmhouse touch to your bathroom is with a farmhouse sink. There a couple different style of sinks.

This is quite a small sink that still has that farmhouse vibe to it. This sink has more that classic farmhouse look to it. A different farmhouse sink is this trough sink.

Black accents

Something that really helps to keep your bathroom modern is black accents. From taps to black shower frames there are lots of ways you can add black accents to your bathoroom. If your not sure how to add black accents apartment therapy has a great post on it.

A good way to add some black is with a black tap. Here a nice single handle tap. This tap has more of classic look to it. For more of an unique look pick this wall mounted tap.

Another way you can add some black touches to your bathroom is with a shower frame. This one would be perfect for a walk in shower. Here another black shower frame this one has a sliding door.

Of course there are other ways you can add black accents. Like with these black towel holders. Or a black light like this wall sconce.

Wood accents

Of course if you want to make you bathrom a bit more farmhouse it helps to add some wood accents. There are a few differnt ways you can do this.

For example with this wood stool. Or some wood shelves. You can get a wood wastebasket to add a farmhouse touch to your bathroom. Of course you could also get a wood soap dispenser and a wood toothbrush holder.

Circle Mirror

There something about a circle mirror that really fresh and modern.And it would be a great addition to your modern farmhouse bathroom.

I love this hanging wood frame mirror. This black circle mirror is also cute. And finally here a simple wood circle mirror.

Natural baskets

Outside of using wood another way to add some natural texture to your bathroom is to you baskets. They are also great for adding storage to your bathroom.

This basket would look great on a shelf. While this basket would make a great laundry hamper. And this basket would be great for storage.

If you’re not sure how yet how to give your bathroom that modern farmhouse look. Click here for some inspiration.

It not that hard to get that modern farmhouse look for your bathroom. Its as simple as incorporating a few of the items listed above.