12 Spring Home Decor Ideas With Dollar Store Supplies

Are you ready for winter to be over? I sure am.

It might not feel like spring outside but I can make it feel like spring inside.

There are a lot of ideas for spring home decor. I have 12 spring home decor ideas using dollar store supplies right here.

How cute is this easter egg wreath?

It’s fun and colorful. And would look great on your front door.

Plus it a cheap DIY with dollar store supplies.

This plant stand is perfect for bringing the outdoors in.

Of it still winter. Making your house feel like spring even if it cold outside.

So make things more cheerful with some spring home decor.

If you’re looking for a more minimalist spirng look this wreath is perfect.

It has some great texture and is a wonderful color.

This DIY wreath is made using split peas. Which also makes this an affordable DIY.

Flowers should play a role in your spring time decorating.

The question is where do you put them?

These frosted vases look amazing. And they don’t take the attention away from the flowers.

If you’re looking for a more untraditional wreath this is perfect.

Can you belive it made from a hula hoop and dollar store flowers.

Not only does this look amazing. It would also be a great DIY project.

Plants are great for injecting life into a space.

And these colorful little planters will make everything look happy.

Plus these planters are an easy DIY made with plastic easter eggs from the dollar store.

A cool way to do a wreath is to make it from succulents.

It’s the perfect texture and color.

Plus you could keep it up well into the summer.

Another super cute DIY vase from the dollar store.

All you need is a little paint.

And you too can have this colorful look in you’re own home.

I love moss. And I love this moss wreath.

It’s a nice green that gives hope that everything will soon become green.

And yes this is also another dollar store DIY.

If you want spring decor that not plant these pom pom trees are perfect.

They add a nice pop of color and their fun.

It would also be perfect for easter.

Turn your plants into artwork by framing them.

It would be a great way to make an unique peice of artwork.

And it a nice way to add a pop of color.

I’ll end with one more wreath this gorgeous leafy wreath.

It a very minimalist look that would be perfect for spring.

It might not feel like spring but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate for it.

Plus since these are made using dollar supplies it also a cheap way to DIY spring home decor.

Save money and get awesome decorations.

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