7 DIY Dollar Store Frames Makeover

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Art is important.

You should be hanging art on all your walls.

Now frames can take a silly picture and make it seem all offical. They class up a silly picture.

They also make it easier to hang things on the walls. And you can swap out the pictures inside the frames when you want a change.

Frames can also be pricey. You can get them at a dollar store but then they’re often ugly.

Which is why today I’m showing you how to makeover dollar stores frames. And take them from drab to fab.

Before we get started here are some supplies you should have.

Turn your boring white frames into happy colorful frames.

I love adding color to a room and this is fun way to do it.

Find full instructions here.

Here more of a traditional well worn look for your frame.

Old things look cool. It also a simple and satisfying DIY project.

Find full instructions here.

If you want you’re frames to be a little extra, look no furth

These pedestal frames are perfet for display on your table. Or incorporating it into your centerpeices.

Find full instructions here.

I love color and I also love old things. This frame is the best of both those worlds.

It very colorful but still has a rustic shabby chic feel to it.

Find full instructions here.

Looking for glam. There nothing more glamorous than a gold leaf frame.

It will make your art sparkle.

Find full instructions here.

This frame has that distressed looked going for it.

By some weird frames from the dollar store and make them look amazing.

Full instructions here.

I’ll end with this marbled frame idea.

Perfect for those who looking for something a bit more interest but still wanting to stick to neutral tones.

Find full instructions here.

Those were some easy ways to update boring dolar store frames.

Have fun DIYing them. And don’t worry about messing up it was a cheap frame.

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