13 Dollar Store DIY Easter Decorations

I love using DIY dollar store decorations for seasonal decor.

It a great way to save money on decor that only going to be up for a few weeks.

And you can DIY your own unique easter decorations.

Aren’t these mason jars adorable?

It’s also a simple and cheap DIY.

So have fun and make these adorable easter mason jars.

Aren’t bunny buts cute? Now that sounds funny but they really are adorable.

How cute is that pillow and they even made a little bunny but garland.

DIY you’re own bunny but pillow.

A super simple way to decorate for the seasons is to hang up a wreath.

This easter egg wreath is colorful and looks amazing.

Pick up some supplies from the dollar store and start DIYing.

Easter eggs from the dollar store usually looks cheap.

You can DIY some rustic easter eggs using supplies from the dollar store.

DIY this easter decor that looks wonderful and is affordable.

This bunny garland is one of the cutest garlands out there.

It also make for some great neutral easter decor.

Have fun and DIY this bunny garland today.

Now this could function as several different things.

You could use it as table decor or you could use it as party favors.

This would also be the perfect craft to do with your kids

I love wreaths and this wreath looks like spring.

Could you want anything more from a wreath.

And did I mention that this is also afordable easter decor.

Here something unique you can do with popsicle sticks.

DIY this outline of a rabbit.

It some of the better DIY easter decor that I’ve seen.

You can find cheap plastic rabbits everywhere at easter time.

Take that cheap plastic rabbit from the dollar store and make it fit in with you home decor.

All you need to do is cover the rabbit in the paper of your choice.

One of the first signs of spring is flowers.

Real flowers can be expensive and they die quickly.

You can make these great DIY flowers with dollar store supplies.

You can DIY some easter art.

It’s a simple DIY you can make using dollar store supplies.

All you need is some easter eggs, a picture frame and some glue to put it all together.

For longer lasting easter eggs decor use plastic eggs.

Cover plastic easter eggs in paper and make these cute decorations.

It’s a simple and affordable easter DIY.

These easter plant pots are adorable.

They would be make the perfect easter decorations.

Get your DIYing supplies from the dollar store

Start getting ready for easter by picking up some supplies from the dollar store.

It’s a super cheap way to decorate for easter. Plus you can DIY your decorations.

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