31 Creative DIY Wood Projects That Will Upgrade Your Home

Sometimes it feels like your house will never be finished. There will always be another project.

That also the joy of having your own house. Of being able to change things and start different projects.

Because, in the end, it not about making the perfect house. It about making your house feel like home.

Today I found 31 wood projects you can DIY to make your house feel more like home.

Couch Sleeve


This couch sleeve is perfect when you don’t have space for a table. Or maybe just don’t have any space left on the table.

Whatever it is at least you’ll have a place to put your coffee now.

Floating Shelves


Floating shelves are great they are a very timeless look.

I would say classic but floating shelves can also be very modern. Or rustic or whatever style you want them to be.

Mail Sorter


Have you ever let your mail just piled up until you need that one paper that you can’t find?

I can’t find your paper for you but I can help prevent it from happening again with this handy dandy mail sorter.

Farmhouse Console Table


This console table could handle anything. From being piled with boxes to looking great a party, it can do it all.

Well it can do everything a table can do I shouldn’t oversell it.

Scrabble Message Board


You could use this scrabble board as art and put up inspirational quotes.

Or you could also use to write messages to other members of your household. Your choice.

X Leg Bench


This bench would be perfect to have by your front door so people will have a spot to sit as they take their shoes on and off.

Stop that awkward shoe dance once and for all.

DIY Blanket Ladder


Everyone should have a blanket ladder in their living room not just because it looks great which it does. But also so everyone has blankets.

Blankets make everything cozier. And thier the best on a cold day.

If you want more ideas for cozy spaces check out Cozy Small Living Rooms.

Fake Wood Beams


I love the look of these fake wood beams. It also gives your house character.

Because houses should have some charector to them even if their brand new.

EAT Sign


I love this eat sign and it looks great. Through I can just think of the dad jokes for it.

You don’t know where the kitchen is so you had to put up a sign. Do you need to be reminded to eat?

Farmhouse Table


This farmhouse table is awesome. Looking good everyday.

Just image your family sitting at this table and having dinner. Well minus the mess and the chaos.

Simple Step Stool


This simple step stool would be great for people with kids. Or people like me who to put it politely are height challenged.

Why do people even make things so high? I’m not that short.

Porch Swing


This swing would be great for summer evenings. Just out enjoying the weather as you rock back and forth.

Would be especially great in warmer climates where you have more than five days of summer.

Modern Lamp


We all need more tall lambs people can run into right? This lamp looks amazing.

And if you put in a corner people shouldn’t run into it. Or trip over it.

Bedside Tables


I love these besides table because they have storage. Things tend to collect in my bedroom.

And I need somewhere to put all this stuff of mind.

If you need more storage then these tables check out some Storage Hacks here.

Open Shelf Vanity


I like vanities with storage because it allows you to keep all the important stuff nearby.

Like makeup curling irons. Oh, towels. And if there room some toilet paper.

Plant Stand


One of the reasons this plant stand is great is because it has room for multiple plants.

Giving you multiple chances that something going to stay alive all winter. They can’t all die, right?

Wine Rack


This wine rack walks that fine line between looking amazing while keeping the wine at easy access.

Hey once it hanging it basically art. So get this wine rack up and get it filled.

Wooden Bench With Crate Storage


This has it all style and storage. What more could you ask for?

It will look gorgeous even when you shove the crates full.

Phone Charging Station


This phone charge is wonderful. It makes your phone look so much better.

Oh, you charge your phone on the counter. I always use my custom build charging station.

Side table


You need side tables in your living room. Without them, silly things happen like people spill their cake into your couch. True story.

Don’t forget the side tables. This one even has a cute x base.

Magazine Holder


This magazine holder has a wonderful clean modern design.

Magazines are kinda going out of style. But if you don’t have magazines you could always use it to stack your ipads instead.

Farmhouse Crate End Table


This rustic farmhouse crate end table fabulous. Want to know why?

It not just that it looks it great which it is. It also has storage space for blankets which is obviously important to every living room.

Pallet Hanging Chair


This hanging chair is so cool. It would be a unique addition to any outdoor living space.

Build one today then invite me over because I would love to relax in one of these.

Wooden Mirror Frame


This mirror looks amazing. I especially love how great it looks just leaning against the wall.

Because truth be told I’m scared to hang a mirror. I always worry that I will drop it and it will shatter.

Bar Cart


This bar cart looks good and it doesn’t need the liquor to do so. It called a bar cart but you could use it for whatever you want.

Well, maybe not for putting people on it and racing but everything else.

Wheel Pallet Table


You know what my favourite part of this wood project? They basically pretty up a pallet and add wheels.

There is not a lot of woodworking require. Which is great for a fast easy project that doesn’t require tons of experience

Farmhouse Storage Cabinet


These cabinets look so great and would add so much storage to your living room.

Just image how many blankets you can fit in there and whatever you need of course. There more to life then blankets

Toscana Bookshelf


This is a great bookshelf for displaying things. Like souvenirs from a recent vacation. That gift which is dreadful ugly but you have to display because of it from a close family member.

Wow, this bookshelf might not have enough space to display everything.

DIY C Table


This table is awesome because it allows you to work from a couch. Plus it has wheels so you can move it around for when people come over.

They don’t need to know how much time I spend sitting on the couch.

Wood Sign


This woods sign is nice because it has texture and looks like it took some work to put together.

It easy to make. And you can still impress people with your skills.

DIY Spice Rack


This spice rack is cute. It is practical and a great wood project. Because working on things for the kitchen is basically the same thing as working in the kitchen and making food right.

I mean this spice rack isn’t food but you can always buy some food right.

I hope you picked something up from this list. And more than the fact I want blankets in every room.

The work of making your house a home might never be done but it’s worth spending the time on.

If you’re looking for more DIY projects check out Apartment DIY’s or Wood Crate DIYs Projects.