11 DIY Dollar Store Wall Decor

Blanks walls can be overwhelming. There are so many options of what you can do with them.

Plus wall decor can be expensive.

Which is why today I’m showing you 11 ways to DIY your wall decor using dollar store supplies.

And since you can do it cheaply it also easy to switch thing when you want a change.

Have you ever though of using flowers for your wall decor?

It looks amazing. And I love how they are used it as a headboard.

Plus it an easy to DIY using dollar store flowers.

Sometimes when you look at abstract art you think I could do that.

Well here is your chance.

DIY this abstract art using dollar store supplies.

Turn plants into art. It is a great way to add some life to your home.

And if you kill plants like I do. You can also use fake plants.

Plus it makes for some great wall art.

You know those sunbursts mirrors that were everywhere for a while.

This is similar to that but it’s not a mirror.

It something you can DIY using dollar store supplies.

What makes this DIY great is how quick and easy it is to make.

It also practical and would be great to have around.

Go to the dollar store and buy some frames it time to get this DIY started.

You might already have wall decor that just needs a bit of updating.

Look at how they updated this mirror.

They use the glass pebbles from the dollar store to transform this mirror.

Can you guess what this was originally? I’ll give you a hint it’s from the dollar store.

This wall decor was originally a rubber door mat.

They use paint to completely transform it into a piece of wall decor.

This love sign is just adoreable.

It’s super easy to make, all you need is some cardboard and yarn.

You could even change the word if you would like to.

Aren’t these the most amazing cork boards ever.

I love how they hung them up in a group. It looks a lot better than one large corkboard.

And it would easy to DIY using dollar store supplies

I never though of using a sun hat for a wreath before but it look great.

The best part is it can be made with dollar store supplies

In fact this is a very easy and affordable DIY.

The last DIY wall art, is this cute string art.

It’s super cute and looks amazing.

Plus you can DIY this in any shape or picture you would like.

It’s time to go to the dollar store and start DIYing.

You’ll save money while making your home look amazing.

Have fun DIYing your wall decor.

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