10 DIY Boho Dollar Store Decorations

Decorating can be expensive. It doesn’t have to be.

If you like to decorate on a budget dollar stores a cheap place to get some supplies. But dollar stores decorations can be kinda basic.

Luckily you can make dollar store decorations look amazing.

Like these 10 boho dollar store decorations.

Look at these cool trays.

Take a simple leaf tray from the dollar store and make them special.

All you need to do is some paint. Then paint some unique patterns on the tray.

What more boho than floor pillows.

And don’t worry if you can’t sew. This is a super simple DIY.

Go to the dollar store and get some floor mats you can turn into this DIY floor pillow.

Sometimes boho can be a hard look to pull off. It can loo messy.

That not the case with this boho mirror.

The best part is this is a DIY boho dollar store mirror. Which means it also a cheap DIY.

Boho wall hangings look amazing.

But if you ever looked at buying one before you might know they are pretty pricey.

This wall hanging is actually made of a mop head. So buy a cheap mop from the dollar store and get started.

One of my favorite thing about boho decor is how colorful it can be.

What more colorful then this pom pom pillow.

It’s full of different colors and textures. Just pick up some supplies from the dollar store.

Natural textures, a touch of colors is there anything more boho.

This basket looks amazing but really it just a cheap laundry basket.

You buy it from you guess it the dollar store. Wrap some rope around it the laundry basket for a great DIY boho basket.

Did you know you can buy RIT dye from the dollar store.

And some dye is what takes this wall hanging form blah to wow.

Go to the dollar stores and pick up some supplies because it time to get started.

Looking for a unique accessories to add to your room. Make your own.

But actually finding something that unique and affordable is difficult.

Which is what makes this a perfect DIY. Buy a cheap vase and give it an unique paint job.

If you don’t like color this is the perfect neutral boho decoration.

Those feathers on the wall hanging look great but are easy to make.

Go to the dollar store and buy some rope to get started.

Here another cool basket. That full of poms poms.

Pom poms might not be the most boho thing ever but it does look amazing.

Plus if you make your own poms poms you can choose your colors.

Have fun DIYing these boho dollar store decorations.

Since these are all made out of dollar store supplies these boho decorations are also cheap letting you decorate on a budget.

DIY your boho dollar store decorations. It easier than you think.

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