7 Easy Ways to Add a Desk to Your Small Space

It good to have a seperate workspace. But you don’t often find an office in a small space.

Especially if you’re a sutdent or work from home you want a desk to work from.

Here are 7 ways to fit a desk into a small space.

This is the perfect workstation. Let me explain why.

The desk at counter height so you can also use it as a standing desk.

The desk is also very unobtrusive. It’s a narrow desk that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

A clever way to fit a desk into a small space is to get a hideaway desk.

You can fold this desk up when it not in use helping it to disapear.

Pull down your desk and pul up a chair it’s work time.

Sometimes when it comes to putting a workspace into a small space it about figuring where to put the desk. Because you don’t have a seperate office.

Here one idea, put the desk behind the couch. To give the feeling of a seperate space.

And if you really want to save space buy a narrow desk and a stool you can put under the desk when not in use.

Another way to do the desk in the living area is how they did it here.

The desk right beside the couch instead of a side table. And it quite clear this someone workspace.

The shelves above the desk add storage while helping it fit into the rest of the room.

This desk is so cute you could put in anywhere. The entry the hallway whever it fits.

The front folds down giving you more desk space.

Plus when you’re not using it you can store things in it.

If you want to add a desk and not have it stick out like a sore thumb use shelves.

They are good at adding storage and one bigger shelf for the desk would’t be that noticable.

Plus did I mention it looks great.

The great thing about fold down desk if you can store things in them.

While keeping everything you need close at hand.

Plus it will help keep your house clutter free.

There you have it 7 ways to add a desk into a small space.

Add a desk to your small space. It easier than you think.

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