17 Cozy Small Living Rooms That Will Make You Want to Hibernate All Winter Long

Everyone wants a cozy living room in the winter. The question is how do you get that? Well today I’m not just giving you ideas I’m also going to be giving you some tips you can use to make your own living room a little cozier.

If you are living in a small space and find it hard to make sperate areas pay attention to how they put this sectional. They faced it towards the wall and the windows using the back of the sectional to seperate the living room from the rest of the space.

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Cozy sectional. A big part of what makes this space cozy is sectional. It has lots of pillows which also makes things cozier. And the sectional itself is cover in a nice texture fabric which also ups the cozy factor.

Fur bean bag. The second things that make the room cozy is the fur bean bag thing in the corner. Fur is great at making spaces cozier. And it nice to see it use on something you can sit on.

Something I think this room is missing is more things on the walls. Right now thier walls are a little bare looking. An nice cozy way to fill that space would be a textured wall hanging.

One of the things that make this space great is that everything is sized perfectly to fit this space. Which is something you need to pay extra attention to in a small space.

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Textured throw blanket .They have a great texture throw blanket on the couch. And throw blankets are on the fastest ways to make your space cozier.

Throw pillows.They have mutiple throw pillows on the couch which helps ups the cozy factor. They used several pillows in different textures which looks great.

Finally a shaggy rug. It helps pull everything together plus it adds texture to the room which always make things cozier.

This is a very grown up room while still being very cozy. They also took advantage of the space they had by filling it with the right size furniture. Plus the mirror above the couch bounces light around making this small space seem a little bigger.

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Velvet sofa. A big part of what makes this space cozy is the velvet sofa. It adds some wonderful texture. Plus it is a nice rich color.

Blankets. They always help with the cozy factor in any room. They also used the throw blanket in this room to add some more color and pattern to the space.

The rug. Rugs can makes spaces cozier even if their not super fluffy. And who wants cold feet in the winter time not me that for sure.

Even through this living room is tiny it works quite well. The way they set it up to face the TV helps seperate the living room from the rest of the space.

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Throw pillows are great at upping the cozy factor. They have several pillows which looks great. And they also matched their throw pillows too the ones in their dogs bed.

A rug. It helps pulls the room together. Plus it makes things cozier. Who wants to have cold feet in your house.

Something this room doesn’t have but would help make this space cozier is a blanket. Blankets always makes any space cozier. Plus their great for curling up on the couch.

This room is great for small spaces. They used the rug to help define the space as a living room. They used mirrors to bounce the light around and they used dressers instead of console tables to add some extra storage.

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The shaggy rug. It does more then define the space it also helps makes this space cozy.

Mutiple throw blankets. I love it when people incorporate a blanket into a living room and it just gets better the more they add.

Lots of pillows. Pillows can have a big impact on the cozy factor espically if your couch has more sleek look to it pillows can really cozy things up.

This is a tiny living room yet it still very cozy and welcoming. They really made the best use out of the space they had to make this living room.

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String lights.You might not think lights are related to the coziness of the room. But these lights add a lot to the room.They provide a nice soft glow which helps to set the mood.

Fur rug. If there anything that screams cozy it the fur rug. It nice and warm on your feet. Plus it adds some nice texture to the room.

Knitted pouf and knitted pillows. They are a nice way to add some texture to the room which up the coziness factor. And thier pillows which are super cozy.

A blanket. Blankets always add some coziness and they are the perfect thing if you want to curl up on the couch.

This picture shows only a little piece of the room. Yet just this small piece of the room already makes a big impact.

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The dark wall. It can be hard to use dark colors in a small space you might be worried of overwhelming the room. I really like how they did it here it makes a statement and really adds to the coziness of the room.

A velvet sofa. This sofa is great it a very classic shape yet the very interesting and different with it being cover in velvet. I also like how it adds a bit of color to this room.

This is a great living room for small spaces it very compact but also has everything you want in a living room. This room also has a very relaxed and airy feel to it yet it still cozy.

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Touches of sheepskin. They used sheepskin in a couple different places, to cover the stool and to add comfort to the woven chair. There is a sheepskin throw on the couch as well.

Slouchly pillows. Pillows always add to the coziness of a room but they add even more when their slouchly like these pillows. You can use them without worrying about wrecking them.

Big chunky knitted blanket. I love blankets but even more so chunky knitted blankets. It’s a very soft cozy look.

If you ever though cozy equals clutter this room proves your wrong. It a very grown up room yet it still cozy.

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Different texture pilow. The couch is full of pillows in all sorts of different textures. Which adds to the coziness of thr room.

Warm wood coffee table. The room itself has lots of light colors and is really bright so when you add some touches of darker wood it really helps warms the space up. The darker couch also helps makes this room even cozier.

A blanket. If you want to up the coziness of any room just add a blanket. They did here and it looks great. Blankets are also low commitment so its a easy way to play with texture or color.

It is quite a light room yest still cozy. They played with textures to add the coziness while still keeping things bright and airy.

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Texture wall hanging. The texture wall hanging adds a lot to this room. It fills up the wall nicely. And the different texture helps make the room cozier. Plus its light in color helping the room stays bright.

A shaggy rug. I don’t like having cold feet so I love rugs. These rug is great because it quite shaggy and textured. It also has a nice pattern which adds some interest to this room.

Texture poof. Think of poufs as giants pillows they will add to the coziness of your room but espically when they are textured.

Finally a throw blanket. I love blankets and I said this before but they are one of the easiest way you can up the coziness of a room.

This room has a lot going on but in a good way. They play with a lot of different textures which really adds to the coziness of a room.

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The blanket over the couch. Now they might have done that as a slip cover. But it really helps with making this room more approachable and cozy.

A fur skin. Fur adds coziness to a room no matter how you use it. They kept things low key and just added a fur skin to the floor.

Throw pillow. They have mutiple throw pillow on the couch which is a great way to play with texture and color.

If you want to add coziness a good place to start is shaggy rug + pillows + blankets = instant coziness and this room pulled if off very nicely.

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Shaggy rug. Shaggy rugs are the best adding coziness to a room plus they keep your feet warm so its a win win situation.

Throw pillows. Pillow are a great way to add some coziness to a room. If you have lots of pillows switch up their texture to make things even cozier.

Mutiple blankets and fur skins. I’m a big lover of blankets and believe that everyone should add at least one to their room in the winter. Of course addding some fur skins to the mix just makes things even cozier.

This room is very welcoming. The pillows and the blankets make it an inviting space to sit. and I love the natural light it getting from the window.

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Throw blanket. They always add to the coziness of a room. If you remeber nothing else remeber throw blankets = coziness.

Pillows . Another easy way to add some coziness to a room. Espically when you have mutiple pillow with different textures.

This room is great. It flooded with natural light. Super welcoming and super cozy with all the blankets and pillows.

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Blankets, blankets and balnkets. This room has several blankets in different textures. And it adding a lot to the coziness of the room.

Lots of pillows. Pillows also add to the coziness of the room. And adding lots of pillow in different textures just mutiples their coziness.

Rug. A good rug always add to the coziness of a room. And it doesn’t have to be a shaggy rug either low pile rugs can still add to the cozines of a room.

In a lot of ways this room is very simple. It all neutral tones and there not a lot in it yet it still a very cozy rooom.

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Wall hanging. Adding a texture wall hanging can really up the coziness of your room. They also are more interesting then some generic artwork.

Fur stool. Fur anything adds to the cozness of a room.This fur stool is also cool because you can use it.

Texture blanket. Blankets are great at adding to the coziness of the room. Even more so when it a super texture blanket like this one.

A rug. It doesn’t have to be super shaggy or this huge rug. Adding a rug will make your room coziness no matter.

This room has a lot of natural light and they also have a lot plants. It very cool and lived in without being clutterly or bare. It really strikes that perfect balance

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Texture rug. Now texture in this case isn’t shaggy this rug looks to be a woven jute rug. And it still adding to the coziness of the room.

Curtains. They are also great at making rooms cozy. Espically when a room gets a much natural light as this one. They help diffuse the light.

Pillows and blankets. One of the fastest way to make your room cozier. I do wish there would have been more in this room but even just adding a couple can make your room cozier.

This living room looks cozy and well-loved. And it would work nicely in small spaces. Because the bones of this living room are the sectional which is pushed against the wall, the rug which anchors the space and little table which helps finish things off.

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Blankets, blankets and more blankets. They make your room cozier with very low commitment. Here they used several blankets to get that cozy factor.

Pillows are another easy way to make things cozier. They use lots of pillows with different textures.

Fur skins are another way to make your room look cozy. They used one on the floor more like a rug but you could also use fur on a stool or even as a pillow.

As we start to enter this winter season make your living room cozier taking inspiration from the pictures above.