19 Cozy Small Bedrooms That Will Make You Want To Stay In Bed

Winter is cold miserable and a bit depressing expect for Christmas. The one upside of winter is being cozy.

And what place should be cozier than your bedroom. Its time to make your bedroom the coziest place on earth.

This bedroom is cozy I just want to dive into that bed and curl up with a good book. Or more realistically watch netflix.

I love how this small bedroom is cozy while still being light and airy. Making it a gorgeous spot to hibernate all winter long.

This is a small room. It also a cozy room. And not just because it’s small.

One of the best things about this room is how they placed the bed in front of the window. And the way they hung curtains make the light softer.

Some poeple think that a cozy room is a dark room. Those people are wrong.

Everything in this room is excluding one light gray blanket is white. And it looks great.

White also helps small bedrooms to appear larger by bouncing the light around. And helping things fade into the background.

I love how they hung art in this bedroom above the night table. I was trying to think of how to describe this bedroom and it’s a lighter version of minimalism.

Everything works well together and there no unnecessary elements in it.

This is barely a actual bedroom. And yet it’s full of life. From the plants to the colorful pillows. They all add some life to this bedroom.

It also a very cozy bedroom. When you have limited space embrace the challenge and use it to your advantge. This room is basically a bed with a shelf. And it looks great.

The black walls and white roof brings the drama to this bedroom.

While the plants and the touches of natural wood adds life to this room.Then they used the pillows and blankets to make things cozy.

Sometimes all you need to make your bedroom cozy is good bedding.

This bed is piled high with blankets and pillows making it look like the most delightful place to sleep.

And the rest of the room it also pretty awesome. I love how the shelf above the bed ties the room together while adding storage and display space.

This room is fulll of colors from the curtains to the wall to the bedding. Everything is adding more color or pattern to this bedroom.

And it looks amazing. In fact the colors helps make this room cozy. Espically those rich mustard curtains.

You don’t need much to make your room cozy. This small bedroom is pretty bare bones. All you can see here is the bed.

Everything works together to make this one cozy bed. The fairy lights gives off a nice glow. And the chunky knit blanket add some texture.

What makes this small bedroom is so cozy is the same as the one above it.

It about having different sources of light here it’s the string lights and star paper lattern. Then add some texture with the fur rug. And that basically a foolproof strategy to making a room feel cozy.

I love how this small bedroom is feminine and cozy. They really made the most out of this space.

That bed looks cozy with all the blankets and pillows. Plus they also have a desk.

This bedroom feels more like a library with the bookshelves and the art. And I’m not saying that as a bad thing I love how this room looks.

It also cozy with the way they did their lighting and all their pillows. You can stay here and read books in bed all day.

This is a dark room and that dramatic wall color definitely plays a part in making it cozy.

The rug and chunky blankets also ups the cozy factor making this room feel more like home

This small bedrom is cozy but it also full of smart decisions. Like the way they added storage with a wall of cabinets.

Some of those smart decisions also helps make the space cozier like those curtains. Of course having an upholstered bed with lots of pillows and blankets doesn’t hurt.

I loe the neon light but not even the best thing about this room. No the best thing about this room is how cozy it is.

Of course blankets and pillows will make your bedroom cozier but have you ever thought of using open clothes storage to make your room cozier.

A very simple bedroom that very cozy. Here everything that makes this room cozy.

  • The dark headboard
  • A throw blanket
  • Mutiple pillows
  • The bed skirt
  • And the sisal rug

Here a great example of what you can do to a small bedroom if you decorate it well. It is cozy and dramatic.

I love the wall scones and the piece of art hanging above the bed. It has everything you could want from a bedroom.

Honestly, blankets are the best. And this blanket is amazing. It colorful, it has a pattern and it has tassels. The blanket isn’t the only thing that makes this room cozy.

It’s also the rug, pillows and everything else. This room is well decorated and makes the most out of a small space.

It would be so nice to curl up in that bed and watch the snow fall as you’re cozy inside. It almost makes me wish it would snow so I could be that cozy now.

This small bedroom also makes the best use of space by adding shelves for storage. And fairy lights make everything a little more magical.

It’s not the size of your bedroom that makes it cozy it’s what you do with that counts.

Go crazy buy tons of pilows and blankets. And think of how you can make your room cozy.

Have fun decorating your small bedroom.

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