21 Christmas Porch Decor That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous (Really!)

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Decorating your porch for Christmas is important. It the first thing poeple see when they come over. Which is your chance to make a great first impression and welcome them into your home.

You also can give people an idea of your style or personalitiy. And it makes things feel festive.

Don’t know where to start? Here are 21 ideas for Christmas porch decor.

Bring the forest home with you. I love how this front porch is all about trees and greenery.

And it still has that wow element. Go wild and buy lots of trees they will look great on your front porch.

This front porch is giving me vintage christmas vibes. And of course the red door doesn’t hurt.

Even without the red door this porch would look great. The Christmas decorations were thought out and they all work well with each other.

Here some neutral chirstmas porch decor which is great if you’re not a big fan of color. It’s also a simpler look.

They have the wreath on the door and just two pots with greenery beside the door. And they tie it all together with a bow. Also that dog is adorable.

Look more cute dogs and these ones are even wearing matching Christmas sweaters. Maybe that the secret to Christmas decorating, cute dogs.

Once again a red door is making Christmas decorating easier. I love how they repeat the red in the ornaments on the garland above the door.

I’m starting to see a pattern when it comes to Christmas porch decor. Becuase there a couple of things that get repeat over and over again.

  • Put a wreath on your door.
  • Hang a garland above the door
  • Fill pots with greenery or trees on either side of the door.
  • And use ornaments to tie the look together

Decorating your front porch for Christmas is that simple.

The frosted greenery they used makes it feel more like winter even if there no snow in sight.

The christmas porch looks wonderful. And I love how they used a sign and a sled to make things a bit more unqiue.

You don’t need lots of decorations to make a big impact. This definitely has that wow factor but its not overdone.

Get a red and white striped rug, repeat the red on the door with the wreaths and put a couple of christmas trees on either side of the door. then you’re done it as simple as that.

Something I love about this porch is how they mixed frost greenery and fresh greenery. I never though to do that before.

This front porch has lots of things going on but it works because they kept their color scheme simple and tied everything together. So it reads as one cohesive look instead of cluttered.

If you’re stroggling with how to decorate and what decorations to use. Go back to nature. This porch looks amazing.

And it mostly due to the lush greenery on either side of the door. Also putting pinecones at the bottom of those jars is such a clever idea.

This is another example of simple is best. You don’t always need to decorate everything.

They hung up a couple of wreaths got a couple christmas trees which they put in a wood box and that it. You don’t need to decorate the trees and put things in the wreaths. It already looks good.

I love how the garland mimics the wreath with the ornaments. And those black latterns are just the perfect finishing touch.

Can you image walking up in the darkness and seeing candles flickers in the latterns. If your someone who worries about fires use candles with batteries.

I love garlands of greenery. They just look so good. I mean you could put greenery on almost anything and it would look fanastic.

It doesn’t hurt to through a few trees into the mix. The more the merrier.

If you love greenery as much as I do check out Simple Holiday Decor which is all about greenery.

This front porch is working it mostly due to the sign and vintage looking sled.

The gaint ornament instead of the wreath and the custom christmas welcome mat is what really takes this look from meh to wow.

How cute is this christmas porch. I love the cheeky santa in the wreath.

And it also neat see how they incorporate presents into their decor. We probably all have a couple of empty amazon boxes sitting around.

I love ornaments. And I got very excited when I saw this picture because it looks amazing.

The rest of the porch is nice too. They did a good job of tying it all together. And you can never go wrong with mutiple christmas trees.

I flipped between two moods when christmas decorating go natural and keep things fresh and green. Or just get all the christmas decor because who cares if youre decorations are tacky at christmas.

This front porch is givng all the natural traditional vibes. Just look that the garland around that door it so wide and full looking. Can someone please tell me where I can get one.

Christmas tree are always a good choice when it comes to decoarting your front porch. But decorated christmas trees are just next level.

It makes your whole front door that more welcoming. Put some christmas trees outside and don’t be afraid to decorate them.

I love how symetraical this doorway is even the mats are perfectly placed in front of each door.

This proch shows once agin that simple is sometimes best. Because this porch looks amazing without being crazy decorated.

I do love brick houses and they made this one even more adorable with their christmas decor.

I do love how the garland actually inside the doorway. Also those bells on the door. Why don’t we incoprorate more bells into our christmas decor they look good.

Sometimes green is a neutral this is one of those cases. It a very classic grown up look in a good way. This is the dream house that I’l never be able to afford.

Luckily copying cost nothing. So I’m going to copy thier christmas decor.

I’ll end with the perfect cottage front porch.You can smell the ceder from the fresh garlands hanging in the beams. The snow is softly falling and there this adorable dog there as well.

This front porch is dream. And one I would like to stay in a little bit longer.

Have fun decorating your front porch. Make christmas decor fun.

It does seem like christmas is designed to be a stressful time. But take some time and let the stress go. Have fun decorating for christmas.

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