25 Ideas for Christmas Decorations (That Don’t Suck)

Christmas can be a stressful time. And it’s often a busy time.

Decorating for Christmas might just seem like another thing on your to do list. One more thing that needs to be done.

If you’re short on time or money or both as most of us are at Christmas keep things simple. Don’t go overboard with the decorating.

Pick a couple of decorations off this list and forget about the rest.

1. Evergreen Candle

I like these candle but I kinda wish I would have come up with this idea all by myself.

It’s grownup and classy without being over done.

Plus this is one of those Christmas decorations you could keep up all winter long. Get your own evergreen candles today.

2. Snowball Candle Holder

It’s another candle and another decoration you can keep up all winter long.

Let’s be honest, taking down decorations isn’t fun. So get decorations you can leave up all winter long.

That right I’m talking about this snowball candle holder .

3. Glitter Dipped Christmas Candles

Sometimes you want christmas decorations not just winter decorations but actual christmas decorations.

Of course if it only going to be displayed for a 6 weeks you don’t want to spend to much on them. You can make these glitter candles with things from the dollar store.

So DIY these glitter dipped candles and make basic candles festive.

4. Embroidered DIY Throw Blanket

One of the best things you can do in the winter is curl up with a blanket and a hot drink.

Now I love throw blankets and think every house should have a few. But they can be pricey.

Espically if you want a nice festive throw it can cost a pretty penny.

A good solution is this DIY embroidery throw blanket. It takes a boring basic throw blanket and transforms it into something special .

5. DIY Giant Tassel Throw Blanket

Aren’t blankets just the best. They help up the cozy factor of any room their in. And they totally count as decorating your house for this holiday season.

This is another DIY blanket. They made the blanket gaint tassels. I was going build up to that but I was just to excited.

I love seeing gaint version of ordinarys things and to DIY gaint blanket tassesl well that just perfection.

6. Oversize Knit Blanket

This is my favorite blanket yet, I love oversized knit. Also knit blankets usually have a nice weight to them.

And I’m one of those people who likes to feel the blanket weighting you down. After all you don’t curl up with a sheet.

Plus this wonderful blanket is also an easy DIY. So what are you waiting for make an oversized knit blanket today.

7. No Sew Christmas Pillow

I’ll be honest I usually don’t like deer home decor. But I make expactions for christmas and reindeer.

So take those reindeers and put them on your pillows. Or put a silloute of them on your pillows not the actual deer.

Oh deer I’m straying from the point I was trying to make is . Whch is you can make this adorable deer pillow at home no sewing required.

8. Paint a Christmas Pillow

If your don’t like deer and that doesn’t change during the holiday season. Keep things festive with this holiday pillow that gets straight to the point and simple says merry christmas.

You could buy a pillow like this or you can paint a pillow like this.

If your painting this pillow you could also turn it into a fun christmas craft party. Gather the supplies and invite a few of your friends over its that easy.

9. Vintage Truck Christmas Pillow

Trucks or cars with christmas tree strapped to them is a common image to see at christmas time. But other then parades I never seen people driving with christmas trees strapped to their vehicle.

It kinda makes me wonder how do people transport christmas trees. Or does everyone have artifical trees that come in 12 different boxes.

Remeber the days when people would have real christmas trees. And decorate with this pillow that has a vintage truck carrying christmas trees.

10. DIY Paper Tree Garland

I love garlands it and easy way to add a festive touch to any room.

In fact at my house we have tiny finishing nails in our window frames to make hanging up garlands easier. The nails are white and small enough you don’t see them when there nothing hanging up.

Here a christmas garland with paper trees. Best part is you can make this yourself.

11. Burlap Christmas Garland

Greenery is always a safe bet at christmas time but sometimes you need to switch things ups.

This burlap christmas garland looks amazing. And it would look great in your place espically if you are going for more of a rustic touch.

Don’t worry there still green in it so you’re not losing all your color.

12. DIY Christmas Garland

I just suggest a couple of non traditional garlands because I like switch things including traditional decorations.

And I know not everyone is going to agree with me on that. Some really value the tradions in the holiday season.

Anyways if you like the more traditional christmas garland here how you can make one.

13. Lighted Mason Jars

We’re getting to one of my favorite things about christmas, the lights.

So normal christmas lights are great but they don’t always work the best indoors outside of being on the tree.

Which is partly why I love this mason jar with lights. Another reason I love it is becuase it such an easy decoration. Simply find your favorite christmas lights and put them in a jar.

14. DIY Christmas Light Up Marquee

A very cool way to incorporate christmas lights in your decor is with this sign.

It would look amazing on a winter evening, twinkling in the darkness. Of course you’re going to want to hang it somewhere everyone could see it.

Because this sign is awesome. And you can even make it yourself which just adds to the cool factor.

15. Lighted Burlap Garland

Another way to incorpate lights into your decor is to wind them around your garlands.

The operate under the same premise as a christmas tree, take some lights and just wind them around it.

Christmas trees look good with their lights so of course light up garlands also look good.

16.Glass Snowglobe Ornament

Ornaments can be a lot of fun. And how cute are these snow globe ornaments. Adorable right?

Their also something you can DIY which means you can personalize it to your heart content.

If you had kids you could even get them involved. And they would make for great christmas gifts.

17. DIY Personalized Ornaments

If you’re interested in DIYing your ornaments this christmas season this are perfect.

You can personalize them and make your perfect ornament.

They’re also very glam ornaments. Making this perfect for a grown up christmas trees. Or any christmas tree really it doesn’t matter if your ornaments match or not.

18. Paper Straw Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you’re looking for a fun christmas craft these paper straw christmas ornaments would be the perfect fit.

Through it kinda weird to hang christmas trees on a christmas tree they are very cute.

I also image you could even get rid of the string and use these as tag or even use it for a christmas card.

19. DIY Ornament Wreath

I love ornaments so when I see a wreath like this it just makes me happy. Lots and lots of sparkly ornaments.

This wreath would make a great addition to your christmas decor.

And did i mention it something you can DIY. Letting your make this ornament wreath and personalizing it to your color scheme.

20. Giant Christmas Ornaments

Something else that makes me happy is these giant christmas ornaments. They would make for great outdoor christmas decorations.

I say outdoor christmas decorations because their size might overwhelm a room.

What are you waiting for make these giant christmas ornaments today.

21. Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

Ornaments are my jam. Christmas trees are cool but can be boring at times.

So switch things up and make your christmas tree fun and exciting again by making it out of ornaments.

Make this christmas tree out of ornaments and make your chirstmas fun again.

22. DIY Christmas Stocking

A big part of christmas is the presents. And stockings are one of the ways you can get presents.

This DIY christmas stocking has all the kay qualities you need from a stocking.

It big enough you can fit a lot of stuff in there and it cute so it would look good hanging from your mantel on christmas eve.

23. Monogrammed Christmas Stockings

If you have a big family it might be helpful to monogrammed your christmas stockings.

This would also let you keep things simple and only do one color for your stockings.

You don’t want your children fighting over what stocking beongs to them. Make it clear which ones theirs.

24. DIY Pom Pom Stockings

Another thing you can do with your christmas stockings is make sure they go with the rest of your decor.

You can make stockings in colors you want. And you DIY pom pom stockings or anything else you can think of. .

You know what on second though stop trying to match everything. Make your christmas stockings fun and colorful.

25. Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

Sometimes you need outdoor christmas decor that goes beyond blown up snowmen. Which is where these giant lollipops come in.

After all these gaint lollipops look amazing. And you can DIY them with paper plates.

Making this a win win decorating situation.

I know for some christmas is a stressful time. And decorating for christmas is just another that adds to the stress.

But christmas should be fun. And christmas decorating should be fun.

So keep things ismple if that easier for you. Or ditch the color schemes and go with what you like no matter the color.

Just remember to have fun decorating for christmas.

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