12 Spring Home Decor Ideas With Dollar Store Supplies

Are you ready for winter to be over? I sure am.

It might not feel like spring outside but I can make it feel like spring inside.

There are a lot of ideas for spring home decor. I have 12 spring home decor ideas using dollar store supplies right here.

How cute is this easter egg wreath?

It’s fun and colorful. And would look great on your front door.

Plus it a cheap DIY with dollar store supplies.

This plant stand is perfect for bringing the outdoors in.

Of it still winter. Making your house feel like spring even if it cold outside.

So make things more cheerful with some spring home decor.

If you’re looking for a more minimalist spirng look this wreath is perfect.

It has some great texture and is a wonderful color.

This DIY wreath is made using split peas. Which also makes this an affordable DIY.

Flowers should play a role in your spring time decorating.

The question is where do you put them?

These frosted vases look amazing. And they don’t take the attention away from the flowers.

If you’re looking for a more untraditional wreath this is perfect.

Can you belive it made from a hula hoop and dollar store flowers.

Not only does this look amazing. It would also be a great DIY project.

Plants are great for injecting life into a space.

And these colorful little planters will make everything look happy.

Plus these planters are an easy DIY made with plastic easter eggs from the dollar store.

A cool way to do a wreath is to make it from succulents.

It’s the perfect texture and color.

Plus you could keep it up well into the summer.

Another super cute DIY vase from the dollar store.

All you need is a little paint.

And you too can have this colorful look in you’re own home.

I love moss. And I love this moss wreath.

It’s a nice green that gives hope that everything will soon become green.

And yes this is also another dollar store DIY.

If you want spring decor that not plant these pom pom trees are perfect.

They add a nice pop of color and their fun.

It would also be perfect for easter.

Turn your plants into artwork by framing them.

It would be a great way to make an unique peice of artwork.

And it a nice way to add a pop of color.

I’ll end with one more wreath this gorgeous leafy wreath.

It a very minimalist look that would be perfect for spring.

It might not feel like spring but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate for it.

Plus since these are made using dollar supplies it also a cheap way to DIY spring home decor.

Save money and get awesome decorations.

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13 Dollar Store DIY Easter Decorations

I love using DIY dollar store decorations for seasonal decor.

It a great way to save money on decor that only going to be up for a few weeks.

And you can DIY your own unique easter decorations.

Aren’t these mason jars adorable?

It’s also a simple and cheap DIY.

So have fun and make these adorable easter mason jars.

Aren’t bunny buts cute? Now that sounds funny but they really are adorable.

How cute is that pillow and they even made a little bunny but garland.

DIY you’re own bunny but pillow.

A super simple way to decorate for the seasons is to hang up a wreath.

This easter egg wreath is colorful and looks amazing.

Pick up some supplies from the dollar store and start DIYing.

Easter eggs from the dollar store usually looks cheap.

You can DIY some rustic easter eggs using supplies from the dollar store.

DIY this easter decor that looks wonderful and is affordable.

This bunny garland is one of the cutest garlands out there.

It also make for some great neutral easter decor.

Have fun and DIY this bunny garland today.

Now this could function as several different things.

You could use it as table decor or you could use it as party favors.

This would also be the perfect craft to do with your kids

I love wreaths and this wreath looks like spring.

Could you want anything more from a wreath.

And did I mention that this is also afordable easter decor.

Here something unique you can do with popsicle sticks.

DIY this outline of a rabbit.

It some of the better DIY easter decor that I’ve seen.

You can find cheap plastic rabbits everywhere at easter time.

Take that cheap plastic rabbit from the dollar store and make it fit in with you home decor.

All you need to do is cover the rabbit in the paper of your choice.

One of the first signs of spring is flowers.

Real flowers can be expensive and they die quickly.

You can make these great DIY flowers with dollar store supplies.

You can DIY some easter art.

It’s a simple DIY you can make using dollar store supplies.

All you need is some easter eggs, a picture frame and some glue to put it all together.

For longer lasting easter eggs decor use plastic eggs.

Cover plastic easter eggs in paper and make these cute decorations.

It’s a simple and affordable easter DIY.

These easter plant pots are adorable.

They would be make the perfect easter decorations.

Get your DIYing supplies from the dollar store

Start getting ready for easter by picking up some supplies from the dollar store.

It’s a super cheap way to decorate for easter. Plus you can DIY your decorations.

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11 DIY Dollar Store Wall Decor

Blanks walls can be overwhelming. There are so many options of what you can do with them.

Plus wall decor can be expensive.

Which is why today I’m showing you 11 ways to DIY your wall decor using dollar store supplies.

And since you can do it cheaply it also easy to switch thing when you want a change.

Have you ever though of using flowers for your wall decor?

It looks amazing. And I love how they are used it as a headboard.

Plus it an easy to DIY using dollar store flowers.

Sometimes when you look at abstract art you think I could do that.

Well here is your chance.

DIY this abstract art using dollar store supplies.

Turn plants into art. It is a great way to add some life to your home.

And if you kill plants like I do. You can also use fake plants.

Plus it makes for some great wall art.

You know those sunbursts mirrors that were everywhere for a while.

This is similar to that but it’s not a mirror.

It something you can DIY using dollar store supplies.

What makes this DIY great is how quick and easy it is to make.

It also practical and would be great to have around.

Go to the dollar store and buy some frames it time to get this DIY started.

You might already have wall decor that just needs a bit of updating.

Look at how they updated this mirror.

They use the glass pebbles from the dollar store to transform this mirror.

Can you guess what this was originally? I’ll give you a hint it’s from the dollar store.

This wall decor was originally a rubber door mat.

They use paint to completely transform it into a piece of wall decor.

This love sign is just adoreable.

It’s super easy to make, all you need is some cardboard and yarn.

You could even change the word if you would like to.

Aren’t these the most amazing cork boards ever.

I love how they hung them up in a group. It looks a lot better than one large corkboard.

And it would easy to DIY using dollar store supplies

I never though of using a sun hat for a wreath before but it look great.

The best part is it can be made with dollar store supplies

In fact this is a very easy and affordable DIY.

The last DIY wall art, is this cute string art.

It’s super cute and looks amazing.

Plus you can DIY this in any shape or picture you would like.

It’s time to go to the dollar store and start DIYing.

You’ll save money while making your home look amazing.

Have fun DIYing your wall decor.

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9 Amazing DIY Dollar Store Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse decor is perfect for DIYing.

And today we are going to be focusing on DIY dollar store farmhouse decor. Making it very affordable.

Have fun making with these 9 DIY farmhouse decor ideas.

The first thing is this wonderful mirror wall piece.

It looks like an antique.

They managed to created this by painting dollar store frames and glueing them together. Pretty impressive right?

Isn’t this a cute idea? And you could use the blocks to spell out whatever you want.

It’s also a simple and cheap DIY.

They bough blocks from the dollar store and gave them a makeover.

Pillows can be ridiculously expensive. Why are they so pricey?

Pillows can be a fun way to some color or touches of pattern to a room.

These farmhouse pillows were made out of tea towels from the dollar store. Making these pillows affordable.

How cute are these succulents in mason jars? They’re just adorable.

And it wold be super easy to DIY.

Pick up some mason jars from the dollar store, paint them and plants some succulents in them.

You’ve probably seen farmhouse ladders everywhere by now.

But what about a little mini one to hold your tea towels in the kitchen.

That probably new. It would also be simple to DIY.

I’m a big fan of decorating your laundry room and it making it a nice space.

These signs would be the perfect way to do that.

Plus it a simple DIY. All you need are some canvases from the dollar store.

Looking for kitchen farmhouse decor. Look no further than these plates.

They would be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

And it’s a cheap DIY when you get the plates from the dollar store.

I love the idea of a command center. And this one is done really well.

It almost looks more like art than a command center.

And you can DIY it for yourself.

I’ll end with this cute farmhouse style scale.

It looks great. And yes this is something that is DIY with dollar store supplies.

Save money and have fun making farmhouse decor today.

It doesn’t have to be pricey.

And it fun to DIY it.

Have fun decorating with dollar store DIY farmhouse decor.

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11 Amazing Plant Dollar Store Ideas

I love having plants arounds. I kill most of the plants I own within a month.

And plants get pricey when you have to keep replacing them.

Luckily I found a solution. Save money by getting your plants from the dollar store.

How amazing is this gorgeous planter.

It’s the perfect galvanized planter. And it was DIY with dollar store supplies.

Yes that right, purchase one of those shiny planters from the dollar store and turn it into this beauty.

I like white. And a white potted plant makes for a nice classic look.

But white planters can get boring.

Pretty up your white plant pots with a bit of paint. Another easy dollar store DIY.

A different way to add life to your home is with wreaths.

It nice to be able to switch things up from potted plants.

Like this gorgeous flower wreath made with fake flowers from the dollar store.

If you’re looking for more of a centerpiece look no further.

How cool is this terrarium made out of picture frames.

It looks great and is an unique way to add plants to your home.

Sometimes simple is best.

These mason jars with succulents are a simple way to add some plants to your house.

Just think of how great these would look in a window sill.

Turn plants into wall art with this cute plant holder.

A house for your plants if you will.

These planters would be a great DIY and it makes a strong statement.

Plants on plants on plants.

Seriously how cute is this stacked planter.

It a great way to add a lot of plants to a small space.

This planter is very clever.

They bought some fake fruit from the dollar store. Cut a hole in it and turn it into a planter.

It doesn’t just look amazing. It would also be easy to replicate with any other sort of fruit.

Have you ever looked at a plant and though I want to frame that.

Well you can do that with this DIY.

And it also makes for some super cool wall art.

Turn fish bowls into plant pots.

And now you can watch your plant grow from every angle.

It’s a good use for old fishbowls and they are easy to buy new.

I don’t know why clay pots are everywhere.

They don’t look that great. Which is why I love this makeover of some clay pots.

They look it from drab and made it fabulous.

Are you ready to add life to your home? Plants are the perfect way to do that.

And if you get your supplies from the dollar store it also super affordable.

Have fun decorating your house with plants.

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10 Kitchen Updates With Dollar Store Supplies

Are you looking for cheap ways to decorate your kitchen?Or maybe you need some help with your kitchen organization?

Head to the dollar store.

Yes the dollar store. It’s a great place to buy supplies for DIY kitchen decor. Plus it super affordable.

How awesome is this farmhouse style mug rack.

It a simple and goregous way to add some more storage to your kitchem.

Put your mugs on display. They’re basically an art piece.

If you have a pantry you know how quickly it can become an disorganized disaster.

Which is why I love how neat and organized this pantry is.

There are lots of different storage options. And the best part is this is all done using dollar store supplies.

Spices are great when you’re cooking. But little spice packages can easily get lost.

Not anymore with this magnetic spice rack.

It looks cute and keeps everything at easy access. Plus it’s a simple kitchen DIY with dollar store supplies.

Mason jars have many uses. And they are easy to find at dollar stores.

All it takes is a bit of paint to transform boring mason jars into pretty utensil holders.

Plus you can make them whateer color you choose.

If you ever lived in a older building you might have notice how the drawers and the inside of cupboards always look dirty.

Contact paper is the perfect solution.

It’s looks great while covering up all the dirt. And it’s also a good way to add a nice pop of color to your kitchen.

Have you ever look at a pantry like this and laughed because it seems so unrealistic.

But don’t worry you can also have an organized pantry.

Using dollar store supplies make this affordable. Now to figure out how to keep it organized?

The 80’s were a fun and colorful time. And the house were too.

Living with a 80’s colored kitchen is no longer as fun.

Here is a cheap and easy way to update your cabinets cover them in contact paper.

Fridges can get crowded, food gets forgotton and then goes bad. Fridges can quickly become a mess.

Keep the mess at bay by organizing your fridge.

I love how they used these clear magazine holders. Letting you see everything in your fridge.

Oh the dreaded container drawer.

If it’s anything like mine it gets rummage though all the time and quickly become a mess.

Organized your container drawer with ironically enough containers from the dollar store.

Some food should be stored in open baskets. But do you have that storage?

These wire baskets from the dollar store look great hanging from the wall and it’s a cheap storage solution.

There you have it 10 ways to improve your kitchen using dollar store supplies.

Updating your kitchen is easier than you think. Plus you can do it on e a budget.

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11 Awesome Dollar Store DIY Fall Decor Ideas

Fall can be the forgotten season when it comes to decorating.

It’s always busy. And you might still be clingy to summer.

Take some time out of your busy schedule to decorate for fall.

Here are 11 great dollar store DIY fall decor.

These white pumpkins is a classy fall look.

And you wouldn’t have guess that they came from the dollar store.

But those pumpkims were once a neon orange. It only took a little paint to get them looking this good.

If you want your fall decor to have a halloween feel to it. Try a jack-o-lantern.

They might look cheap and ugly but you can make them look better.

DIY this jack-o-lantern upgrade. Get a cheap one at the dollar store and paint it gold for a touch of glamor.

Is there anything that sums up fall better than colorful leaves?

That answer to that is no of course not. Which is why you should DIY this leaf garland.

Plus you could use it anywhere in your home, making it the perfect fall decor.

One of the easiest ways to decorate for the season is to put a wreath on your front door.

Now this is more of an untraditional wreath and it looks amazing.

Did I mention that you can DIY this fall wreath with dollar store supplies? Making it very affordable.

Another super easy way to swap out seasonal decor is with pillows.

Pillows can be ridiculously expensive. This DIY is not.

It’s a cheap DIY becuase they use dollar store supplies. So DIY this fall pillow today.

If you like fall but don’t like color there are neutral options avaible.

This fall centerpiece looks gorgeous with its muted colors.

Best part is you can DIY it. Paint pumpkins to achieve this look.

Are you wanting to add a rustic fall feel to your home.

This mason jar DIY is perfect. And it looks amazing.

Plus you could put candles in it making your home cozy.

17 Cozy Small Living Rooms to Hibernate in All Winter Long

Would you like some sparkly acorns?

They are a great way to add a touch of sparkle to your fall decor.

And it also an easy DIY project.

This is a super simple rustic DIY.

And you could put anything in these mason jars.

Plus it also a cheap DIY since it uses dollar store supplies.

Look at these leaf trays with their shiny colors.

Now image them white and pristine. It would be a lot better.

When you’re looking at the dollar store for supplies to make fall DIY with don’t underestimate paints power.

It easy to find pine cone in the fall. And thier perfect for fall decor.

Look at how cute these painted pinecones look together.

Once again it’s a cheap and easy DIY that looks amazing.

DIY you fall decor with dollar store supplies. It’s easier than you think.

Plus youll be saving money. Making it a win win situation.

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10 DIY Boho Dollar Store Decorations

Decorating can be expensive. It doesn’t have to be.

If you like to decorate on a budget dollar stores a cheap place to get some supplies. But dollar stores decorations can be kinda basic.

Luckily you can make dollar store decorations look amazing.

Like these 10 boho dollar store decorations.

Look at these cool trays.

Take a simple leaf tray from the dollar store and make them special.

All you need to do is some paint. Then paint some unique patterns on the tray.

What more boho than floor pillows.

And don’t worry if you can’t sew. This is a super simple DIY.

Go to the dollar store and get some floor mats you can turn into this DIY floor pillow.

Sometimes boho can be a hard look to pull off. It can loo messy.

That not the case with this boho mirror.

The best part is this is a DIY boho dollar store mirror. Which means it also a cheap DIY.

Boho wall hangings look amazing.

But if you ever looked at buying one before you might know they are pretty pricey.

This wall hanging is actually made of a mop head. So buy a cheap mop from the dollar store and get started.

One of my favorite thing about boho decor is how colorful it can be.

What more colorful then this pom pom pillow.

It’s full of different colors and textures. Just pick up some supplies from the dollar store.

Natural textures, a touch of colors is there anything more boho.

This basket looks amazing but really it just a cheap laundry basket.

You buy it from you guess it the dollar store. Wrap some rope around it the laundry basket for a great DIY boho basket.

Did you know you can buy RIT dye from the dollar store.

And some dye is what takes this wall hanging form blah to wow.

Go to the dollar stores and pick up some supplies because it time to get started.

Looking for a unique accessories to add to your room. Make your own.

But actually finding something that unique and affordable is difficult.

Which is what makes this a perfect DIY. Buy a cheap vase and give it an unique paint job.

If you don’t like color this is the perfect neutral boho decoration.

Those feathers on the wall hanging look great but are easy to make.

Go to the dollar store and buy some rope to get started.

Here another cool basket. That full of poms poms.

Pom poms might not be the most boho thing ever but it does look amazing.

Plus if you make your own poms poms you can choose your colors.

Have fun DIYing these boho dollar store decorations.

Since these are all made out of dollar store supplies these boho decorations are also cheap letting you decorate on a budget.

DIY your boho dollar store decorations. It easier than you think.

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7 DIY Dollar Store Frames Makeover

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the links below may be affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Art is important.

You should be hanging art on all your walls.

Now frames can take a silly picture and make it seem all offical. They class up a silly picture.

They also make it easier to hang things on the walls. And you can swap out the pictures inside the frames when you want a change.

Frames can also be pricey. You can get them at a dollar store but then they’re often ugly.

Which is why today I’m showing you how to makeover dollar stores frames. And take them from drab to fab.

Before we get started here are some supplies you should have.

Turn your boring white frames into happy colorful frames.

I love adding color to a room and this is fun way to do it.

Find full instructions here.

Here more of a traditional well worn look for your frame.

Old things look cool. It also a simple and satisfying DIY project.

Find full instructions here.

If you want you’re frames to be a little extra, look no furth

These pedestal frames are perfet for display on your table. Or incorporating it into your centerpeices.

Find full instructions here.

I love color and I also love old things. This frame is the best of both those worlds.

It very colorful but still has a rustic shabby chic feel to it.

Find full instructions here.

Looking for glam. There nothing more glamorous than a gold leaf frame.

It will make your art sparkle.

Find full instructions here.

This frame has that distressed looked going for it.

By some weird frames from the dollar store and make them look amazing.

Full instructions here.

I’ll end with this marbled frame idea.

Perfect for those who looking for something a bit more interest but still wanting to stick to neutral tones.

Find full instructions here.

Those were some easy ways to update boring dolar store frames.

Have fun DIYing them. And don’t worry about messing up it was a cheap frame.

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20 DIY Christmas Decorations That Look Amazing

Christmas is awesome. It’s a chance to decorate everything. You can get dressed up fancy or wear christmas pajamas. Basically you party for a couple of weeks.

Christmas can also be a very stressful time. Whether it the distant family who has expectations of what your life should look like. Or all the events that are going on at christmas. It’s often a stressful time.

Don’t let DIYing your christmas decorations become another stressful thing.

Keep things low key. Choose only one christmas decoration to DIY. And do it with the people you love.

Are you ready? It’s time to start DIYing.

1. Popsicle Sticks Snowflakes

I’m dreaming of a white christmas. Because snow is welcomed at christmas.

Which makes these popsicle stick snowflakes the perfect decoration.

Plus if you’re like me and are slow at taking down decorations it doesn’t matter because these will look good alll winter long.

2. DIY Floral Tree

Christmas trees should be fun and interesting. I’m mean you’re decorating a tree. How can you make this boring?

Some people manage they make a boring tree that gets repeat year after year.

It time to switch things up and make christmas trees fun again with this floral christmas tree.

3. Chirstmas Decor With Dried Orange Slices

I love the smells of christmas pine, citrus and of course cinnamon. Which is what makes this DIY Christmas tree so awesome.

It a beautiful minimalist christmas decoration that also smells amazing.

So make this christmas decoration with dried oranges. Make it for it looks. And make it cover up your aunt perfume. Does she really need to wear that much?

4. Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

If you’re looking for a cute, easy christmas craft to do with your children look no further.

These mini snowman ornaments are so cute you’ll hang because you like them not just because your kid made them.

Buy some tea lights because it time to make snowman ornaments.

5. 3-D Paper Snowflakes

Remember how when you were a kid you would make snowflakes. Folding up the paper then cutting randoms bit out hoping it would look decent.

These paper snowflakes are kinda the grown up version of that. Expect they always look good.

It time to accomplish what every child dreams of making, the perfect snowflake. A perfect 3-D paper snowflake.

6. Wood Christmas Card Holder

You get a lot cards at christmas. Cards from family. Cards from friends. And cards from random business that somehow have your address.

Of course you need to do something with your christmas cards. You can’t throw them out right away.

Esipically if the card giver would be coming to your place during the holiday season.

This colorful christmas card holder is the perfect solution. Letting you display cards while being small enough to not put up every christmas card you get.

7. Modern Christmas Wreath + Garland

You see the same christmas tree, wreaths and a garland every year. And they’re a good starting point for decorating. But that doesn’t mean you can switch things up now and then.

These christmas wreaths and garland have modern feel to them. Thier also super cute.

It time to take your christmas decor to the next level and DIY these christmas wreaths and garland.

8. DIY Pine Scented Soy Candles

You want your house to smell like christmas and one of the smells of christmas is pine.

Of course you can buy a pine scented candle because hey everyone has tons of money during the holiday season.

Or you can DIY your own pine scented candle. It’s your choice.

9. DIY Wood Christmas Lights Garland

Decorating outdoor for christmas is hard. There not much you can do outside of hang christmas lights.

And I’m not trying to diss christmas lights here they’re great but sometimes you just want something with a little more oopmth.

Which is why I love these giant DIY christmas lights. They are festive, they look amazing and they add that wow factor to your home.

10. DIY Felt Garland

Sometimes you just need to add some color. In a easy way without plants.

Becuase lets be honest my plants are always dying. They’re not going to look good for long.

Which is why you should make this felt garland. It will add color and it won’t die like a plant would.

11. DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Forest

I don’t know why christmas trees are a thing. Or why we like tree so much in general.

I do know that thes tiny christmas trees are adorable. You could make whole forest of them.

So make a christmas tree forest even if your not sure why you like them.

12. Colorful Christmas Mantels Ideas

This mantel is the perfect mix of festive and colorful without being childish.

Mix things up this year and make your christmas the most colorful one yet. With decorations that is.

You can have this colorful christmas mantel in your house. All you have to do is make it.

13. DIY Cardboard Rudolph

I don’t like deer heads on walls in general but I’ll make an expaction for Rudolph.

It helps that it is made out of cardboard instead of being a real dead animal hanging on the wall.

Making this cardboard Rudolphl an adorable decoration instead of something that cause nightmares.

14. Ornament Wreath

Ornaments are fun. Their colorful, sparkly and breakable.

The breakable part doesn’t make it more fun just want to mention it in case your like me and try to bounce an ornament. I did that before it promptly shattered.

Anyways this ornament wreath is cute make one today. Try not to break the ornaments when you do so.

15. Framed Christmas Wreath

This wreath is a nice twist on the usual christmas wreath. It simply frames the best part of christmas decor, the ornaments.

I was going to say the best part of christmas but then I remembered food, presents and parties. But ornaments are the best part of christmas decorating.

Plus you can make this framed christmas wreath yourself.

16. DIY Wood Centerpiece Box

I like the all the glitz and glamor of christmas but sometimes you need the basics before you start adding the glitter.

And that what this wood box is all about. It a basic box which gives you a blank slate when it comes to decorating.

DIY this wood centerpeice box. And then add as much glitter as you like.

17. DIY Twinkle Light Canvas

Have I mention yet how much I love christmas lights. They are so nice and bright and just add to the cosiness of a room.

Also this would be a perfect christmas craft to do as a family. You’ll be making memories and making something that looks amazing.

OK I’m getting a bit sappy here but this DIY twinkle light canvas is super cute.

18. Christmas Bulb Advent Calendar

Advent calenders are great. A present every day. Yes, please. Christmas lights are also great.

And when you smash those two things together you get something amazing. A christmas light advent calendar.

Then the only question to be asked is who wants to make one for me. The presents need to be a surprise after all.

19. DIY Painted Ornaments

I mention how I loved ornaments before right. Well sometimes you can’t find ornaments that you love.

You don’t want boring basic ass ornaments you want something that fun colorful and sparkly.

That why you paint your own ornaments.

20. DIY Giant Ornaments

I haven’t included that many outdoor decorations because I like my outdoor decorations to have that wow element to it.

These giant ornaments defiently make the cut. They’re ornaments for one. They’re also giant which adds to the wow factor. And they’re colorful.

So yes make these giant ornaments today and up the wow factor of your home.

All these christmas decorations are fun. Which is important because christmas should be fun.

Have fun this year and DIY your christmas decorations.

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