13 Ways to Have Great Bedroom Lighting (And the System Everyone Using)

People sometimes seems to forget about lighting when decorating.

Which is crazy because lighting plays a huge role in how your rooms feel.

Of course there also the pratical element to lighting. You want to have light when you need it. You don’t want to live in the dark.

So let’s talk about lighting today. More specifically bedroom lighting.

The lights probably aren’t the first thing you notice about this bedroom. They are pretty simple. And they blend into the background.

But this bedroom is a great example of what lighting you should have.

They have natural light. They have a chandlier and they have table lamps.

Now reading lights are always important. They’re great for reading in bed. Or when you wake up in the middle of the night.

That table lamp between the two chairs is brilliant. You could sit there and read without disturbing your partner.

Here an interesting thing. The lighting is this room follows the same concept as it does in the room above.

But this room has a completely different style and it feels very different. Even though all the types of lights are the same.

Natural light is important. Get as much as you possibly can.

Consider this a PSA find lights that fit your room style. It will help make your bedroom look great.

You want lights that not only do their job but that also look good in the rest of the room. This bedroom is a great example.

It’s light and airy with a zen vibe to it. This bedroom is very calm.

And the lighting reflects their style.

Natural light always helps make your room feel light and airy. And the glass table lamps of perfect. The one in front of the window disappears.

Now the lighting in this room seems a lot more confusing than what happens in the other rooms.

But guess what it still the same basic system they just added an extra light.

Once again they have the large statement light, reading lights by the bed and they have a window which gives natural light.

The extra things they did is the track lighting in front of what appears to be closet doors.

This could help add to the atmosphere of your room and would be great for locating items in your closet. But that doesn’t mean you should have it.

Another bedroom doing a different version of the same system.

They have reading lights which are hung here. And hanging your reading lights is a great way to save some space on your nightable.

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They don’t seem to have a statement light in this room but they do have overhead lights it looks like just pot lights.

And they have a mirror. Mirrors are great for bouncing around light and creating the illusion of light filled bedroom.

Don’t understimate what a mirror can do for you.

I choose this room to include because they have normal overhead lights and a statement light.

Let’s be honest, pot lights at best you don’t notice them. At worse they ruin the look of your bedroom.

Which is why you should add a statement light if you can even if you have overhead lights. It helps gives your bedroom a focal point.

And I’m also a huge fan of having different lighting options for different needs.

The irony of this bedroom is while we’re going to talk about the lights the picture itself isn’t well lit. So bear with me as we look at this bedroom.

Once again it the same basic system but they added an extra light.

Now there a hanging light above the desk which is great task lighting. Now task lighting is important for pratical reasons you want to be able to see the thing you’re working on it.

It also good at changing the feeling of your bedroom. Having the light on above your desk puts the bedroom into work mode.

And being able to change the lighting in your room is also great for you.

Let’s say your working at your desk all day, the light above it is on. When you’re done work you turn off that light signalling work is done.

When you’re reading to go to bed you turn on your reading lights. Which tells your brain it time to wind down.

Just by using different lights you can change the feeling of your room from work space to a restful space.

Once agin it has the same basic system. Table lamps and a statement light.

I want to talk about the statement light in bedroom. Because sometimes people think statement lights don’t work in small bedrooms.

Statement light can look great in small bedrooms. You just need to pick the right light.

Choose a statement light that doesn’t feel heavy. You want a more open light. Or choose a glass light.

That can help you find a statement light for your small bedroom that doesn’t feel heavy.

This is one of the few bedrooms that don’t quite follow the same system as the other bedrooms.

They still have reading lights but I don’t see any overhead lights. Instead all of the focus in on those wonderful string lights.

Now these string lights are doing a lot.

They are making the bedroom cozier by giving it a nice soft glow. They look good even if they were turn off. And thier giving your more lighting oppurnities.

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This one of my favorite bedrooms of all time. I love the drama of this bedroom.

And yet this room does follow the same basic lighting sytem. It has a reading light and a statement light.

The reading light is black and hung on a black wall making it blend it when it not in use.

In contrast to that light the statement light is white aginst a black wall.

I would also like to mention how light and airy this light is. It a big light but it doesn’t take up that visual weight.

Consider the colors of your lights. It can be a fun way to add a little extra to your bedroom.

The interesting thing about this room is that it doesn’t just use light for setting the mood and pratical things. It also use lights for decorations.

Now string lights are a great way to add a touch of whimsy to your bedroom. And hanging up string lights like this is also a great way to decorate.

Of course they still have some more practical lights like thier reading lights. Which looks great and are super practical.

This bedroom has lot of lighting options but it doesn’t seem overdone at all. Statement light, reading lights and natural light.

They also have some extra lights like their track lighting which great for some more practical task lighting.

They also has a standing lamp that helps separates a reading area.

Maybe you don’t care about lights. Like you honestly don’t care about them. And you definitely don’t want to have to think about them when decorating.

If you don’t want people to notice your lights. Or maybe you’re adding lights to a fully decorate room and don’t want them taking away from that.

In this bedroom they use white lights against white walls. You can barely see them.

To recap most bedrooms use the same lighting system.

A statement light, reading lights and hopefully some natural light.

Of course more lighting is always a great idea. So if you have other lighting incorporate it inot your bedroom.

And you can still decorate with lights. Especially string lights can look great as decor and they can really change the mood of your bedroom.

Don’t forget the impact of lighting when you’re decorating your bedroom.

It plays such an important role.

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