Never Overspend Again 13 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment on a Budget

Moving out into your own apartment is a big moment. You finally have your own place you can decorate however you want. And it is up to you to make the decisions.

Decorate your aprartment on a budget. Lets be honest most us don't have tons of extra money to spend on decorating. So keep things cheap and stay on budget.

Now sometimes moving to your own place can be a bit overwhelming. There so many things you need and everything so pricey. You wanted to spend your money on decorating your apartment not on buying utensils.

Don’t worry you can decorate your apartment on a budget. It doesn’t have to cost too much.

Shop secondhand

An easy way to save money is to shop second hand. It a lot cheaper plus it also good for the environment to shop second hand. Win-win.

There is a great article about how to do this right over here.

Another thing you can do to get second-hand furniture is look at what people are giving away. Sites like Kijiji and Next Door often have people giving things away for free as long as you’ll pick it up.

Depending on your city and where your living you might also be able to find people giving away things by putting them by the curb. Some cities do this for a weekend. Other cities always allow this, you could look into what your city allows.

Furniture refinishing

Sometimes when buying use furniture it doesn’t quite look the way you want it too. It might be a good shape but the wrong colour. Or maybe it has too many dings and scratches which you want to cover up.

The good news is you can often refinish your furniture. And the first step to doing that is to figure out what it made out of.

If it solid wood furniture here a good guide on how to refinish it.

If it made out particleboard here how you can refinish it.

And if you are not sure what you’re doing here how to paint furniture for beginners. No matter what its made out.

Reupholster things

Have you ever spotted the most beautiful chair only it was the most hideous shade of purple? That purple might have been a blessing in disguise scaring off people who couldn’t see the potential underneath it.

Of course, taking it to professional to get it to reupholster can be pricey. But don’t worry apartment therapy has a great list of ways you can reupholster your own furniture for cheap.

Which helps you actually stick your budget when trying to decorate your apartment on a budget

Paint the walls

Paint really does have the power to transform a space. And it relativity inexpensive as long as you do the painting yourself.

So check with your landlord before you begin if you are allowed or not.

If you are allowed, it is time to pick out your paint colors. If your landlord doesn’t want you painting your walls skip ahead to next item which is removable wallpaper.

Once you have your colors picked out it time to do the actual painting Here are some tips on how to paint a room for the very first time.

Removable wallpaper

Sometimes landlords don’t allow you to paint the walls. Thankfully removable wallpaper exists.

Since its removable you can put it up and then change your mind as much as you want.

And of course when its time to move on to another place you can take it down letting your keep your damage deposit.

Amazon has some good options for removable wallpaper.

Free wall art

If you want you’re placed to look finished you’ll need to hang something on the walls. And hanging up some art can also be a great way to inject some of your personality into space.

However, artwork is probably not too high on your list of priorities right now. That understandable luckily free printable art exist online.

This blog seems to have a lot of free printable art.

Use mirrors

Something to consider when you’re decorating a small space is how to make the most of the light epically the natural light you have.

And there different things you can do keeps things open. Use light colors. But probably the best thing at bouncing light around is a mirror.

It may seem cliche but mirrors can help brighten up your space. And if you’re looking for mirrors on a budget where better to shop then IKEA.

Washi tape decorating

A cheap and good way to decorate for indecisive people like me is with washi tape. It not that expensive. And you can quickly put it up or take it down if you no longer like it.

Here a great tutorial on how to use washi tape for wall decals. And here is a giant list of ways you can use washi tape to decorate.

Cheap curtains

Curtains are great. They block light. They absorb noise. And they’re ridiculously expensive for just a rectangle piece of fabric.

Luckily it easy enough to make your own curtains. And you don’t need to sew. Here how to make DIY cheap curtains.

Cheap rugs

When you’re trying to decorate your apartment on a budget you not might consider rugs that important. I would like you to reconsider that.

Rugs can help separate your space into more separate rooms. It can add warmth to your apartment. Also, it will absorb noise.

Rugs can be pricey there no getting around that. But I would argue that it a good investment to make. But don’t worry if you don’t have tons of money it doesn’t have to cost that much

Ikea has some affordable rug options.

Amazon also has some affordable rug options.


It’s important to have some life in your apartment. And that can happen with colors or pets but an easier way to add life is with plants.

And don’t ignore this if you’re bad at keeping plants alive. Nowadays fake plants are almost identical to real plants.

And they can still add some life to your place. Even if it fake.

If your not sure where to look for fake plants or real plants IKEA has a good selection. Otherwise even amazon has some cute plants like these succulents.

Removable tiles

Remember earlier when I introduced to you this wonderful thing called removable wallpaper. Well, it turns out there more than wallpaper in that family. It time to introduce you to removable tiles.

Perfect for if your tiles are dirty or dated. And it a super quick and easy way to refresh your space. Simple peel and stick your new tiles on.

Upgrade your kitchen counters

In a similar line of though if you want to upgrade your kitchen counters a quick and easy way to do that is to use contact paper.

Change up the look of your counters with none of the hassle or the cost of actually taking your counters out and putting them back in. Here how to do it.

It not always easy to decorate your apartment on a budget Hopefully this posts gives you some ideas. Just remember have fun with it.

You don’t have to finish everything today. Decorating is like a constant work in progress things are always changing as your style evolve. So relax and enjoy the process.

10 Modern Small Kitchen Ideas That Look Gorgeous

It can be hard to fit a kitchen into a small space. Especially when you want a normal kitchen you can cook in, not just a fridge for leftover take out.

It is possible to make small kitchens fuctional. At times it does take some creativity and you want to maximise every inch you have but it’s possible.

In fact, all these modern small kitchens that I’m about to show you didn’t have a lot of square footage. Yet each one found ways to incorporate storage and make the kitchen useable.

Modern And Light Gallery Kitchen

This is a cool kitchen. It’s modern without being all white. They have storage without felling cramped. And they even managed to incorporate some art into this kitchen.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Set up your breakfast bar at counter height. This gives you a great spot to eat and it could also double as extra counter space.

Add storage up high. They extended their cupboards to the ceiling. And even add some more high above the breakfast bar. They have lots of storage but it doesn’t get in the way

Hang art. This might not be something you thought of doing in your kitchen but if you have a bank wall hang up some art. It injects of bit of your personality and it helps finish the room.

White Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

This is a tiny kitchen yet they manage to incorporate all the comforts of home. While still making their kitchen feel bright and airy.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Keep the color palette simple. This kitchen has white walls, white cupboards, light countertop and light floors. This brighten the space. And it also prevents things from getting too busy.

Put your appliances besides each other. They put the stove and the fridge beside each other. This helps makes the most out of the space they have and eliminates any awkward pieces of counter.

Add a window if possible. This kitchen has a lot of storage both upper and lower cabinets. By adding the window they keep things light and bright.

Simple Open Kitchen

This kitchen has a casual vibe to it. Which I love. It’s such a simple and effortless look that you don’t often find in a kitchen.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Use shelves instead of cupboards. They both add storage but shelves do it while keeping things open.

White cabinets and white walls. Making them the same color helps the cabinets to fade into the background.

Shelve your microwave. Putting your microwave up on a shelf frees up counter space while still keeping the microwave nearby.

Small House Modern Kitchen

Another white kitchen but this one has a more rustic vibe. And that rustic vibe is coming from the wonderful caulted wood ceiling.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Put wood on your ceiling. Especially if you have a high ceiling, it helps warm things up while drawing your eye upwards.

Put storage on the other side of the island or peninsula. This can help eliminate those dreadful corner cupboards. And stops you from wasting space.

Move your stove around. Most people don’t put their stove on the peninsula but why not? It frees up counter space and if you’re entertaining you can look at your guests rather then away from them.

Small Modern Kitchen With Storage

A modern kitchen with lots of storage. They really used every inch of this small kitchen.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Keep your cabinets simple and bright. Their white glossy cabinets reflect the light. Which stops them from overwhelming the room.

Incorporate storage everywhere. They have a knife rack above the stove. Cutting boards leaning against the wall. There are jars on their counters. They took every storage opportunity they had.

Wood Countertops. They help break up the white and add life to the kitchen.

Stylish White Modern Kitchen

This is basically my dream kitchen. It has wonderful light. It’s simple with interesting elements. What else could you need?

Ideas for your small kitchen

No handles. This kitchen is very simple and big part of what makes it seem so simple and calm is the lack of handles and pulls on all the cabinets.

Add windows whenever possible. What makes this kitchen so great is the natural light it’s getting from the window. Even though the window is in an awkward spot they made it work.

Add shelves. Especially when you have a wall of cabinets shelves can be a way to add storage without taking up space or blocking the light.

Small Apartment Kitchen

This kitchen seems a lot more realistic to me then some of the other options. It a narrow galley kitchen that isn’t fancy.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Get the fridge of the way. Fridges can be big and hard to fit in your kitchen. By putting it on the other side of the room they maximise counter space.

Add upper cabinets above table. They add a big cabinet above their table. Which is a good way to add some extra storage space.

Simple White Kitchen

This is another nice bright kitchen that full of storage. They even managed to show a bit of their personality.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Hide your fridge. It looks like in this case they panel their fridge but even matching the colour of your fridge to your cabinets can help it to disappear into the background.

Break up your storage. Just cabinets can quickly become boring and industrial. In this kitchen, the cabinets are broken up by shelves and pretty storage containers. Providing the storage you need with the look you deserve.

Showcase your personality. You don’t have to hide your personalize in small spaces. Add it with small touches like a flowerpot. Or upgrade common items to make them your personality.

Clean Wood Kitchen

This is a very modern kitchen without being all white. So perfect for those who don’t have a spotlessly clean house.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Put the breakfast bar in front of the window. It can be hard to add storage to walls that have windows. Plus you’ll get to look outside when eating.

Say no to white. Instead of making everything white like usual why don’t you switch things up a little with a light colour wood like this kitchen. Still modern but not so white.

Stick to a color scheme. Everything in this kitchen that isn’t wood is white black or grey. And this reduces visual clutter by making everything belong together.

Basic White Modern Kitchen

One last modern kitchen. Like the other kitchens it looks amazing has tons of storage and is a fuctional kitchen you can use.

Ideas for your small kitchen

Don’t put handles on your cabinets. They add a lot of visual clutter and don’t always look the best. Keep them off for a sleeker look.

White glossy cabinets can seem like a cliche but they work. This kitchen is packed with storage and looks amazing due to those white glossy kitchen cabinets.

Hopefully, this helps inspire your kitchen and ways you can add storage while modernizing it. And remeber add your personality.

Upgrade your kitchen from blah to wow with these modern small ktichen ideas.

31 Creative DIY Wood Projects That Will Upgrade Your Home

Sometimes it feels like your house will never be finished. There will always be another project.

That also the joy of having your own house. Of being able to change things and start different projects.

Because, in the end, it not about making the perfect house. It about making your house feel like home.

Today I found 31 wood projects you can DIY to make your house feel more like home.

Couch Sleeve


This couch sleeve is perfect when you don’t have space for a table. Or maybe just don’t have any space left on the table.

Whatever it is at least you’ll have a place to put your coffee now.

Floating Shelves


Floating shelves are great they are a very timeless look.

I would say classic but floating shelves can also be very modern. Or rustic or whatever style you want them to be.

Mail Sorter


Have you ever let your mail just piled up until you need that one paper that you can’t find?

I can’t find your paper for you but I can help prevent it from happening again with this handy dandy mail sorter.

Farmhouse Console Table


This console table could handle anything. From being piled with boxes to looking great a party, it can do it all.

Well it can do everything a table can do I shouldn’t oversell it.

Scrabble Message Board


You could use this scrabble board as art and put up inspirational quotes.

Or you could also use to write messages to other members of your household. Your choice.

X Leg Bench


This bench would be perfect to have by your front door so people will have a spot to sit as they take their shoes on and off.

Stop that awkward shoe dance once and for all.

DIY Blanket Ladder


Everyone should have a blanket ladder in their living room not just because it looks great which it does. But also so everyone has blankets.

Blankets make everything cozier. And thier the best on a cold day.

If you want more ideas for cozy spaces check out Cozy Small Living Rooms.

Fake Wood Beams


I love the look of these fake wood beams. It also gives your house character.

Because houses should have some charector to them even if their brand new.

EAT Sign


I love this eat sign and it looks great. Through I can just think of the dad jokes for it.

You don’t know where the kitchen is so you had to put up a sign. Do you need to be reminded to eat?

Farmhouse Table


This farmhouse table is awesome. Looking good everyday.

Just image your family sitting at this table and having dinner. Well minus the mess and the chaos.

Simple Step Stool


This simple step stool would be great for people with kids. Or people like me who to put it politely are height challenged.

Why do people even make things so high? I’m not that short.

Porch Swing


This swing would be great for summer evenings. Just out enjoying the weather as you rock back and forth.

Would be especially great in warmer climates where you have more than five days of summer.

Modern Lamp


We all need more tall lambs people can run into right? This lamp looks amazing.

And if you put in a corner people shouldn’t run into it. Or trip over it.

Bedside Tables


I love these besides table because they have storage. Things tend to collect in my bedroom.

And I need somewhere to put all this stuff of mind.

If you need more storage then these tables check out some Storage Hacks here.

Open Shelf Vanity


I like vanities with storage because it allows you to keep all the important stuff nearby.

Like makeup curling irons. Oh, towels. And if there room some toilet paper.

Plant Stand


One of the reasons this plant stand is great is because it has room for multiple plants.

Giving you multiple chances that something going to stay alive all winter. They can’t all die, right?

Wine Rack


This wine rack walks that fine line between looking amazing while keeping the wine at easy access.

Hey once it hanging it basically art. So get this wine rack up and get it filled.

Wooden Bench With Crate Storage


This has it all style and storage. What more could you ask for?

It will look gorgeous even when you shove the crates full.

Phone Charging Station


This phone charge is wonderful. It makes your phone look so much better.

Oh, you charge your phone on the counter. I always use my custom build charging station.

Side table


You need side tables in your living room. Without them, silly things happen like people spill their cake into your couch. True story.

Don’t forget the side tables. This one even has a cute x base.

Magazine Holder


This magazine holder has a wonderful clean modern design.

Magazines are kinda going out of style. But if you don’t have magazines you could always use it to stack your ipads instead.

Farmhouse Crate End Table


This rustic farmhouse crate end table fabulous. Want to know why?

It not just that it looks it great which it is. It also has storage space for blankets which is obviously important to every living room.

Pallet Hanging Chair


This hanging chair is so cool. It would be a unique addition to any outdoor living space.

Build one today then invite me over because I would love to relax in one of these.

Wooden Mirror Frame


This mirror looks amazing. I especially love how great it looks just leaning against the wall.

Because truth be told I’m scared to hang a mirror. I always worry that I will drop it and it will shatter.

Bar Cart


This bar cart looks good and it doesn’t need the liquor to do so. It called a bar cart but you could use it for whatever you want.

Well, maybe not for putting people on it and racing but everything else.

Wheel Pallet Table


You know what my favourite part of this wood project? They basically pretty up a pallet and add wheels.

There is not a lot of woodworking require. Which is great for a fast easy project that doesn’t require tons of experience

Farmhouse Storage Cabinet


These cabinets look so great and would add so much storage to your living room.

Just image how many blankets you can fit in there and whatever you need of course. There more to life then blankets

Toscana Bookshelf


This is a great bookshelf for displaying things. Like souvenirs from a recent vacation. That gift which is dreadful ugly but you have to display because of it from a close family member.

Wow, this bookshelf might not have enough space to display everything.

DIY C Table


This table is awesome because it allows you to work from a couch. Plus it has wheels so you can move it around for when people come over.

They don’t need to know how much time I spend sitting on the couch.

Wood Sign


This woods sign is nice because it has texture and looks like it took some work to put together.

It easy to make. And you can still impress people with your skills.

DIY Spice Rack


This spice rack is cute. It is practical and a great wood project. Because working on things for the kitchen is basically the same thing as working in the kitchen and making food right.

I mean this spice rack isn’t food but you can always buy some food right.

I hope you picked something up from this list. And more than the fact I want blankets in every room.

The work of making your house a home might never be done but it’s worth spending the time on.

If you’re looking for more DIY projects check out Apartment DIY’s or Wood Crate DIYs Projects.

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28 DIY Apartment Decor Ideas That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Space

Having your own place for the first time is exciting. You do whatever you want. You can decorate however you want.

It can also be overwhelming when you first get your own place. How do you take this empty place and turn it into your home?

A great way to make your place feel more like home is to personalize it. Hang up your artwork. Arrange your furniture. Put pieces in your apartment that are a reflection of you and your style.

That why I made this list of DIY decor for apartments. So you can make your apartment feel like home.

Hanging Shelves


These hanging shelves are a great place to start decorating. They’re a simple project that also gives you display space.

Make and hang these shelves then use them.Display souvenirs from your last vacation. Or use them to collect glasses. It’s your place you can do what you want.

Macrame Room Divider


Your place might be a little small a way to make it feel more like home is to have “separate” rooms. You might not be able to put up real walls which is where this macrame room divider comes in handy.

It helps you create the illusion of having a separate space. While still keeping things open and letting light through.

Magnetic Spice Rack


Having to cook for yourself can be to put it politely is an interesting experience. You might not know how to cook that well. If you even know how to cook at all.

Something that helps improve almost any dish is using spice and more than salt and pepper they barely count as spices.

This magnetic spice rack is a great way to store spices and it will remind you to use them.

DIY Floating Shelves


Floating shelves are great because they look amazing in any space no matter your style.

They also add some storage and let you show off your home decorating skills.

Build these shelves. Then fill them up with your things. It will happen quicker than you think.

Wire Basket Side Table


This DIY is super simple and comes together fast. But it still has a unique look to it.

You can be like yeah I made it wasn’t a big deal I just whip it up yesterday afternoon. You don’t need to tell them how easy it was to make.

IKEA Hack Storage Bed


Especially if you’re living in small space stuff accumulates really fast. Which is why I love this bed because it adds so much storage.

And it isn’t that complicated because it’s mainly IKEA stuff. If you can put together an IKEA shelf you can build this bed.

Wall Mounted Desk


Lots of these DIYs incorporate storage in them. And this one is no different.

It also can act as a feature wall and display space. And it gives you a desk because hey you’re a grown-up now.

Spine Book Shelf


If you love books and don’t have enough space for all of them this is the bookshelf for you.

It piling your books but it looks better than having piles of books everywhere.

DIY Curtain Closet


I like fashion. I like clothes so I tend to have a lot of clothes. Which is why I love this closet so much.

It gives you lots of storage and will hide all your clothes. Plus if you choose white curtains the closet fades into the background

Corner Floating Shelves


These corner shelves are great especially if you have limited wall space for shelves. Or maybe just want some wall space for art.

Plus it classier than just shoving your things on a pile in a corner. So win-win right?

DIY Sofa Table


This table is great for giving you a spot to put your glasses especially if you don’t have room for traditional side tables.

You no longer need to balance your coffee on the couch. And then have your coffee spill on your couch when you forgot how carefully it was balanced.

Rope Wall Divider


This rope wall is great for separating spaces without blocking the light. Especially if your apartment is one big empty room right now you’ll want some room dividers.

Separate your bedroom from your living space. Just be aware people can still see through it.

Drawer Liners


Sometimes your space might feel a little gross when you first move in. Giving everything a deep cleaning helps but so does these drawer liners.

They hide those stains that you don’t know where they’re from. And it’s a fun way to add a hidden pop of colour.

Hanging Night Table


This night table looks so trendy and chic because it hanging.

It also eliminates any shit that just fell behind the night table. because it’s always something important like your phone that falls.

Copper Edge Mirror


A mirror is a good thing to have by your door. It lets you do a quick check so you don’t embarrass yourself in public.

This one is also a very grown-up and chic mirror, making it perfect for your apartment.

Platform Bed With Cabinets


This bed is doing a lot. Its adding storage. And its separating your bed from the rest of the space.

Plus it basically the grown-up version of bunk beds. And let be honest you probably wanted a bunk bed at some point.

Suitcase Bar Table


This bar table is a classy way of displaying your liquor collection. It also small enough to fit in almost any space.

If you don’t drink this could also be a cute way to display other things.

DIY Painted Rug


This rug is great because it’s cheap and personal. You can make this rug using whatever colour or pattern that will reflect your style the best.

Plus it adds warmth nothing worse than a cold floor on a chilly day.

Timber Side Table


If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space this table would be the perfect addition.

And if you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space please use it and enjoy it. Not everyone is lucky enough to have an outdoor space.

DIY Globe Pendant


Light shopping is ridiculous. Everything boring and basic until it gets really expensive then there are cool light but they are unaffordable.

Which makes DIY light so much more perfect. It a way to express your style and get extra lighting at the same time.

Renter Friendly Shiplap Wall


As a renter, you might have swooned over the shiplap look thinking you’ll never have it.

This renter-friendly shiplap wall doesn’t put any holes in the wall which means you can finally make the feature wall of your dreams.

DIY Crate Storage


If you’re not a comfortable DIYing this is the perfect beginner project. It requires no tool and comes together quickly.

It also adds storage and you can configure it to fit any space.

Hide TV With Artwork


It great watching things on the big screen but it screen themselves can look ugly. Especially when you don’t have a lot of wall space to start with.

This method lets you hide your TV behind artwork making the most of your wall and keeping things looking great.

Leather Wall Hooks


These leather hooks would be great to have anywhere. It allows you to hang up sweater, coats, bags and your keys.

These hooks will help you from keeping things from disappearing. Having to find your keys when you’re already running late can be a stressful situation.

Paint Grout


Having bathroom or kitchen tiles that have discoloured grout can look so gross.

Which is why I love painting your grout. It an easy way to freshen up space without having to rip everything out and redo the tiling.

Dresser Platform Bed


If you’re looking for another option for a platform bed look no further, this one uses dressers. Which means it pretty easy to put together.

Like the other platform beds, this also is a great way to add storage. And separate your bedroom from the rest of your space.

Dresser Makeover


When you move out people sometimes offer their old furniture as hand me downs. And while at the moment it might be hard to look past their date look. You need to look at what potential they have and what they might become.

This is one of the best dresser makeovers I’ve seen and she started out with an old dated-looking dresser.

DIY Pegboard Wall


And the last thing on this list is the giant pegboard wall. It way to add storage. And would make for a great feature wall.

Plus since it a pegboard you can always reconfigure the shelves and switch things up.

There a lot you can do to personalize your apartment. And make it feel like home. So what are you waiting to pick one of these projects and start today.

Looking for more DIY ideas check out DIY Wood Projects, Wood Crates DIY’s or Christmas DIY’s.

Simple Modern Minimalist House Numbers to DIY

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the links below may be affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

House numbers is something you have to put up on your house. But you also want them to look good.

And it can be hard to find some that fit the aesthetic of your house. If you can they’re a great way to inject a little of your personality into the exterior of your home.

Having modern house number that fit with the exterior of your house can help everything tie together. And add that wow factor.

Which is why today I’m going to walk you through creating your very own DIY modern house number.

Now don’t worry if you are a beginner this is a simple project that doesn’t take much more then a few hours excluding drying time.


  • A board or plywood for the backing of your numbers
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint or stain
  • House numbers
  • Drill and screws for hanging up house numbers

Cutting the backing to size

We’ll start by working on the backing for your house numbers. The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure your backing is the right size.

The no exact size for how big your house number sign should be. It really depends on where you plan on hanging it. And what size your numbers are going to be.

If you don’t want cut wood buy a precut wood board that already the size you want it to be.

If you are cutting the wood it can be helpful to first mockup up the sign with paper instead of wood.

You can try putting your numbers on there seeing if there enough space. And you can also try putting on the wall where it going to hang up and making sure it the right size.

Remember you can always go smaller but never can go bigger after you cut to much off.

Paint or Stain

Once you have the wood and it’s the right size its time to make it look pretty.

You should start by sanding the board. This will smooth out any rough patches it might have.

After you sand the board wipe it off good. We don’t want there to be little wood shavings that will get stuck in your paint or stain.

Here how to paint a wood board. I love a classic white look.

Here how to stain a wood board. Rich walnut stain can really warm things up.

After you made it look pretty give it some time to dry before moving on to the next step.

Attach house numbers

Then it time to put your house numbers on the board.

Typically house number get screwed on. Most numbers should come with instructions on how to do this.

You could also try glueing your house numbers on through you would need to make sure you have very strong glue that would last outdoors.

Once you have your numbers on your board all you have to do is hang the house numbers on the outside of your home.

Hanging house number sign

Here a great tutorial on how to attach your house number to your side of your house. It even covers different materials like brick, stucco and vinyl siding.

And then you’re done. It’s as simple as that.

Personalization Ideas

Of course, you can always take things a step further and do a little personalization of this idea.

4 Men 1 Lady used stain paint stir sticks to make a unique backdrop her house numbers.

Find the full tutorial here

A Crafted Passion did something similar to her house numbers. She also framed it as well.

Find the full tutorial here

A Beautiful Mess kept things simple then add the cutest planter to her house numbers.

Find the full tutorial here

What are you waiting for? Upgrade your house numbers today. It a simple way to boost the exterior of your home.

Looking for more DIY posts. Check out 31 Wood Projects DIY or 20 Wood Crate DIYs.