12 Layout Ideas for Small Bedrooms

When you’re staring at an empty room it can be hard to see this will become a cozy bedroom.

The best thing to do is those situations is to start sketching.

Sketching gets your creative juices flowing. And it suddenly it no longer an empty room with nothing. It a room full of potential ideas.

I did a bit of sketching of my own and did some room layouts up for you. They are organized by room size.

This is a 6×8 room. It’s tiny. Legally it not even a bedroom

Since it such a small room and I know I wanted to add a lot of storage I started with a twin bed. And turn the oppusite wall into a storage wall.

It has a desk and then two dressers beside it.

The desk is near the window so you would get natural light. And the stool can be easily hidden away when not in use.

The dresser add good storage. I would put shelves above them to add even more storage and display space.

13 of the Best Shelves for Small Bedrooms

The bed got bigger so the storage got smaller. This is a full sized bed and it still a 6×8 bedroom.

The full sized bed is center under the window. If you’re worry about drafts, get a bed with big headboard. And also put some curtains behind you’re bed.

One wall has a narrow shelving unit that adds a bit of storage. This is a good example.

And finally a 6×8 bedroom with a queen bed.

Once again it’s in front of the window. There aren’t any other options.

There is no space on either side of the bed for even a nighstand. Instead there a little ledge behind the bed.

This ledge helps blocks drafts. Could act as the headboard. And is a safe place to put a glass of water.

It’s time to move up a room size. Whoop! Whoop! This is a 8×7 bedroom with a twin sized bed.

Once again I decided to start the design with the bed being placed under the window.

If you’re wondering why I always start with the bed its because it one of the biggest and most important elements of your bedroom. Learn that and other ideas by reading how to arrange your bedroom.

Besides the bed is a small nightable. I used a stool in this case. And on the opposite wall of the bed is a dresser.

It loooks like a basic dresser here but you cold also turn it into an open closet storage space. Find out more about open closet storage systems here.

This is a full sized bed in a 8×7 bedroom.

Instead of putting the head of the bed against the window I decide to switch things up and put the bed beside the window.

This would also be a great chance to use a storage bed. Here are 11 beds that add storage.

Behind the bed for storage I add a built in storage unit. You could make one out of shelves. Or add doors for a cleaner look.

Once again a stool beside the bed serves as the nightable.

21 Space Saving Ideas for Small Bedrooms

This is a 8×7 bedroom with a queen bed.

I kept the bed is the same postion as last time beside the window. There a little gap between the wall and the bed. I would add a little ledge there.

I put a dresser besides the bed. And you could turn this into an open closet storage space.

If you don’t need clothes storage you could also swap out the dresser for a desk.

Changing room sizes again. So this is an 8×8 bedroom with a twin sized bed.

Now the nice thing about keeping the bed small in this situation is it gives you lots of space to work well.

I kept things simple and just add a desk across from the bed. You could expand on that idea and add shelves and storage if you want too.

This is an 8×8 room with a full sized bed.

OK so for this room I put eveyrthing against the window. The bed the desk all the important stuff.

Now it kinda looks akward how it is right now.

In real life I would make sure to leave a couple inches gap between the window and the furniture. And then hang floor to ceiling curtains across that entire wall.

There no nightable but you could use the desk as one if needed.

If you’re looking for more storage. Get a bed with storage.

This is an 8×8 room with a queen sized bed.

There a lot of storage in this room. And it all do to the 3 storage units on the wall.

Doing closed door storage helps keeps the room feeling fresh and modern.

And lets you focus on making your bedroom cozy. Here is some inspiration.

Changing room sizes for the last time here. This is a 7×10 room with a twin sized bed.

Tons of space in this room. The twin sized bed is against the wall. The desk is at the foot of the bed in front of the window.

Putting the desk there also elimates the need for any nightstands. And the dresser is close to the door.

If you’re looking for more storage space I would recomend turning your simple dresser into an open closet storage space.

This is a 7×10 bedroom with a queen bed. That right we’re skipping the full sized on this one.

I decide to go for the classic look here. Bed center under the window.

It’s a narrow room so you would have to get creative with your nightables.

And at the foot of the bed is a dresser. You could also add more storage above the dresser if you would like too.

This is a king bed in a 7×10 bedroom.

Since the bed is so big I let it take center stage. I simple put some shelving up on the wall by the head of the bed to add some storage.

Theres only a nighstand on side of this bed. If you would like one on the otherside build a little ledge to use as one.

Lot’s of layout inspiration for your small bedroom.

If you’re interest in doing sketches for your room here the tool I used. Just make sure you’re using correct measurements for things

Have fun. And don’t let an empty room scare you.

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10 Ways to Add Clothes Storage that Looks Amazing

Sometimes you have more clothes than you have closet space.

Which is what makes an open closet system so great. They give you more clothes storage.

Plus they look good. Let me show you.

This is a nice simple open closet to start with.

One clothing rack with a shelf at the bottom. One shelf to store your acessories.

Line up your shoes in front of this. And you’re done it as simple as that.

If you’re looking for more storage this is a good option for you.

A shelf with a hanging rack. For all your clothes that need hanging. Baskets for out a season clothes.

And some drawers below for dresser space. Lots of storage in a small space.

Dressers also has their place in open closet systems.

It helps to start with that a dresser. Then add a hanging rod and a shelf above it.

This gives you some hanging space for your favorite clothes. While the baskets offer hidden storage.

An easy way to double your clothes space is to double your clothing racks.

Two clothing racks do give you more storage. Espically if they come with a shelf at the bottom.

And I love the high shelf here it gives lots of storage.

This looks so good. I just want to talk about how they finished off this space.

Yeah they did shelve with hanging rod storage underneath it. That the base of this set up.

What makes this space look good is the artwork that hung up. The flowers on the shelf. And how neatly everything is lined up.

This space is great. Espically with that hanging rod.

It gives you lots of options. You can hang up your dresses without the hems dragging on the ground.

And there are also lots of storage options with the dresser and that shelf.

These clothing racks are like the whole open closet system in one peice of furniture.

You’ve got hanging space. Space for folded clothes.

And finally and most importantly space for your shoes.

I love how they color coordinated the clothing on this rack. Might not be realistic but it looks pretty.

Their set up here is actually super simple. A rack with a shelf underneath it.

All you need to do is make it look pretty.

When people put art in closets spaces it just makes me happy. Don’t forget to decorate your closets.

This hanging rod looks great. As you can see they can pack it with clothes.

Plus if you want to it would be easy to add some storage underneath it.

Turn your corner into the perfect closet.

This corner closet looks great and is packed with storage for your clothes.

So put up some shelves and make it happen.

Adding clothes storage isn’t that hard.

Plus you can do it in a way that looks good.

Because you’re clothes are important after all.

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11 Awesome Storage Beds that Look Great

Storage. Everyone wants it espically in small spaces.

A sneaky way to add storage to your bedroom is to get a bed that has storage built in it.

Here are 11 beds with storage built in that would be perfect for a small bedroom.

Now this is one of the coolest ways to have hidden storage in your bedroom.

Lift up your mattress to reveal the hidden storage underneath it.

Plus it great for tight spaces where you might not be able to open drawers or cabinets.

If you want storage often the first thing people sacrifice is the looks.

This bed looks great while adding lots of storage.

And who knew you could get upholstered storage beds.

If you prefer more of a minimal look this is the bed for you.

It’s clean and simple.

And with 3 drawers you could put a lot of stuff in it.

The nice thing about this bed is that it still low to the ground.

Lots of storage beds get higher as they add more storage. So you would actually have to jump into bed.

This one stays low to the ground while still adding storage.

If you have ideas for a unique headboard you can still get a storage bed.

This one doesn’t come with a headboard but it does come with lots of storage.

It’s a great starting point if you want more of a custom look for your bed.

Now this bed looks luxurious.

When I was growing up I wanted an upholstered bed just like this one. They seem like the height of luxury.

Be fancy get a bed like this one. You’ll never want to leave it.

If you want more reasons to stay in bed check out 19 Cozy Bedrooms that Make You Want to Stay in Bed.

If upholstered beds aren’t your thing here a nice wood one.

It a simple design and has lots of storage with the drawers on the side.

It also probably easier to clean than an upholstered bed.

This bed makes the storage the other bed adds looks like small peanuts.

If you’re looking to add tons of storage a platform bed is a good way to go.

This bed was DIY using kitchen cabinets for the base.

Heres another DIY platform bed with a lot of storage.

They used dressers for the base of the bed. Adding tons of storage while helping the platform come together quickly.

Perfect for a dorm room.

A different approch to the platform storage bed is this one.

Instead of just raising the bed. They raised the whole bedroom.

Plus you’ll have more room for your books.

This is more subdue version of off the platform beds. Just a small platform for the bed.

It still adds lots of storage as you can see.

And it made out of nice wood tones. Instead of being all white.

Are you conviced that a storage bed is the way to go?

They really are a great way to add storage in a small bedroom.

Plus as you’ve seen they also look great.

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7 Easy Ways to Add a Desk to Your Small Space

It good to have a seperate workspace. But you don’t often find an office in a small space.

Especially if you’re a sutdent or work from home you want a desk to work from.

Here are 7 ways to fit a desk into a small space.

This is the perfect workstation. Let me explain why.

The desk at counter height so you can also use it as a standing desk.

The desk is also very unobtrusive. It’s a narrow desk that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

A clever way to fit a desk into a small space is to get a hideaway desk.

You can fold this desk up when it not in use helping it to disapear.

Pull down your desk and pul up a chair it’s work time.

Sometimes when it comes to putting a workspace into a small space it about figuring where to put the desk. Because you don’t have a seperate office.

Here one idea, put the desk behind the couch. To give the feeling of a seperate space.

And if you really want to save space buy a narrow desk and a stool you can put under the desk when not in use.

Another way to do the desk in the living area is how they did it here.

The desk right beside the couch instead of a side table. And it quite clear this someone workspace.

The shelves above the desk add storage while helping it fit into the rest of the room.

This desk is so cute you could put in anywhere. The entry the hallway whever it fits.

The front folds down giving you more desk space.

Plus when you’re not using it you can store things in it.

If you want to add a desk and not have it stick out like a sore thumb use shelves.

They are good at adding storage and one bigger shelf for the desk would’t be that noticable.

Plus did I mention it looks great.

The great thing about fold down desk if you can store things in them.

While keeping everything you need close at hand.

Plus it will help keep your house clutter free.

There you have it 7 ways to add a desk into a small space.

Add a desk to your small space. It easier than you think.

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13 of the Best Shelves for Small Bedrooms

Shelves are the overlook superstars of small bedrooms.

They are often under utilized which is crazy becuase they can be so versatile.

I’m going to be showing today just how great shelves for small bedrooms bedroom.

This bedroom is great. I love the black wall with the gold pattern on it.

The thing I love most about this bedroom is the shelf. It’s a clever way to add a shelf without taking up space. Just insert it into the wall.

Plus it’s a great way to add a little bit of storage and display space.

I almost feel like I should start this off with a disclaimer. This bedroom is goregous but it’s unrealistic for most people.

That doesn’t mean you can be inspired from this bedroom.

Like those shelves behind the bed. They add storage. And they look good while doing it.

Even a small bedroom that barely big enough for a bed can benefit with the addition of shelves.

This bedroom is definitely tiny. Yet it is finished very well.

And the little shelves running along the side the bed is perfect. You can use them instead of the nightable.

Shelves can be used for more than display space or adding stoarge. They can also be used for things like a desk.

This bedroom set up a little workspace area using shelves.

I love this ideas and it easy to modify it to fit your bedroom. No matter what size.

A nice headboard can make or break your bedroom.

But if you have a small bedroom it can be hard to find a headboard that isn’t too big. And if you want one that multipurpose that even harder to find.

This small bedroom doesn’t have a traditional headboard, they made one using paint and a shelf. And it would be simple to replicate.

Let’s be honest sometimes you just need some more stoarge. Which this bedroom delivers while looking good.

I’ve always loved the ideas of built in storage around the bed. It a good way to add a lot of storage in a small space.

The shelf in this bedroom is a little one above the bed. Which could also double as a nighstand.

This is space is barely a separate room but it feels like a bedroom. And they did this using the bedding, plants and shelves.

There is no space in this bedroom for any nighstand much less adding storage.

The two shelves are all the space they get. But it works really well.

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I wish I had this bedroom. It dramatic and beautiful looking room.

Yet it’s still a very fuctional room. Due to the shelves.

There is a shelf for the TV at the foot of the bed. A shelf high on the wall for storage. It’s these shelves that make this room work so well.

Maybe you are blessed with a large bedroom. You have all the space you need for storage or anything else.

That doesn’t mean you don’t need shelves.

In this room the shelf isn’t for storage. It’s for creating a display space for plants, artwork, whatever you chose to display.

Sometimes storage can make your room feel cluttered and filled with stuff.

Here a good work around. Put shelves the same color as your walls high up against the ceiling.

It’ll add storage and look great without taking up lots of space.

Here another idea for those super tiny bedrooms.

Add shelves at the head of your bed. But add the shelves that insert into the wall and don’t take up any space.

It a way to get some space even a ledge for displaying things that will help finish off the room.

I don’t even if I can call this a bedroom it more of a nook. A bednook perhaps?

There isn’t a headboard here. There not even enough space for a headboard here.

Instead they used a shelf. Just make sure not to bang your head on it.

I love books and I love libraries. One of my dreams with having my own house would be to have a library.

Of course there often isn’t enough space to put a sperate library into a small house. Which makes this bedroom that much better.

They surround the bed in bookshelves making this bedroom fuction as a library. Such a great space.

Are you convinced yet that you should have shelves in your bedroom?

They can be used for everything from adding storage, display space or simply used as a nighstand.

Shelves are perfect for bedrooms especially small bedrooms.

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Arrange Your Bedroom Furniture and Maximize Your Space

Arranging your bedroom furniture can seem like this huge overwhelming thing. Especially if you have a small bedroom.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Arranging your bedroom furniture doesn’t have to be hard.

It can be easy. Read more to find out how.

How are you going to use your bedroom?

This is an obvious question but it’s important youneed to know what you want your bedroom to do.

You might need a bedroom that calming and relaxing. One that is a sanctuary for you

You might need a bedroom that multipurpose that you can also use as an office.

You might have a small bedroom that you’re looking to add storage too. You still want it to be a restful place but you need the storage. Which brings me to my next point.

Storage needs

What things are you going to store in your bedroom? And how much storage space do you currently have in your bedroom?

Clothes will probably a big part of your storage needs in your bedroom. Honestly consider how much space you’ll need for your clothes.

You might also need other storage space for your personal things. I own lots of books. And I have lots of books in my bedroom.

You might also have books or you might be collecting something else whatever it is you still need to store it.

The stuff you can’t move

There is one last thing to do before you start moving furniture. Look at the things you can’t move in your room. This includes:

  • doors
  • windows
  • outlets
  • cable outlet
  • lights switches
  • light fixtures 

If you really have to you can change some of these things. It would take a lot of effort on your part.

If you don’t want to move things, make note of where they are and keep that in mind when arranging your furniture.

How to arrange your bedroom furniture

When you’re working on your bedroom layout work from the biggest pieces of furniture to the smallest pieces of furniture. 

It also might be helpful to sketch out the layout ahead of time. This lets you experiment with it.


Start with your bed. It should be the focal point of your bedroom after all. 

Now the “rule” when it comes to your bed is to centered it on the wall away from your door. I say “rule” because it was made to be broken. 

Sure it might work to put your put your bed against the wall. Or it might be better to put your bed in front of the window.

Of course how you position your bed also depends on what kind of bed you have. Do you have a platform bed, a bed with drawers or maybe a 4 poster bed. 

Beds are also a great opportunity to sneak in some storage. Check out 11 Awesome Beds with Built in Storage for more information.

Dressers or open closet system

For most people the next largest thing in their room is the dresser. I don’t like dressers. I prefer hanging my clothes.

Not everyone going to have a big enough closet to hang their clothes. There is another option.

An open closet system. I love this idea because it is a great way to add practical storage while looking nice.

Learn more about open closet systems with 10 Ways to Add Clothes Storage.

If you choose to go with a open closet system mke sure youre adding storage. Not just taking up space.

Desk or bookshelf

Depending on what you want your room to do you may be looking to add a bookshelf or a desk. Maybe even both.

There are a couple of different ways you can add bookshelves to your bedroom. You can buy a bookcase.You can add shelves. Or you can built it in.

For a small bedroom shelves are a superstar. Their great for adding storage and display space.

13 of the Best Shelves for Small Bedrooms shows you different ways to add shelves to a small bedroom.

Adding a desk to a small bedrooms is easier than you think. There are lots of ways you can add desks to add small bedrooms.

You can buy a small desk and use it a nightable.

You can find a desk that flips up to space.

You could also add a desk using shelves.

Find out more about 7 Easy Ways to Add a Desk to Small Spaces.


Something everything wants in your bedroom is a nightstand. It’s good to have a place to put things that you can reach from bed.

Nightstands can also be space hogs. But they don’t have to be.

They can also add storage. If you have the space you could even use a dresser as a nightstand.

Otherwise you can replace the nightstand with shelves or even a ledge.

Find more space saving ideas in 21 of the Best Space Saving Ideas for Small Bedrooms.


Your bedroom layout has a huge impact on how well your room works. Lighting will have a huge impact on how your room feels. 

Use that to your advantage. Add different sources of lighting to your bedroom.

There are lots of lights that work well in a bedroom.

  • Wall scones
  • Fairy lights
  • Portable reading lights
  • Table lamps
  • Chandelier

Bonus Tips

When you are figuring out your bedroom layout there are also some things you should keep in mind.

Use multipurpose furniture. This is really helpful when it comes to adding storage.

Keep your room balanced. Symmetry always looks good.

You should also make sure to use appropriate sized furniture. This doesn’t always mean small furniture but rather furniture that fits the room.

Here how to find furniture that fits your room.

Use the walls in small spaces. Even if you don’t have high ceilings you can still save space by mounting things to the wall.

Finally make sure you have enough space to move in your bedroom. Especially near doors you want to be able to get in and out of your room.

If you’re afraid of messing things up start sketching. Measue your room and start sketching some layouts.

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55 Small Bedrooms That Use Creative Ideas to Maximize the Space

Small bedrooms can be hard. You don’t have much space to decorate.

You might need to add storage. And it can seem like there aren’t any options.

There are options for small bedrooms. You can use color and not just white. There lots of creative ideas for small bedroom.

A picture is worth a thousand words. So instead of trying to describe to you creative ideas for your small bedroom. I’m going to show you.

Most people tell you to use light colors in a small space but the opposite can also work.

Dark colors can help ground a small space and make it dramatic.

The classic white bedroom always look great.

Everything is white or very light in this bedroom and it looks amazing.

It’s a light and bright relaxing space.

How to postion the bed is a common problem to have with small bedrooms.

Here they broke a couple of the “rules” by placing the bed sideways and in front of the window. Which helps free up more space for other things.

Storage is always an issue in small spaces. Here a nice solution to that old age problem.

It also a great idea if you don’t have a closet.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do while decorating is to stop. Stop adding things and learn to say enough.

This room is perfectly finished.

This room is actually using a couple ideas for small spaces to its advantage here.

It using a consistent light color scheme. It has corner shelves. And it has a wall mounted lights.

Now this bedroom probably doesn’t look anything close to your bedroom but that doesn’t mean you can steal it’s good ideas.

The mirrors bounce light around and make this space seem larger.

They also have their reading lights hanging from the ceiling which frees up space.

If you ever think oh I would love to postion my bed against that wall but then I’ll block window.

Do it, put your bed in front of the window. It looks amazing just look at this room for inspiration.

Sometimes your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep it also needs to be your office. And that can be hard in a small space.

Here an idea, swap out your night table for a desk.

I love this bedroom. It’s a calm relaxing bedroom even with it being very open.

That largely due to painting the one wall in this bedroom a deep relaxing color. Then they hung up some curtains.

Which adds some texture along with some privacy.

If you don’t have a seperate bedroom put your bed into an alcove. You can keep things simple and still make it feel like a seperate space.

Hang up some lights, add a piece of art and get nice bedding. To make your space look good.

Then hang up curtains to give you privacy when needed.

Sometimes ideas for small small bedroom get boring. Keep things low to the ground, use light colors and make sure to keep things proportional.

Just because others are boring doesn’t mean you should be boring as well.

Inject your own style like they did with gallery wall. It looks great and proves that you don’t have to shy away from bigger pieces.

Make a statement with your small space. This dramatic wallpaper is oversized and looks amazing.

I love how they coordinate their bedding to their wallpaper.

Sometimes you want a little more space. Not even for storage necessarily sometimes you want display space.

Well these shelves will help you with that. They also look amazing.

Who needs a headboard when a fake one looks so amazing.

The dark green and white provides some contrast. While the shelf ties it all together.

Sometimes the undone look is the best look. Or maybe that my lazy side talking.

Whatever it is this bedroom does look good. And it has a very causal undone look to it.

The good idea in this room is the black wall.

By painting it black it recedes into the background. And when dark storage units are placed in front of it they also recede into the background.

Which is a great way to hide storage.

This isn’t exactly a small room but it does have some good ideas you could steal for a small bedroom.

Look at how they did the headboard. It divides the wall and it has lights attached to it.

The night table shelves appear to be mounted to that and there is some sort of edge at that top that let them display art.

Small doesn’t have to be mean boring. This bedroom may be tiny but it’s making a big statement.

A great thing about this bedroom is that it picks a strong color the green and repeats it while adding lots of lighter tones to balance it out.

And the lighter tones are pattern or different shades to prevent things from becoming to predictable.

This bedroom isn’t just full of drama it also full of good ideas. The black wall letting the shelf disappear. And the wall mounted light saves space.

The TV on a little shelf is perfect for watching TV in bed. And the statement light is also light and airy.

This room looks cool and it’s not just the glass wall divider that making it cool.

They also manage to fit a lot into a small space without things looking awkward.

A good example is their night tables that are actually dressers.

I love plants. They can help add life to your bedroom.

That is if you can keep them alive. I have more of a black thumb than a green thumb.

The best thing about this room other than the artwork is the way they add storage.

Instead of a normal bookshelve for their books they attached shelves at the top of the wall and it looks amazing.

Putting together a small bedroom is not just about fitting as much stuff as you can it’s about making your room feel like home.

This bedroom is a little cramped furniture wise but it still looks good.

Thats becuase they put in the effort to finish their room.They hung up artwork, some lights and even a plant for the night table.

You don’t need to have a lot of space to put together a small bedroom.

This room is just a bed against the window. With the shelf by the window functioning as a night table. And it works.

Sometimes you don’t have room for a nightable. And they are needed.

Which is why I love the way they handled things here. There wasn’t enough room for a night table so they added a shelf behind the bed which functions as such.

I love, love, love, how this bedroom is decorated.

Statement wall art grounds the bed without a need for a headboard. Then the way they postion the desk and the mirror above the desk bounces light around.

And it also looks like they have a lot of storage.

If there one thing to learn from this room its don’t be scared of dark colors. They can help you ground the space.

I also like how they added a bench with the basket at the end of the bed. It’s the perfect finishing touch.

I know you can’t see it that well here but look at the storage around the bed.

It’s a good way to add storage to your room and if you keep the space above your bed open it’s simple to add a shelf for a night table.

This room is simple and calm.

I love how they hung lights above the night tables instead of using reading lights. It’s saves space and it looks amazing.

This small bedroom is awesome. From their shelves to the artwork it all looks good.

And you should always hang artwork.

There a few good ideas you can steal from this bedroom.

The way they put the whole bedroom up two steps helps seperate the space without any walls.

And the way they put up a ledge to display artwork is great as well.

Sometmes you need to make your bed the centerpiece of the room and that what they did here.

It’s a dramatic room with the black walls but your attention get pulled back to the orange bedding and the bed.

You know how I’m always saying get your reading lights off the night table to free up space.

Well here an easy way to do it without making holes in the wall. Simply clip reading lights on to your headboard.

A clever way to add storage to your bedroom is with built ins around the bed.

And if you paint the cupboards the same color as the walls it all fades into the background.

If you’re afraid of putting your bed in a front of window do what they did here get an upholstered headboard.

And it looks here like it might be a screen but curtains behind the headboard also works great. Plus it would stop any drafts from the window.

I love how they used a big bed in the small bedroom. The bed is so big that they can barely fit in sideways yet it looks amazing.

And the room doesn’t seem awkward at all because they hung artwork above the bed. And a shelf on the opposing wall which helps to tie the whole room together.

I love wall paper it can have a big impact on your room.

Here they use the wall paper as the starting point for the color palette which helps pulls the room together.

Embrace windows like they did in this small bedroom. The bed here is literally surround by windows and it looks great.

I like how they use the rug to define the space as well as adding a cozy element to the bedroom.

I love how they added shelves here and than kinda blocked them.

OK that sounds a bit strange but if you’re living in small space you need to be OK with blocking some things. And they still have access to those shelves they’re just a bit harder to reach.

Here an easy way to add storage without doing anything permanent put wardrobes on either side of the bed.

They also added a small shelf for a night table and wall mounted their reading lights which is always a great idea.

Once again small room big statement. Here how to do it.

Put a nice deep dark color on the one wall. And keep the rest of the room light and airy. This bedroom looks amazing.

A bedroom in a little alcove. I like how they used a small shelf to add lights and storage.

And if you’re worried about hitting your head the shelf is basically the same height as a bed so you won’t sit up and bang your head.

If you don’t have an actually bedroom with walls. It up to a bed to define the space which they did well here.

By using an a canopy bed and hanging string lights up. They make it clear that this is a seperate space.

This room is well finished. They have a nice shelf for display space. And they hung up mirrors small cute mirrors.

Plus it’s a calming and relaxing bedroom.

Don’t shy away from dark colors espically when you have lots of natural light.

Doesn’t this bedroom look amazing. And I would also like to point out those lights on the ceiling their so awesome I don’t even have words to describe them.

This is a very simple room. Everything works well together.

The colors on the bed are repeat in the colors on the wall hanging.

I love how they added a the cute built ins around the bed. With cut outs that make the perfect night table.

And yes their lights are hanging from the ceiling which is also a win.

This room is decorate with plants. Something you can’t say about too many bedrooms.

The plants and the round mirror looks amazing.

If you want a calm bedroom white not your only option you can also use natural wood tones.

I love how they added wood crates at the end of the bed. Good for storage and for a bench.

Here some are 20 More DIY Wood Crate Projects.

Here a very clean minimalist built in around the bed. The built ins just fade in the background.

A very clean simple look while still adding lots of storage.

The genius of the this bedroom is how simple they kepts things.

It’s mostly white with a few touches of black. The bed against the wall also saves space which is smart.

The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is the candles on the floor.

If you don’t have closet space this is the solution for you.

A corner of the room is set up like a little dresing area. A clothes rack, a full length mirror and the dresser.

You can even hang accessories as part of the decor.

If you don’t want to do builts in around your bed do it on the opposite wall instead.

They even manage to sneak in a desk.

This is a fanastic bedroom. It tiny but feels magical.

Now neon lights and clouds might not be for everyone. But if you’re in a small bedroom you can definitely hang up your clothes along one wall.

If you have a small bedroom you do have options on how to decorate. So have fun get creative. And enjoy the experience.

Small bedrooms can take a little more work. But be creative, make your room cozy. And you can still add some storage.

Go check out 19 Cozy Small Bedrooms That Will Make You Want to Stay in Bed.

21 of the Best Space Saving Ideas for Small Bedrooms

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the links below may be affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

A constant struggle with anyone who lives in small space is space. They need more space, more storage space, more display space and more floor space.

Luckily there are lots of options nowadays. Multipurpose furniture that adds storage. Space saving decor ideas.

Beds with storage

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to add storage is with your bed. It’s a great spot to add some hidden storage.

If you want an easy way to add lots of storage under your bed you found it. This platform bed uses dressers giving you lots of storage.

You can buy the IKEA dressers here and here how to turn them into a bed.

A more grownup way of adding some storage is a bed that has built in drawers. It looks good while adding extra storage.

Buy the bed here.

The coolest way to add storage with a bed is with this bed that mattress lifts up to reveal storage underneath. It also gives you lots of storage.

Buy the bed here.

Check out 11 Awesome Storage Beds that Look Great while Adding Tons of Storage


Something you really want to have in your bedroom is a nightstand. You need somewhere to charge your phone and put your glass of water.

Nightstands can also take up a lot of space but they don’t have too.

Hang a shelf for your nightstand. It gives you the space you need and it looks cool doing so.

Buy a similar one here or you can DIY it.

Another great idea for a nightstand is this rolling bar cart. It compact and has a lot of storage. Also its from IKEA so you know it going to be good.

Buy it from IKEA here.

This is like a traditional night table in the sense that it has a drawer. It perfect for small spaces as it attaches to the wall.

DIY it here.


Sometimes you need to add a desk to your room. You might need it for studying or working on your business. Whatever you need the desk for it helps to have a dedicated workspace.

Sometimes the simple solutions are the best ones. This small room fit a desk by putting it against the bed. It also helps that the desk is white and the chair is clear.

Buy the desk here.

Another way to add a desk is by putting it in a wall of shelves. The shelves will add storage to your room and it a good way to sneak a desk in without taking up lots of space.

Buy the desk here.

You can also add a desk with this small standing desk. It adds storage and you don’t even need a chair.

Buy the desk here.

Closet organizing system

What are you going to do with your clothes in a small space? Because unless your a firm believer in capsule wardrobes a tiny closet is never big enought for all your clothes. That is if you even have a closet in the first place.

This is a very tidy closet that will also add a lot of storage space to your bedroom. You can hang up the clothes that need hanging than the rest can go on the shelves.

You can buy this setup. You’ll need one garment rack, a bookcase and some baskets for storage.

Another open closet set up is this one here. Letting you add tons of storage while looking good.

Buy the elements and put them together. Start with buying drawers, shelf with a closet rod and some baskets for longer term storage.

If you’re just looking to add a touch more storage to your closet it’s simple get a clothing rack. Most of them lets you hang your clothes and has a shelf on the bottom for shoes.

Buy a clothing rack here.

Storage Heardboard

A sneaky way to add some more storage to your bedroom is by adding storage to your headboard. Nobody will guess that your headboard is doing double duty.

This headboard have cupboards on either side of it. Letting you store things inside your heardboard. Also the flat top of the heardboard could be used instead of a nightable making this headboard a win-win situation.

DIY the headboard here.

A more open concept way of adding storage is with this headboard that add shelves. Letting you store things and taking away the need for a night table. It’s another win-win situation.

DIY the headboard here.

The last way to add storage with your headboard is to built in storage around it. Now you can do this in mutiple ways with bookcases or with wardobes or actually building in storage around your headboard. It’s a great way to add lots of storage.


Shelves are great for small bedrooms. They add storage. You can use them for display space. And shelves can help tie your room together. Plus they look great.

They had a good idea for adding storage with shelves in this bedroom. White shelves up high against white walls. They virtually disappear.

Buy shelves here.

If you’re able too a cool way to add shelves to your bedroom is a built in shelf that set back further into the wall.

It adds a little extra space to display things without taking up any of space. And it still looks sleek and modern.

Another way to do a shelf in a small room is right above the bed almost like the headboard. You do want it high enough you don’t bang your head on it. This shelf also helps ties the bedroom together.

Buy the shelf here.


Lights usually aren’t multifunctional. They’re just lights. But lights can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of a bedroom. They can also be space hogs.

Lighting a great chance to make a statement. Get a funky light. And if get something light and airy and it won’t take up any visual weight either.

Buy the light here.

Instead of having a light on a your night table that probably already small and crowded. Why don’t you hang a light from the ceiling?

It’s looks beautiful. Giving lots of light without taking up valuable space.

Buy the light here.

Another clever way of dealing with small night table that don’t have space is to mount the lights on the wall.

Walls scones espically moveable wall scones make for great reading lights.

Buy the light here.

In addition to the ideas mention above there is one more thing you should do to save space. And that is minimize clutter.

Clutter will make your space look messy. It will add visual weight to your bedroom. And it stops your bedroom from feeling calming or relaxing.

Don’t let a small bedroom scare you. You can still decorate in your style while adding storage.

Check out 55 Small Bedrooms That Use Creative Ideas to Maximize the Space.

9 Simple Holiday Decor Ideas (That Are Still Festive)

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the links below may be affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Christmas is a special time of year. The whole holiday season is special. But sometimes it seems a bit of overdone.

This season isn’t suppose to be about stuff. And yet it all too easy to make about stuff.

Focus less on the stuff this holiday season and more on what we’re celebrating. To help you out I complied this list of 9 simple holiday decorations.

Now there are a few things you might need to make some of these simple holiday decor items.

Don’t make this season all about stuff. Keep you holiday decor simple

I like having my front door decorated. It helps welcome people to your home.

And I love how they kept things simple with this porch decor.

So hang up that greenery around your door. Make it welcoming without being tacky or overdone.

I love how they did this mantle. The greenery looks amazing against the white fireplaces. And the decor on the mantle also goes well together.

The only thing I would have changed was to swap out the mirror for something a little more holiday theme like this merry christmas print.

Sometimes simple is best and the certainly proven true with these wreaths.

Really all it is is some wreaths in various sizes tied with white ribbon to a branch that hanging on the wall. And it looks fanastic.

It aways nice to have candle buring on winter evenings. They really add a lot to the atmosphere of a room.

This candle centerpieces is perfect and they would come together qickly. Get some white candles and glass container that larger then the candle arrange some sprigs of greenery around it and voila you’re done.

Simple doesn’t mean you have to go with the first idea that comes ot mind. This bell garland is perfect for the holidays.

It also a little different then the usually garlands. And adds a little touch of glamour to your holiday decor

I know present aren’t usually considered holiday decor but if you’re going to be displaying them all season long maybe they kinda are part of your decor.

These presents are beautifully wrapped in white and brown paper with tags and greenery attach to the gifts with string. Making these gifts look stunning.

Candles are always a good thing to decorate with in the holiday season. And they make for great centerpieces.

This centerpieces is simplet. All you need is a nice tray, white candles and some natural holiday mix.

Another gorgeous looking centerpiece. And something that would come together quickly.

Put a wreath around a glass jar. Inside the glass jar place a white candle and fill it half full with berries. Making a simple festive centerpeice.

Sometimes it tempting to take a wreath and use it as your starting point for decorating.

But as shown here a wreath looks great all by itself. Simple hang it up with a holiday ribbon and you’re done.

You don’t have to go over the top with your holiday decor. Keep things simple this holiday season.

You’ll get gorgeous holiday decor while saving time and money.

21 Christmas Porch Decor That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous (Really!)

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the links below may be affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Decorating your porch for Christmas is important. It the first thing poeple see when they come over. Which is your chance to make a great first impression and welcome them into your home.

You also can give people an idea of your style or personalitiy. And it makes things feel festive.

Don’t know where to start? Here are 21 ideas for Christmas porch decor.

Bring the forest home with you. I love how this front porch is all about trees and greenery.

And it still has that wow element. Go wild and buy lots of trees they will look great on your front porch.

This front porch is giving me vintage christmas vibes. And of course the red door doesn’t hurt.

Even without the red door this porch would look great. The Christmas decorations were thought out and they all work well with each other.

Here some neutral chirstmas porch decor which is great if you’re not a big fan of color. It’s also a simpler look.

They have the wreath on the door and just two pots with greenery beside the door. And they tie it all together with a bow. Also that dog is adorable.

Look more cute dogs and these ones are even wearing matching Christmas sweaters. Maybe that the secret to Christmas decorating, cute dogs.

Once again a red door is making Christmas decorating easier. I love how they repeat the red in the ornaments on the garland above the door.

I’m starting to see a pattern when it comes to Christmas porch decor. Becuase there a couple of things that get repeat over and over again.

  • Put a wreath on your door.
  • Hang a garland above the door
  • Fill pots with greenery or trees on either side of the door.
  • And use ornaments to tie the look together

Decorating your front porch for Christmas is that simple.

The frosted greenery they used makes it feel more like winter even if there no snow in sight.

The christmas porch looks wonderful. And I love how they used a sign and a sled to make things a bit more unqiue.

You don’t need lots of decorations to make a big impact. This definitely has that wow factor but its not overdone.

Get a red and white striped rug, repeat the red on the door with the wreaths and put a couple of christmas trees on either side of the door. then you’re done it as simple as that.

Something I love about this porch is how they mixed frost greenery and fresh greenery. I never though to do that before.

This front porch has lots of things going on but it works because they kept their color scheme simple and tied everything together. So it reads as one cohesive look instead of cluttered.

If you’re stroggling with how to decorate and what decorations to use. Go back to nature. This porch looks amazing.

And it mostly due to the lush greenery on either side of the door. Also putting pinecones at the bottom of those jars is such a clever idea.

This is another example of simple is best. You don’t always need to decorate everything.

They hung up a couple of wreaths got a couple christmas trees which they put in a wood box and that it. You don’t need to decorate the trees and put things in the wreaths. It already looks good.

I love how the garland mimics the wreath with the ornaments. And those black latterns are just the perfect finishing touch.

Can you image walking up in the darkness and seeing candles flickers in the latterns. If your someone who worries about fires use candles with batteries.

I love garlands of greenery. They just look so good. I mean you could put greenery on almost anything and it would look fanastic.

It doesn’t hurt to through a few trees into the mix. The more the merrier.

If you love greenery as much as I do check out Simple Holiday Decor which is all about greenery.

This front porch is working it mostly due to the sign and vintage looking sled.

The gaint ornament instead of the wreath and the custom christmas welcome mat is what really takes this look from meh to wow.

How cute is this christmas porch. I love the cheeky santa in the wreath.

And it also neat see how they incorporate presents into their decor. We probably all have a couple of empty amazon boxes sitting around.

I love ornaments. And I got very excited when I saw this picture because it looks amazing.

The rest of the porch is nice too. They did a good job of tying it all together. And you can never go wrong with mutiple christmas trees.

I flipped between two moods when christmas decorating go natural and keep things fresh and green. Or just get all the christmas decor because who cares if youre decorations are tacky at christmas.

This front porch is givng all the natural traditional vibes. Just look that the garland around that door it so wide and full looking. Can someone please tell me where I can get one.

Christmas tree are always a good choice when it comes to decoarting your front porch. But decorated christmas trees are just next level.

It makes your whole front door that more welcoming. Put some christmas trees outside and don’t be afraid to decorate them.

I love how symetraical this doorway is even the mats are perfectly placed in front of each door.

This proch shows once agin that simple is sometimes best. Because this porch looks amazing without being crazy decorated.

I do love brick houses and they made this one even more adorable with their christmas decor.

I do love how the garland actually inside the doorway. Also those bells on the door. Why don’t we incoprorate more bells into our christmas decor they look good.

Sometimes green is a neutral this is one of those cases. It a very classic grown up look in a good way. This is the dream house that I’l never be able to afford.

Luckily copying cost nothing. So I’m going to copy thier christmas decor.

I’ll end with the perfect cottage front porch.You can smell the ceder from the fresh garlands hanging in the beams. The snow is softly falling and there this adorable dog there as well.

This front porch is dream. And one I would like to stay in a little bit longer.

Have fun decorating your front porch. Make christmas decor fun.

It does seem like christmas is designed to be a stressful time. But take some time and let the stress go. Have fun decorating for christmas.

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