Never Overspend Again 13 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment on a Budget

Moving out into your own apartment is a big moment. You finally have your own place you can decorate however you want. And it is up to you to make the decisions.

Decorate your aprartment on a budget. Lets be honest most us don't have tons of extra money to spend on decorating. So keep things cheap and stay on budget.

Now sometimes moving to your own place can be a bit overwhelming. There so many things you need and everything so pricey. You wanted to spend your money on decorating your apartment not on buying utensils.

Don’t worry you can decorate your apartment on a budget. It doesn’t have to cost too much.

Shop secondhand

An easy way to save money is to shop second hand. It a lot cheaper plus it also good for the environment to shop second hand. Win-win.

There is a great article about how to do this right over here.

Another thing you can do to get second-hand furniture is look at what people are giving away. Sites like Kijiji and Next Door often have people giving things away for free as long as you’ll pick it up.

Depending on your city and where your living you might also be able to find people giving away things by putting them by the curb. Some cities do this for a weekend. Other cities always allow this, you could look into what your city allows.

Furniture refinishing

Sometimes when buying use furniture it doesn’t quite look the way you want it too. It might be a good shape but the wrong colour. Or maybe it has too many dings and scratches which you want to cover up.

The good news is you can often refinish your furniture. And the first step to doing that is to figure out what it made out of.

If it solid wood furniture here a good guide on how to refinish it.

If it made out particleboard here how you can refinish it.

And if you are not sure what you’re doing here how to paint furniture for beginners. No matter what its made out.

Reupholster things

Have you ever spotted the most beautiful chair only it was the most hideous shade of purple? That purple might have been a blessing in disguise scaring off people who couldn’t see the potential underneath it.

Of course, taking it to professional to get it to reupholster can be pricey. But don’t worry apartment therapy has a great list of ways you can reupholster your own furniture for cheap.

Which helps you actually stick your budget when trying to decorate your apartment on a budget

Paint the walls

Paint really does have the power to transform a space. And it relativity inexpensive as long as you do the painting yourself.

So check with your landlord before you begin if you are allowed or not.

If you are allowed, it is time to pick out your paint colors. If your landlord doesn’t want you painting your walls skip ahead to next item which is removable wallpaper.

Once you have your colors picked out it time to do the actual painting Here are some tips on how to paint a room for the very first time.

Removable wallpaper

Sometimes landlords don’t allow you to paint the walls. Thankfully removable wallpaper exists.

Since its removable you can put it up and then change your mind as much as you want.

And of course when its time to move on to another place you can take it down letting your keep your damage deposit.

Amazon has some good options for removable wallpaper.

Free wall art

If you want you’re placed to look finished you’ll need to hang something on the walls. And hanging up some art can also be a great way to inject some of your personality into space.

However, artwork is probably not too high on your list of priorities right now. That understandable luckily free printable art exist online.

This blog seems to have a lot of free printable art.

Use mirrors

Something to consider when you’re decorating a small space is how to make the most of the light epically the natural light you have.

And there different things you can do keeps things open. Use light colors. But probably the best thing at bouncing light around is a mirror.

It may seem cliche but mirrors can help brighten up your space. And if you’re looking for mirrors on a budget where better to shop then IKEA.

Washi tape decorating

A cheap and good way to decorate for indecisive people like me is with washi tape. It not that expensive. And you can quickly put it up or take it down if you no longer like it.

Here a great tutorial on how to use washi tape for wall decals. And here is a giant list of ways you can use washi tape to decorate.

Cheap curtains

Curtains are great. They block light. They absorb noise. And they’re ridiculously expensive for just a rectangle piece of fabric.

Luckily it easy enough to make your own curtains. And you don’t need to sew. Here how to make DIY cheap curtains.

Cheap rugs

When you’re trying to decorate your apartment on a budget you not might consider rugs that important. I would like you to reconsider that.

Rugs can help separate your space into more separate rooms. It can add warmth to your apartment. Also, it will absorb noise.

Rugs can be pricey there no getting around that. But I would argue that it a good investment to make. But don’t worry if you don’t have tons of money it doesn’t have to cost that much

Ikea has some affordable rug options.

Amazon also has some affordable rug options.


It’s important to have some life in your apartment. And that can happen with colors or pets but an easier way to add life is with plants.

And don’t ignore this if you’re bad at keeping plants alive. Nowadays fake plants are almost identical to real plants.

And they can still add some life to your place. Even if it fake.

If your not sure where to look for fake plants or real plants IKEA has a good selection. Otherwise even amazon has some cute plants like these succulents.

Removable tiles

Remember earlier when I introduced to you this wonderful thing called removable wallpaper. Well, it turns out there more than wallpaper in that family. It time to introduce you to removable tiles.

Perfect for if your tiles are dirty or dated. And it a super quick and easy way to refresh your space. Simple peel and stick your new tiles on.

Upgrade your kitchen counters

In a similar line of though if you want to upgrade your kitchen counters a quick and easy way to do that is to use contact paper.

Change up the look of your counters with none of the hassle or the cost of actually taking your counters out and putting them back in. Here how to do it.

It not always easy to decorate your apartment on a budget Hopefully this posts gives you some ideas. Just remember have fun with it.

You don’t have to finish everything today. Decorating is like a constant work in progress things are always changing as your style evolve. So relax and enjoy the process.